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Old 2011-09-03, 02:56   Link #3481
is back.
Join Date: Dec 2010
Age: 31
The pacing of Lisanna's revelation wasn't that good hence hard to feel much from that. But I am glad she is alive and hope to see what she does in the future arcs.

Some romance with Natsu would be good too, though wonder what effect that will have on Lucy
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Old 2011-09-03, 03:11   Link #3482
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Location: Puerto Rico
Apparently no one is taking into account the "date" between Natsu and Lucy and how well THAT went-v-;;.
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Old 2011-09-03, 08:16   Link #3483
Adeptus Animus
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Age: 29
Hmm, as I thought Lisanna actually having a presence in the anime made her return feel more natural. It's still lolrez since they dropped the chance to have Natsu and Lisanna interact in Edolas (which could have made for many fun and tragic awkward scenes) but it at least has a bigger chance of making you accept and maybe even want the lolrez since you actually know and (possibly) like the character.

On the flipside, as Clarste mentioned it does lessen the impact her death had. In the manga at least you had a solid argument when you said "what impact? We never even knew the character."
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Old 2011-09-03, 10:47   Link #3484
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Join Date: Aug 2011
It's an invasion of Exceeds! LOL
Well, at least now we know the real truth about sending Charla & Happy to Earthland.
It was just ROFL how everyone picked up that hand movement ^^
I'm glad about Gajeel, now he has a cat too (^-^) & he's totally loving it!!
Lisanna... what an unusual/awesome reunion & story! Never saw that one coming, but I'm glad.
Fairy Tail just keeps on getting better!! Amazing!

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Old 2011-09-03, 12:03   Link #3485
One-Eyed Dragon
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Location: NJ, USA
Did not disappoint, what we've been waiting for. That makes perfect sense as well. Like who the Edo Mira and Elf knew that she wasn't theirs. Couldn't hold back my tears. Now for Natsu x Lisanna moments to come!

So the Queen really is Charla's mother. Wish her and Happy's parents would have told them though. Lol how Lily went down to normal size. Now it won't be awkward for him and Gajeel. Lol how everyone copied Nady. I would like to see Nichiya meet Ichiya. Lol how Erze knocked him out.
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Old 2011-09-03, 13:30   Link #3486
Join Date: Mar 2011
Location: California
This was such a fab episode. I got all choked up!!!
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Old 2011-09-03, 13:46   Link #3487
You are Reading this!
Join Date: Feb 2011
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The explaination part by the queen about the reason why the eggs were sent to Earthland was at best, dull and boring to me. Somehow i hoped for more...'epic' explainations? don't get me wrong, I've read the manga part of this before and maybe my hopes were too high for this part.

Probably the only part of the episode that lives up to my expectations is about Lisanna and some of her story while in Edolas, to my view it perfectly captures the mood from the manga.
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Old 2011-09-03, 16:44   Link #3488
Beautiful fighter.
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Age: 30
I knew for a fact the anime would do a better job of Lisanna's return then the manga, especially if you keep in mind all those flashback filler episodes we've had that featured her. I cried like a baby during the second half of this episode. The tears just wouldn't stop. This right here is what i love to see from a manga to anime adaptation.

I know i always end up saying this, though the music placement was just so good for this weeks episode. Using Mira's theme for that last scene was the finishing touch. Perfect.
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Old 2011-09-03, 21:08   Link #3489
Chicken or Beef?
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Age: 35
What would've perfected the scene is if Natsu puts his hand on her cheek while she was crying on top of him and asked if its really her. The cut to her glomping Happy was too quick and almost awkward. From a teary reunion to no tears cheek squishing a cat is a little "eh?"

But still enjoyed it as a whole regardless.
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Old 2011-09-03, 21:51   Link #3490
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2009
For those so interested, issue 40 of Shounen Magazine included some anime news. It's the usual character designs for the upcoming arc, along with VA announcements for new characters like we got for the Oricon Seis arc and Edoras arcs.

Spoiler for upcoming arc. Probably fewer spoilers than whatever the next OP/ED ends up being.:
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Old 2011-09-04, 06:32   Link #3491
Wakan Tanka
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: Tunisia
@ Krono

The OP will have much spoilers as usual.
"Never trust women's tears." ‿‿
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Old 2011-09-04, 09:53   Link #3492
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Age: 29
Like Wakan, don't be disturbed if you know Hades will lose ...
Anyways, so much win in this episode.
Natsu X Lisanna !
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Old 2011-09-04, 10:28   Link #3493
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2009
nice episode, as many people said it was very emotional and better than the manga
gajeel's reaction when he saw Lily was so funny (and lily is my favourite exceed)
curious to see how they're going to do next episode with that filler, by the way the title is more or less the same as chapter 200 in manga so are they going to do half filler half cannon?

i like the characters design by looking the scans, i hope we get a good OP and ending anyway about VAs...
Spoiler for next arc:

Lisanna's and Lily's guild card..
Spoiler for Lisanna:

Spoiler for Lily:
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Old 2011-09-04, 11:38   Link #3494
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Shitty old London. They must've been on drugs when they built this place, WTF were they smoking!!!
Age: 33
Did anyone notice Mira's smile at the end? Is that an indication that she's gonna revert back to her old 'lets fight Elza all the time' self again?
... or am I the only one who interpreted it that way?

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Old 2011-09-05, 01:44   Link #3495
Guardian Enzo
Seishu's Ace
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Location: Kagurazaka, Tokyo
Why the hell didn't Lisanna hug her brother? What a diss! And he killed her and everything!
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Old 2011-09-05, 05:42   Link #3496
Adeptus Animus
Join Date: Jan 2007
Age: 29
He's just bigger, so he's harder to hug.
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Old 2011-09-05, 23:29   Link #3497
Senior Member
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Location: Where you're not.
Originally Posted by Krono View Post
Spoiler for Character designs:
Say, I noticed the girl named in between Cana and Lisanna, the one with the short black hair. Her name is Kinana, and she's one of Fairy Tail's newest employees (not a mage). So far, she has only appeared in bonus material exclusive to one of the manga volumes, and is seemingly of no importance in the main storyline, so if you don't recognize her, that wouldn't be surprising. There's actually something special about her identity, though it's not important at all, plot-wise. However, if they decide to include her true identity in the anime (like in a filler episode, since it's that unimportant), I won't spoil it for you, though I will say this: she has appeared in both the manga and anime before, but not in the way she appears now.
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Old 2011-09-06, 19:01   Link #3498
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Wow... Lisanna is... adorable...

But is she wearing sneakers in that pic? Do they HAVE sneakers?
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Old 2011-09-06, 23:16   Link #3499
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Age: 31
Why wouldn't they have sneakers? Most of the clothes seem pretty modern.
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Old 2011-09-07, 09:09   Link #3500
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
Age: 27
Well Lisanna was always closer with Mira than Elf. Besides Mira is smaller and Lisanna couldn't possibly hug them both at once.

Anyway the episode was very nice and touching though I still am not very happy about the fact that Lisanna is alive... it added more tragedy to have her dead.
Well hopefully things won't change too much now, though don't mind to have old Mira back
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