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Inkjet Printer

How do you make a inkjet printer to work?
I have a printer that sat in the closet too long, I installed new ink jets, but it still does not print, how do I get it to print without taking it in for repairs? I think it would be cheaper to get a new one, I have a HP and also an Epson Printer
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Which printer you want to use anyway?
If the printer you want to use is new,you might need to set your new int jet printer to default printer in Control Panel>Printers and Faxes.
This isn't related to Fan Creation anyway,you should post in Tech Support instand.
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The main problem with inkjet printers is that even if you install new ink, the sensors may be dirty because of age. Try wiping the sensors clean (don't use water or chemicals to do it). If that doesn't work, you may want to buy a new printer... If you mainly print in black, a laser printer will be better and they have gone down in price since they have color laser printers. Laser printers may cost a little more than a inkjet, but the cost of printing is alot lower since toner last longer.
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depends on where you buy your printer, when the sensors on my old one died and I had to buy a new one I was shocked that they only had 2-3 printers in stock at a large hardware store, 3 different models and all were crap and looked even cheaper than my old one. Nowadays you have pinter+scanner (+copy machine function) devices that were better looking than the printers they had lying around, we use a scanner so it was perfect (I received our old scanner yay =D ).
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