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Old 2009-07-29, 16:04   Link #1
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Performace problems... or not?

Hi guys.

Recently I've encoded some "real-life" footage that came as an extra with SE Lain R1 DVDs, and I had to use bob and stay at 60 fps to mantain the full motion of the clip.

The file specs are as follows:

video h264 704x464 (sar 10:11) @ 60 fps, high profile, level 3.2
audio ac3 @ 384 kbps stereo
subtitles ass, just styles, no special effects at all

Now, there's no problem with the processing, but there are problems with actually playing it... but only if I put subtitles in top of it.

First than nothing, my specs are:

CPU c2d e8400 @ 3.60 ghz
2 gb ram 800 mhz
ATI HD4870 512 mb

The software I'm using is:

Media Player Classic Home Cinema, Build #1.2.1050.0
To decode video, I'm using MPCHC's internal ffmpeg.
To decode audio, I'm using MPCHC's internal ac3 decoder.
For the subtitles, I'm using MPCHC's internal subtitle loader.

vmr9 renderless: Frame drops with or without subtitles, fullscreen or windowed. CPU usage stays at <20%

Haali's renderer: plays flawlessly without subtitles at windowed or fullscreen. Slowdowns in fullscreen when subtitles are on. CPU usage stays at <20%

EVR: can't show subtitles. Flawlessly without them of course. CPU usage stays at <20%.

EVR Custom: Drops with/without subtitles. CPU usage stays at <20%.

As you can see, CPU usage stays ALWAYS below 20%. It might go up to 30% at sometime, but it's not even 50%. The slowdowns don't seem to be caused by bad performance. Is this some kind of bug? Just asking.

Also, the problem is less visible using VSFilter instead of MPCHC's internal subtitle loader, but instead of slowdowns in Haali's renderer, it drops frames in fullscreen.
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Old 2009-08-07, 09:35   Link #2
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have you tried using a different player to see if the problem is specifically with mpchc?
For proper anime playback use:
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