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Old 2010-06-27, 14:14   Link #1041
Bonta Kun
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Spoiler for 13:
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Old 2010-06-27, 14:24   Link #1042
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Spoiler for last episode and final thoughts:

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Old 2010-06-27, 14:28   Link #1043
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great ep
Spoiler for ep13_final:

overall 8/10 {easy, funny, crazy, great } {-1 for not being ultimate awesome, -1 for "I'm not going to rewatch it"}
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Old 2010-06-27, 17:32   Link #1044
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Definitely been the most re-watched series of the season for me. Very enjoyable. Can't get enough. More!
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Old 2010-06-27, 17:43   Link #1045
Baka Gaijin :P
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Episode 13 was very good, enjoyed every single minute.

Working deserves a second season especially since the manga is ongoing AND needs more Maya!
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Old 2010-06-27, 19:02   Link #1046
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Also, one question:

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Old 2010-06-27, 20:51   Link #1047
Myssa Rei
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Spoiler for Finaaaaale~:
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Old 2010-06-27, 20:57   Link #1048
This was meaningless
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The animation when Inami was in front of the mirror was incredibly fluid. But the scene, while cute, was kind of bland.

In regards to a season 2, I can't think they'll have much more Mahiru and Souta material to go on if they want to backtrack on the stuff they skipped over in the first five volumes and especially if they include the arc introducing Kyoko's henchmen in volume 6.
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Old 2010-06-27, 22:27   Link #1049
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Spoiler for episode 13 spoilers:
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Old 2010-06-27, 22:57   Link #1050
Join Date: Nov 2003
Matsumoto speaks!! Great ending. By far my favorite anime this season. Here's hoping for S2 soon.
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Old 2010-06-27, 23:19   Link #1051
One angry cloud.
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Yea, the animation was awesome in this episode! Hopefully there will be a season 2.
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Old 2010-06-27, 23:35   Link #1052
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Well I want a season 2. You just can't introduce a new character in the last episode and not have another season. right?

from watching the last episode

-I really feel bad for souma's wallet.
-wow Takanashi didn't punched in a whole episode *shock*
-yamada was yamada as usual
-Maya seems like she will add some more comedy to the series.
-How can Kyouko eat so much and still be in shape. She's cheating
-takanashi lolic... err minicon personality is not as creepy when he crossdresses
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Old 2010-06-28, 00:19   Link #1053
Cyclone Magnum
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I haven't seen the manga, but just reading some of the comments and learning that there is more material makes me hopeful for a second season.

The 13 episodes as a whole were a real delight to watch. Almost every episode had me cracking multiple times. The characters were really great. Yamada is probably the funniest to me. Also, the soundtrack was very fitting to me most of the time.

The last episode was pretty good. I didn't really like the date part, but the scene with Inami drinking soy milk and making final adjustments was something a great anime movie could utilize.

I'm glad Maya speaks, but there's no way they'd give a character 1 (and the last) episode of dialogue. I want a second season!!!

In the meantime, I'm off to find and read the manga.
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Old 2010-06-28, 00:25   Link #1054
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ahhh. nice anime. inami did not punch him nor the boss... i guess that's good... looking forward to season 2, if ever.
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Old 2010-06-28, 00:37   Link #1055
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Originally Posted by D-Gold View Post
Well I want a season 2. You just can't introduce a new character in the last episode and not have another season. right?

Originally Posted by magnumcyclonex View Post
I'm glad Maya speaks, but there's no way they'd give a character 1 (and the last) episode of dialogue.
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Old 2010-06-28, 00:58   Link #1056
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Spoiler for End:
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Old 2010-06-28, 04:39   Link #1057
Ava courtesy of patchy
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Overall, this is a very good adaptation. An anime adaptation from a 4-koma tend to be a hit or miss since the story progression and pacing between a 4-koma and a TV series have bigger difference than say from a normal weekly/monthly manga series and a TV series. Unexpectedly, they have a pretty good pacing here, and the episodic progression is very well executed without any awkward feeling between each episode. My only complain is too much focus on 1 character/pairing(Inami, and Souta, which both I like actually) making the other feel kind of left off(maybe that's just because I already read the manga before), although it too might be caused by the lack of episode it's allowed to run. Strangely, since I already know what I'm getting into when I start following this, the lack of "wow" factor and "awesomeness" factor doesn't bother me since this is supposed to be a gag/slice of life that shows it doesn't need a "wow" factor to make a good series and story that you can enjoy.

