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Old 2009-07-07, 00:44   Link #1
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Dark Romance/Action

Looking for a new anime revolving around romance, action, and drama. Dark themed preferable.

Animes that i Loved.

Elfen Lied
Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal

heres my anime list.

action doesn't have to be revolved around swords. Although that is preferable, it can be through other forms of fighting (guns, fistfighting, assasinations, etc.)
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Old 2009-07-07, 10:34   Link #2
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Age: 26
Hmm... Shakugan no Shana, maybe? It's got romance/drama/action, and as for dark, I suppose it is somewhat (the whole getting your existence eaten part probably counts). Action is kinda lackluster at the beginning of the first season though, and, spoiler alert, the love triangle tends to not go anywhere.

Uh... looking through my own list the only other title I can come up with is possibly Soul Eater. It's Studio Bones, so the action is excellent throughout, and there's plenty of it, but as for romance, ehh, not really. Nothing actually happens in canon, that is, but feel free to ship all you want. Dark, well, sort of. I'd say the style and the themes are pretty dark (lots of stuff dealing with insanity and fear, and the aesthetic is distinctly Halloweenish) but the execution is rather upbeat shounen action series, with tons of comic relief and problems being solved with enough guts and fancy moves. As for drama, yeah, scattered throughout, and there's a lot of tension in the later half of the series.
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Old 2009-07-07, 13:28   Link #3
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Age: 28
shingetsutan tsukihime
yakushiji ryoko no kaiki jikenbo
shoujo kakumei utena
romeo x juliet
seikai no monshou/senki
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Old 2009-07-07, 13:39   Link #4
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ghost hound
ghost hunt
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Old 2009-07-08, 07:51   Link #5
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Vampire Knight is a good suggestion I can offer you
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