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Old 2004-01-23, 22:36   Link #41
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Glad to see my two favorite shows got mentioned: Hameln no Violin Hiki and Mugen no Ryvius. As well as many other very good shows: Princess Tutu, Sadamitsu (to the guy who wanted more input, the main character yeilds a wooden bouken to a mariachi soundtrack... what's not to love?), Legend of the Galactic Heroes (this could get promoted to my top 5 list if I ever get to see the whole thing), Macross 7, Giant Robo, Alien 9, Tenchi ni Narumon...

But I wouldn't've listed any of these shows as "not getting much press". Of course, with anime gaining popularity as fast as it is, the majority of fans may not have heard of much more than a year old. That's normal. But for example, in just the last year, LoGH has had panels held on it at cons, has warranted some long threads on about the web page collecting signatures for a US release, and has had several releases by Central Anime (not to count the 40 or so episodes that were available as VHS rips via bittorrent before that). That's a lot more press than a show like, for example, Yume de Aetara had.

But one of the great things about the short attention span most people have is that they tend to forget all the mediocre anime in short order. Nowadays you can't throw a rock without hitting a dull, shallow show (probably being subbed by 6 different groups). But by next year you won't be able to get half of them. And in 20 years maybe one or two will have survived.

This should tell you something about the staying power of any show from the 80's that people are still talking about. It's not like companies woke up one day and decided to turn out crap that appeals to the mass market. That's been going on forever. It makes enough money that occaisionally someone can make some real quality shows that simply don't appeal to the mass market. Hameln did horribly in the ratings... which is why it was stopped at 25 episodes when originally planned for over 100. Last Exile also did particularly bad.

Now, tastes differ, and obviously just because people still remember a show with fondness 20 years later doesn't mean you'll necessarily like it, but it's a good hint that it was at least a quality production.
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Old 2004-01-24, 07:45   Link #42
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Originally Posted by lomeando
Alien 9
Uau, another Alien nine fan!

I counted 4 fans up till now over the forums, it's raising steadly!
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Old 2004-01-24, 08:46   Link #43
The Big Bad Me
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I think the most Underrepresented anime is GTO or Great Teacher Onizuka. I think its the BEST anime of all time in my opinion. Its super funny. What can I say Its amazing. But I berly found info about it on the net, not to mantion that most anime site never heard of it

If you have time just watch 1 episode, you will not be dissapointed. (Its TV series with 43 episodes - first episode 40 min, others 20)
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Old 2004-01-24, 09:08   Link #44
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Originally Posted by lomeando

Stuff stuff stuff... ooh, Tutu's appeared many times in this thread, I liked Tutu too! hehe, it's great.

Last Exile also did particularly bad.

Wow, that just shows how different their tastes are from the US ones... Last Exile has so many billions of fans and fanboys (note the difference)... That's one over-represented anime if there was one

Like everyoen else, let's throw in Princess Tutu! Now it's been represented somewhat. (But not enough. !)

However, it's the underrepresentation of some shows that attract people to it... and some shows will NEVER be popular even if they're really good, that's just the way they are. They were meant to appeal to only a small amount of people (but appeal very well.)
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Old 2004-07-11, 10:05   Link #45
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A lot of these series that have been mentioned seems to be series that cross genres. More specifically, they start out shoujo and end up shounen. They often offend shoujo watchers when the change occurs and never gets the shounen audience in the first place. The people that would get the most out of these series are guys that do watch shoujo, or girls that have seen enough of the shoujo plotlines and welcome a change. More often than not, however, these types of shows sort of end with a triumph of shoujo at the end.


Cyberteam in Akihabara
Princess Tutu
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Shamanic Princess
Tenshi ni Narumon
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Old 2004-07-11, 10:31   Link #46
/Ultimate Magic Attack!!!
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Princess Tutu : many people dismissed it as for kids, but in reality it's a masterpiece somewhat reminds me of Sophie's World, and a very daring and unique series.

Hanada Shounen Shi : another series often overlooked because of its art style, the stories are very touching and it has many wonderful stories.

Infinite Ryvius : Very dark and bleak series, it shows the uglier side of human society with a group of kids.

Mobile Battleship Nadesico : it's the epitome of the definitions of anime otaku, 'nuff said.

Kino no Tabi : hands down the deepest anime series ever, it's almost like going through a philosophy lecture.