The other complaint I have is the BGM. It get repetitive and sometimes doesn't fit too well with the situation, although the opening song is quite catchy and some of the BGM is very nice placed.

I'd give this series a 8.5/10(-1 from lack of BGM fitness with the situation and another -1 from lack of other character development beside Inami and Takanashi. +0.5 from the fact that the lack of episode is more or less responsible for the lack of character development.)
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Old 2010-06-28, 05:25   Link #1058
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Originally Posted by HandofFate View Post
Kind of disapointed that Takanashi ended up coming dressed as a girl, was hoping they get a 'proper' date.
But this is better in the long run, because it would be far more fitting if they go on a proper date only once they've actually started going out! (should it come to that)

I'm actually a little bit disappointed with what they did with the date. Some of it was good - e.g. the "careless" slip-ups by Yamada and Souma, and Satou's fantastic manipulation ofhis co-workers, but I really wish they hadn't expanded on Inami's punching gag and Takanashi's mini-complex to that extent. The production team has generally achieved pretty good storyboarding results with relatively simple rearrangements, but I felt that their extensive intervention here weakened the main point of the date. Which was? To show Takanashi's progress. In hindsight, whilst I liked the lead-up last week, I think having both the lead-up and the date in one episode might have been better.

I'm also not particularly fond of Maya's voice...although I did find it somewhat amusing that she's desperately trying (and thus failing) to be normally normal because of her insane co-workers. Yup, Satou's still the most normal of the lot.

Well, I've still enjoyed this series immensely (even this episode - just that I felt it could have been better) and will look forward to the rest of the DVDs and all the extras. And here's to hoping for another season too - just not for about a year, please. m(_ _ )m

How Suetsugu Yuki drew the cover for Chihayafuru volume 34

Interview translations etc

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Old 2010-06-28, 05:37   Link #1059
Kamaboko smash & grab
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Nice debut for Matsumoto! Another character with a unique quirk, hope we see more of her in season 2. I like her voice too.
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Old 2010-06-28, 07:09   Link #1060
Baka Inu~
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In terms of the episode, I'll say that it was good. Not great, but good. The date I thought was pretty interesting, and I love a lot of the set-up for everything. (Yamada and Souma ftw) And Maya's own appearance and thought process is funny too. Why couldn't she have entered in sooner? @_@

For the series...I'd give it a 6 out of 10. It's a very split type of anime in terms of pros and cons. Some of the characters are lovable and understandably quirky, while others are just downright annoying and far-too-flawed. The comedy is fresh and it does lots of different things compared to a normal anime, but it's humor is very repetitive. I feel like you that in order to truly like this series, you'd have to like the character of Inami and have a good suspension of disbelief. So much of this anime is focused on Inami's character.

I feel like the show really shines with the characters. I'm split between who I like and dislike, but the ones I like, I REALLY like: Takanashi, Poplar, Souma, Yamada and Takanashi's Family. Especially with Takanashi, he to be one of my favorite male leads in a comedy anime I've seen. He's got his own quirks, but he's just so earnest and grounded. I really have to applaud how he was handled during the whole series.

Where I feel like the show fails, is how seriously it takes it self. There are times when it's really comedic what with how everyone acts towards one another, but other times it's really a stretch with what to believe and how some of the quirks take control of the show. This episode is a perfect example with Inami's Androphobia. She's really serious about wanting to fix it and she clearly hates how it controls her life, but yet it's never handled or addressed in the human, natural way to fix it. There are so many jokes about Takanashi getting killed and how the physical violence is handled, it's hard for me to understand how comedic the violence is supposed to be.

If there was a second season, I'd consider watching it. But this is definitely a show that needs progression. I feel like too much of humor is the same with the later episodes. It needs more jokes on life, mixing up words, and situations than the character gags.
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comedy, seinen

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