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Old 2009-10-25, 21:56   Link #61
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For Aion, I get like 15-20 FPS on medium settings at 1280x800 on my Dell (C2D 1.86GHz, 2GB RAM, 128MB Radeon X1400, Windows 7 Ultimate). Of course I had to turn off shadows, thats like a major FPS killer.

Haven't tried Aion on the HP dm3z, and I don't think I will. But that thing plays Audiosurf just great =]

I'm almost ready to buy the Acer AS1410 for myself, though I'm waiting to see the pricing on the Lenovo U150, but I'm pretty sure it'll be costly along with the Acer 180TZ and HP dm1.
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Old 2009-10-25, 23:07   Link #62
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I'm seriously just thinking about saying to hell with battery life and picking up a refurbished Asus G51Vx-RX05, about $800ish.

It's a true gaming laptop in pretty much every sense of the word, from the looks to the heavy nvidia GTX 260M graphics card--including its godawful 2 hour battery life.

At 15.4" display size, it's definitely bigger than I want to get but meh. I'm going to have to compromise somewhere if I want gaming power.

Or I could just get the T6600 on the Vaio CW, which would cut $300 off the price, bringing it down to $950. Not as much gaming power as the Asus, but smaller, lighter, much longer battery life and a chiclet style keyboard.

Truthfully though, it's probably going to be the refurb G51Vx. It's the most affordable for the most power.
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