Kita He ~ Diamond Dust Drop ~ : Very touching and warm series, with very real emotions and daily-life-like plots.
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Old 2004-07-11, 11:53   Link #47
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Last Exile was wonderful. Gonzo's greatest accomplishment.

Let's see... of course, Now and Then, Here and There - my favorite anime series. Then again, favorite is a rash word because it implies enjoyment. Now and Then is something you experience that changes you. Once you see it, you'll understand what I mean by saying that enjoy may not be the best word to use.

Martian Successor Nadesico - Someone else wrote a little about it above. Old, but great.

Paranoia Agent - Not as much underrated as it is obscure, mainly due to its prelicense by Geneon. Those who've seen it know that it's one of the greatest anime of 2004.

GunGrave - Again, very popular with the small amount of people who've seen it, again due to the prelicense. A Mafia anime. Very very original and highly enjoyable.
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Old 2004-07-11, 21:04   Link #48
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Originally Posted by Kempis Curious
  • Orguss 2 - You don't need to see Orguss 1 to like this anime. I think it beats Macross Plus in storyline, writing, and characters, though not music and animation. And Mac Plus is no slouch in those other departments, either. Even the dubbed version of this anime is really good!
  • The Ping Pong Club - If you think South Park is funny, this anime will make you pee your pants. Adolescent humor at its finest, this anime is hideously filthy and disgusting. And extremely funny. It's even better if you watch it with someone who's uptight.
I totally agree! I usually hate mecha, but Orguss 02 was really good. Giant Robo, which has also been mentioned, is another favorite of mine. And Ping Pong Club is just hilarious. Similar style of humour to Sexy Commando, Colorful, and Ebichu but more perverted and geeky.

I also add:
Heatguy J - Its airing on MTV and its licensed so its hardly under-represented, but this series is just AWESOME. I love the characters, the style, the music. Its a greater sucessor to Bebop than Watanabe's own Samurai Champloo! People should be talking about this more.

Run Melos- A film, fansubbed on VHS back in the day. Satoshi Kon worked on this (not as a director tho). It based on a ancient Greek story about friendship as a man finds himself sentenced to death, with his little sister's wedding just three days away. Really moving, and really well done movie.

EDIT- And I'm another Alien 9 fan. I really want to read the manga. Also a fan of Princess Tutu. One of the greatest shojo series I've ever seen.
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Old 2005-12-26, 14:52   Link #49
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Most Underestimated/Undervalued Anime on your list

I think it has happened to us all.

We happened to watch a particular anime, and got particularly hooked. Beyond its animations, its sound or story plot, beyond those.. it had something that simply outstood. Thus we love it. There hasn't to be a right alchemy. We just feel we love it.
Until there, it could be a common situation. But I'm going to add a second step:

We now go surfing around searching entuxiastic comments, reviews about that piece of gem of an anime and then ... "what the heck" .. we find out it is mostly unknown, or it has way too low rates than we think it should have.
So does have our little gem lost of value now? Of course not, it's our little gem, we don't care about others' opinion.
But.. we feel a bit unhappy, because people don't know / don't understand / don't appreciate this anime as we do.
We love it, but the mass don't and we would like to say them that they are on the wrong side.

So we got straight to the main point.
I'm asking to post your very personal list of "little gems" that you like to share with others. Kind of willing to yell to the world: "This is so good!! You don't have to miss it"

I start:

- Hime-Chan no Ribon : I crushed on this series on italian tv 10 years ago, it seemed so girly as a show, but I liked the arts and I kept watching it. Episode after episode, I found a depth I wouldn't have never suspected. Character development was so well done, and I loved all the characters of it. I missed it so much when it finished. In my country it hadn't a feedback (although some classmates of mine - females - loved it as well).
On the net, I see, it hasn't a feedback as well, also because there isn't a decent version around. I'm lucky to still jealously conserve the italian videotapes, which I can see whenever I want to see them.
It's one of the very few anime I rated 10/10 and my very first love (I was 15) speaking of anime. Before I liked them a lot, but not loved as this one

I have another couple of titles to mention, but not now. I would see how this develops, and I've already been long enough here.
Oh.. Movies count as well .. your turn
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Old 2005-12-26, 15:14   Link #50
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Puppet Master Sakon - A series of stories about a young puppeter, Sakon, and his Bunraku doll Ukon. Thanks to Sakon's ventriloquist skills, Ukon acts as if it was a real character, and he has a really bad temper ^^ Together they have to resolve the bloody crimes that take place wherever they go. A major point : This series ooze classical japanese style.

