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Old 2009-07-01, 17:57   Link #1
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Join Date: Jul 2009
Serious/dark fantasy anime with romance

Looking for a fantasy/science fiction dark and serious anime with romance as a main theme. I'm not interested unless there's romance or very clear hints of romance. I'm quite tired of those animes who never capitalize on the romance and just leave the fans hanging.

I usually prefer boy/boy but since I seem to have gone through all that's available, ordinary romance is going to be just fine.

Almost forgot, I enjoy very much deep, complex characters, and characters out of the ordinary. I also love weird, perverted characters with wicked smiles, that for some reason often have glasses (don't ask..), and I would sit through an anime w/o romance if there's such a delicious character in it.

The typical shounen 'dumb but determined' main character isn't really going to cut it. I also don't like it when the characters look like they're 13 year old.

Example of series I have liked:
Blood+ (vampires + romance + dark = win)
Koutetsu sangokushi (koumei's character = drolltastic, worth watching through the boring parts)
Loveless (very sweet..)
Vampire Hunter D (romance + D's character)
Junjou romantica (liked it, despite it having no fantasy or action, but not on my toplist because lacking them)
Antique bakery (exclusively for the hilarious Ono gay moments)

Dont suggest vampire knight, saw it and didnt like it.

I look forward to your answers! This is a difficult request, I know.
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Old 2009-07-01, 18:31   Link #2
Autumn Demon
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romeo x juliet
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Old 2009-07-07, 14:33   Link #3
The catgirl
Join Date: Mar 2008
I suggest Elfen Leid, but warning. It is intensly graphic. There is a lot of violence and nudity. There is a strong love story buried between the violence and the main love interest is not "dumb but determined". The main is intellegent though confused and it makes sense when you see what's going on. Give it a try. You'll know if it's for you by the end of the first episode.
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Old 2009-07-07, 14:58   Link #4
(。☉౪ ⊙。)
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Kuroshitsuji is surely one to recommend to you, it has the what you like boy/boy/master/servant kind of relationship, as a yaoi fangirl I'm certain you'll kyaah and one of the other characters can do a wicked smile X3 I'm not sure if the show has any romance at all but since you like boy/boy I would tick it on your list
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Old 2009-07-08, 07:19   Link #6
Alice Elliot
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Go for Ghost Hunt. It should match your expectations perfectly. It's dark (supernatural/horror) + interesting Chars + romance.
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Old 2009-07-08, 07:48   Link #7
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I can suggest xXxHolic, as that's pretty dark, but also quite funny & has some air of romance about it aswell, especially between Watanuki & Himawari...I hope this is a good suggestion
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