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Ι don't disagree there; it was very entertaining. As for the fantasy element, it's not as if they can't make a story that can have both ideals AND tactics in a fictional setting.
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Hi roriconfan, I saw your reply in the TTGL thread, thought I might as well reply here. A problem I think you might have, is that you're applying your reality/rationality to the cast of TTGL.

To them, Super Robots are the reality, and the means to accomplish Great Things. When I was watching the show, I let the real world go, since it was super robots. In my opinion, TTGL isn't Gundam where there's a certain level of realism to it all which makes it applicable to our common sense.

In fact, we were constantly reminded of that with the line "Kick Reason To The Curb!" (I kind of think it was a 4th-wall-breaker) Also, in the third arc, when their world started to shape up to resemble ours, they got shit on. Bad. I don't know if it's some form of allegory to remind the viewers again, but that was one signal I took.

The cast(or maybe just Simon) thought the massive powerups possible, because they know it was possible. Kamina kept on ranting about breaking the ceiling because he'd seen a world without it before. They had the means, they had the will. Heck, the Antispiral's closest chance of winning came at snuffing out their will, instead of their means (the flashback bit).

Moreover, I felt the show was able to inspire. Not the if-only-I-can-get-a-super-robot fantasising kind of inspire, but the I-can-accomplish-things-given-the-will-and-the-means inspire.

As an aside, of course people can make shows with ideas and tactics at the same time, but I tend to think they'll be half-assed. Either one(Deathnote, most of Code Geass R1), or the other(TTGL), and you get massive successes. I've seen worthy attempts, though. Kekkaishi is a brilliant example of a show that damn nearly made it. But nothing as big as the aforementioned three titles.
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