Secret of Cerulean Sand - I expected a Blue water wannabe (with sand instead of water), and the first episodes weren't really captivating, or succesful in realization or in animation. But soon the series acquired its own pace, the characters grow on the spectator and I was really fascinated by the last couple of episodes.

Violinist of Hameln - Worst animation ever. It even beats Lodoss' ^^ but the story, adapted from the manga by Yasuhiro Imagawa, truly shines. In spite of the colored graphics, the mood is dark, tragic, and the anime full of memorable characters (Sizer, one of my favorite anti-heroines of all time, magistrally voiced by Megumi Ogata).
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Old 2005-12-26, 16:09   Link #51
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Good thread.

Berserk -

I honestly don't get it. Why so few people everywere has seen this. Is it because it is to violent? Is it because it has a manga part there still runs?

To me Berserk is something, totally out of anything. It's something that will tear you apart. It is something that you can't help but be attachecd too. It's not a school comedy nor does it have mechs or screaming ninjas.

But Berserk goes so much beyond anything I have seen before. Gatsu as this.. "thing". This person on the outside which looks like a bad rip off of Conan the barbarian, which you just totally get attached to. Even in its dub, you can't but help loving Berserk.
It's truly a waste that not more people have seen it outside Japan. Even among hardcore anime fans I hear about people who haven't seen it. Yeah it's very violent and brutal, but I don't feel it is just for the sake of it.

Wonderful Days -

I for one love this epic sci-fi flick from South Korea. I love it's small strange attention to details. Somehow it has these slow paced scenes that wake some strange kind of tension. Truly the "silent before the storm". To me it was an larger than life animation. It just makes you want to puke as the rollercoaster ride takes to the action scenes in a visual galore.

Samurai Champloo -

Its probably not a secret that many in Europe and USA likes Cowboy Bebop, but to me, Samurai Champloo is equally good. Perhaps not as emotional, but certainly just as fun. Mugen awakes feelings as a crazy protagonist I have never seen before, to such extremes. The mixture between fedual japan and competent hiphop sounds, that are so much more than retarded lyrics you would hear in many of the MTV gangsta songs from G-unit and front man 50 cent. The mixture of Sword fighting and break dance is equally entertaining.
It's funny because if you would sum up the story of samurai champloo, it is truly just about 3 people trying to find food as the travel through japan constantly getting in trouble. even with such a lame premise for a story, it actually works and simpy ties you in. I was horrible entertained during my time. Every time the 3 main character interacted they had funny and meaningful things to say. I seriously feel that is a work of art and I pray that Watanabe(sp?) will make a movie, like he did with Bebop.

Otogi Zoshi -

I won't lie. Im a fan of action and fedual japan. Sword fighting and martial arts interest me, and it's one of the reasons why I am so much into anime. The asian people were some of the best at this. This is one of the animes that are so much more than a happy kenshin series(not talking about the overly awesome OVAs ). The animation is dark and gritty.
It is losely based on japanese mythology which is exciting. Even the legend about Raikouh a warrior from the 12th century who was said to kill tons of Oni and demons, has a place in this. The anime changes drasticaly through the half of the series. Some will like it, and some will not. But I'll seriously recommend it, if just for it's really cool presentation.

Wolfs Rain -

It's no wonder that Japanese video games often feature wolfs(some anticipated up comings for example are Okami(campcom) and Zelda:Twillight Princes(GC). Wolfs have a huge part and symbolic meaning in japanese folklore as well. I think in a certain way, Wolfs Rain tries to honor that. It's a very beautiful anime, with animation and style that almost reminds me of Disney when they were at the top of their game.
To me, as an animal lover it's also a sad anime, because it's about the struggles about innocent animals. It's defintely a series that also has a good messege about humans being cruel to nature and animals, and about our lifestyle destroying many of the earths animal races.

