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Old 2004-03-01, 04:22   Link #21
Sasumi ownz!!
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Originally Posted by ErugiF NoitcA
they already have the sharingan contacts available to you can get em here but there like 200 dollars a pair
i'm i blind? i didn't see any that looked like the sharingan, just red.
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Old 2004-03-01, 04:26   Link #22
Pirate Girl Nyuu
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Originally Posted by Trin
i'm i blind? i didn't see any that looked like the sharingan, just red.
If you look down on the last row, second and third to last you'll see the Kakashi and Sasuke sharingan. They look so cool.
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Old 2004-03-23, 10:02   Link #23
Immovable Mind
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Talking Images!!!!!!!!!

Hi There,

I'm pretty new here so....Hi !

I'm planning to get a cool tattoo and I would Like it to be anime related! But the Naruto Seal, of cursed seal of Sasuke is pretty cool even if you don't like the Anime (Imagine that )!

This is for sure the 5th time anyone asked this but, I need a image of the seal. A clear Image!

The Tattoo I would like to do is the following:
If you play the game Naruto 2 (gamecube) you can see a seal in the background of the character select screen. If anyone know's where this seal is from? or even better, has a clear image of it. It would be a real help!

Hope you can help me !

Greetz Immovable Mind!
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Old 2004-03-23, 15:20   Link #24
Just call me Ojisan
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Originally Posted by Immovable Mind
I need a image of the seal.
Welcome to the forums but could you make this request in The Official Picture Request Thread

There will be more chance of people seeing it and responding.

Closing this thread.
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Closed Thread

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