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Old 2011-05-03, 21:22   Link #1
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Request - when someone posts during when you are posting

Hi, I just have a suggestion/request for the posting system here. I'm not sure how possible it is, but I wanted to put it out there for the mods' consideration

I find that things can get annoying when I'm writing a post in a discussion, someone replies while I'm writing, and I find out after I post. Would it be possible to have an indication if a new message has been posted, right before you confirm your post? Something like "Warning - a new message has been posted, check over post" (this would appear after you click 'submit message')? It's what we have on another forum I'm active in and I think it's quite useful in discussions, there's a bit less confusion when we have this.
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Old 2011-05-03, 21:27   Link #2
Join Date: Dec 2003
Age: 35
I'm not sure if there's a plugin for our forum software that allows this sort of functionality (haven't checked), but what I normally do as a workaround is to use the Advanced posting mode and use the Preview function to see the latest posts. Additionally our forum allows for editing and deleting, so it's not too hard to clean things up after the fact.

I've used software that has had this sort of "something's changed while you were writing" feature, and I too don't mind it, but if we had something like this I think it would have to be optional since I can imagine that not everyone would like it.
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Old 2011-05-04, 00:07   Link #3
Daniel E.
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Monterrey N.L. Mexico
I always use the preview option before hitting the submit button, so I rarely have trouble with this.

And as relentless mentions, we also have the option to edit our post should we feel something needs to be added to our last comment.
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Old 2011-05-05, 12:56   Link #4
Obey the Darkly Cute ...
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Also.. this is why I always try to quote what I'm responding to.... otherwise the conversation looks disjointed if 3 posts appear between your "wtf?" and the "umad?"
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Old 2011-05-06, 15:49   Link #5
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Honestly, as Vexx said, I think this is an issue that can be resolved by quoting whoever you're responding to. Keeps things from getting confused and jumbled up.
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