GunGrave -

Based on a rather awful shooter for the PS2 by SEGA, this sci-fi gangster epic is something that really took me by storm. The relationship between Harry and Brandon is like something I have never seen before, in anime or movie. About two friends and their struggles for succes in a crime syndicate. I think everyone who has had good friends they have seperated with because they have had to go different paths in life(school, career, lifestyle etc) will understand. I love this anime. I don't really care about all that hate that has been put on it.

Jin-Roh -

To me, perhaps one of the best Anime movies released in the 90s, this anime is so dark and gloomy that it will make you depressed. Jin-Roh takes a strange look at anime from a political view I think. It has one of the most amazing plot twists/conclusions that I have ever seen. I literly feel off my chair when the movie ended. I just coudlnt belive it. To sum up Jin-Roh in one word: Betrayel. Awesome.

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Old 2005-12-27, 10:57   Link #52
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To continue my list, I'd like to mention the following:



You know, just by its cover this show seems to say: "adults, stay away".
And that's totally wrong because , aside that facade, there's something else. This anime focus a lot on psycological factors such as the problems coming while growing or the difficult of dealing with other peoples when we feel we are different from them.
The main protagonist is Nanaka, an high-schooler 17 yo girl , full of complexions, hated by most of her classmates for her icy attitude. Her only support, is the childood friend Nenji, whom is secretly loved by her.
One day, she has an accident and loses part of her memory. She conserves her memories until she was 6 yo, but she loses all what came after (here comes the "6/17" from the title). It's like she went back of 11 years, mantaining a body of a 17 yo. So you'll see a carefree adolescent behaving like a child, yelling here and there and enjoying a lot while watching an anime "mahou shoujo" show.
But it's incredible how the story creates bonds around this situation. You will soon notice that there's not going to be a hilarious show. You'll learn a lot about the characters, their indepth, and you will discover yourself being caring for them.
And at the end (which could have done better, by the way, since not all of the bonds are solved), you probaly may want to reflect a bit.



Or Mimi wo Sumaseba, if you prefere the japanese title.
A studio Ghibli Movie (1995), by Yoshifumi Kondo, a talented director who died of cancer a few years later.
It's basically the travel of a young girl, Shizuku, to the adult world (Miyazaki did the screenplay, and he loves this subject a lot) and how much her life will change after having met Seiji.
There's a lot of emotional envolvment and you will like the slow pace of the movie very soon, while some lines of the dialogues of the protagonists are very impressive, and mature.
It's undoubtfully one of the sweetest romance I have seen, and definitely my favourite about "not action based" anime movies.
Unfortunately this is not much spreaded, since i.e. Europe is lacking a dvd distro for it (although it should be out this spring in UK), but every person I know whom has seen it doesn't find a word to describe it if not.. "heartwarming masterpiece".
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Old 2005-12-27, 17:59   Link #53
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For me it has to be Magic User's Club (Mahou Tsukai Tai!) - OVA version [ ]. I found this gem completely by accident one day and it definately has to be one of the best OVAs that I've ever seen. It's one of those things that I can't even understand why I like it so much. The animation is pretty standard for it's time, the voice acting nothing special and much of the plot and characters are cliched and standard. Yet for some reason when everything was put together I just found it to be an awesome series. Perhaps it's how it was directed (there are a lot of little things about the show that are definately different in a good way) or just the characters which grew on me, but this is one of the my favorite pieces of anime of all time, and something which most people have never even heard of.

Basically most of the other shows I like most people have heard of so I won't bother listing them here.
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Old 2006-12-24, 18:18   Link #54
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How About: Most Underrated Anime?

Ever since I saw it on TV when I lived in Japan, I've thought that Steam Detectives was an overlooked little gem. Very atmospheric, really original, with pleasing characters, and innovative use of all-vocal BGM. But nobody else seems to care about it.

I think Wedding Peach gets a bum rap too. People dismiss it as a Sailor Moon clone, which it is, but it has its own appeal with some really likeable characters.

I also absolutely agree about Princess Tutu and Niea_7. Princess Tutu especially - a dreamy, abstract fairy tale that feels like something the Brothers Grimm would have written. Not everybody will be able to wrap their heads around it.

Mahou Tsukai Tai is an excellent series, but I'm not sure one can say it's been overlooked or underrated.

