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Old 2009-06-17, 01:54   Link #21
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Originally Posted by Raiga View Post
Seriously though, it's a really big pet peeve of mine. It's like an insult to my intelligence. I mean, you're a spambot. I know this. You know this. There's no way you're going to fool me into believing you're a legit member when your posts are all expounding the virtues of online pharmacy and promising hardcore milf porn mixed in with atrocious grammar and spelling and a handful of characters I can't even access from my keyboard. So why don't we drop the act, you just do your thing, so I can clean it up, and we'll get on with our lives.

... I realize that my complaints are completely pointless, but it still annoys me.
They do that all for the money and search-engine optimization abuse. Some of the profit from that goes into a crime syndicate's coffers.

Let's see... In the last 2 months I'm waiting to have the MMOG forum revamped to use plugins, new account validation tweaked, and sig size permanently cropped and fixed, but the management (who are the only ones with admin accounts) feared that tweaking the entire forum could wreck it. Bloody, it's becoming urgent for me and I told them several times, and one of these days some script kiddie with an exploit knowledge can knock it down with a single line.

Lately this week, the xrumer machines have doubled their volume in some sections, just enough garbage to turn the forum into a red-light district, and I had to bulldoze them off (wish there was some way to mass-ban xrumer accounts).
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Old 2009-06-17, 14:22   Link #22
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Originally Posted by Evil Rick View Post
Thanks, I'm gonna sugest that to the forum head.
Can you give me a link to this forum of yours? I like to see what can be done.

By the way, don't take my word too seriously. I've only had ridiculously tiny experience (slightly above zero) with forum software and moderation in general. I just observe what everyone else has done.
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Old 2009-06-17, 14:47   Link #23
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Send a message via MSN to incorrupts
Depends on how someone defines "spam"
If a thread goes out of its "normal" way, for 4-5 humorous posts, then this can be funny and amusing.
Now real-spam, as annoying-one, where people double-third-post, with idiotic remarks or trollish stuff, then yes, it is annoying. Hella annoying.
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Old 2009-06-18, 00:18   Link #24
Evil Rick
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Originally Posted by Claies View Post
Can you give me a link to this forum of yours? I like to see what can be done.
Well, the forums are in Spanish only, it doesn't matter?

BTW: This morning I deleted other spammer. I keep in the record of 1 spammer at the day. @_@
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