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Old 2009-07-16, 20:31   Link #1
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Subtitle Editor?

An .ass subtitle raw file I downloaded from a fansub group is not timed properly for the anime raw I have that goes with the subtitle. Does anyone know of a good, free subtitle editor that I can download so that I can go into the subtitle file and correct the timing problem?

I know I could always use notepad to add time to all of the subtitle entries in the file, but that would be a pain. If that's what I have to do, then I'll do it, but I'd prefer using a program that is more forgiving if I make a mistake.
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Old 2009-07-16, 22:40   Link #2
cho~ kakkoii
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Googling with the keyword subtitle editor yielded the above returns.
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Old 2009-07-18, 22:06   Link #3
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What I really needed was Aegisub. That's the editor that handles the .ass format. Works great and it's free. That should really be in the tech support section.
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Old 2009-07-18, 22:55   Link #4
Knight Hawk
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Well, almost anything related to fansubbing is most likely located in Fansub Group. For example Aegisub, Avisynth, Karaoke Help thread ect. Bad Monir! should have pointed him there instead of google.

EDIT: (つд⊂)ゴシゴシ
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Old 2009-07-22, 14:47   Link #5
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yeah.... Fansub Groups is full of helpful "how-to" and "what to use" guides (though you have to plow through a fair amount e-ego to do it).

I found that subforum pretty damn useful when learning how to dinker with Aegisub.
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