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Old 2006-12-24, 19:18   Link #55
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I will start with animes people have more or less forgotten

1. Urusei Yatsura: This was a landmark pieve. It gave us the term Harem as we know it in Japanese Anime. It started the trend where before this anime, male voice actors outnumbered females, but after this series, female voice actors started to outnumber male counterparts. So many of streotypical character types were introduced from here as well as so many situation dramas in anime.

2. Touch: Tears unnumbered they shed. Highest TV rating for anime in History. Best modification to original materials in the 2nd movie ( This is the one where Nita utters the famous line ' This is my gift to you ' as he belts Tatsuya's pitch out of the park, leaving Tatsuya to blankly stare at where the ball has disappeared ). The epitome of many character streotypes. The series that really solidified the standard format of childhood fried girl taking care of the boy as if she is his mother/wife. Yet most anime fans don't even know why older anime fans' interest in a female character increases if her family name is Asakura, or why you don't see many female character with name Minami.

3. Megazone 23, part 1 and part 2: Start of OVA and the whole Cyber Idol fantasy. Still one of the best music video scenes ever.

For more modern ones people really don't know much about

1. Figure 17 : I refer you to this link as I can't say things better.

2. Solty Rei: Most touching story of Father's struggle with losing and finding his daughters. It had many believable hardcore sci-fi elements and fascinating world and side characters as well. It could be humourous when it wanted to, but it was serious as well.

3. Koi Kaze: Start the flame

4. Windaria: A series that was hurt by bad English release.

5. A Charlie Brown Christmas: Not enough people has seen this.

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Old 2006-12-27, 23:39   Link #56
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I need to add this, here. I really dislikes Kimagure Orange Road Series, but I believe it is very underrated by most people.
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Old 2006-12-27, 23:46   Link #57
Zu Ra
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These anime most of you havnt heard of ... why Coz they are underated some due to mature content others due to bad publicity also disintrest shown by fansubbers

* Heat Guy J -----------> Heat Guy J nuff said

* Speed Grapher --------> IMO Best Anime of 05

* GunGrave ------------> Universal SoldierXScarface

* GunxSword -----> better than Demonbane

* Nadesico --------> A prody on Mechas
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Old 2006-12-28, 00:05   Link #58
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I would have to say these ones.

Figure 17 - Well, it's not too underrepresented, but I guess most people would be more interested in the action scenes, which comprise most likely less than 5% of the anime, than the character development and emotional growth of its few main characters.

Kodocha - For sure, this also qualifies. Well, probably because the manga was so much better than the anime, even though I think the anime was pretty good.

Sister Princess - Probably because there's certain anime fans who would rather see loads of fan service when they see one guy and a bunch of girls. This is one of the most family-oriented of anime I've seen, but I guess that repels the majority of Western anime fans.

Kokoro Library - Pretty good anime with pretty good drama that very few people will ever know about. I would say the same thing as I already said about Sister Princess.

Piano - Here's another, ditto just like Sister Princess and Kokoro Library. These are light-hearted dramatic gems that most anime fans would probably go thumbs down once they see light and fluffy and emotion. This one will also be hidden under the carpet.

I can think of a few more but that's it for now.
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Old 2006-12-28, 05:06   Link #59
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To Heart - Screw the current bishoujo game based anime gems... this one is for keeps. To Heart for me is the best of the genre, and can never, ever be replicated again because of our current demands for fast paced, catchy and exciting bishoujo anime. This one is slow but sure, requires not a brain but a "heart", invokes heartwarming feelings like no other, and... ugh I don't know what else. I have seen 80% of this bishoujo-game genre, but I still come back for this one, so take my word for it... err... I mean "don't" take my word for it. This is purely my opinion. But do try to catch To Heart (RightStuf has it coming February 2007) and see what you're missing.
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Old 2006-12-28, 07:37   Link #60
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Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu

^i ended up watching these two by accident. Never had seen any one recommend these, and i was simply browsing the anime list and ended up with Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora - since i was bored and it was only 6eps i thought: what the heck, lets just get on with it. I have to say i was very impressed with the show.

After i watched it i browsed trough the respective thread and saw Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu being mentioned quite a few times. So i went ahead and watched that one as well.

Both these short animes are little gems among the usual stuff. And they sure as hell are not getting enough presentation.

@bluemist - for a slow, heart warming, slice of life anime i would take Lamune over To Heart any day of the week. Not saying I don't like To Heart - just that i liked Lamune better.
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