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Old 2009-09-01, 13:15   Link #1
Letter from lost days ~
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: Netherlands / Turkey
Age: 29
[FP]Umineko Visual Novel Side Story Patch

Welcome. I am Skullchukka from Furude Project. FP is a translators circle, which focuses solely on Higurashi & Umineko projects. While this project was formed for our Turkish no Naku Koro ni followers, with the recent side-story that I've written, FP is now creating English fan-made projects.
Active Projects in English
Umineko no Naku Koro ni Visual Novel Fan Story Patch, Shattered.

This side story contains characters and spoilers from Episode 3 and 4. You are also expected to have finished Higurashi storyline, in order to avoid spoilers.

I welcome you, to Shattered.
Shattered is one of the chapters written for Umineko visual novel. It is a fan story. I am not a writer nor an official of 07th Expansion. This work is just a non profit project that I had in my mind for some time. 07th Expansion has all the rights of Umineko titles.

This tale tells the story of Virgilia. You should read them after finishing Episode 4.
I haven't read Episode 5 (Chiru) yet, thus, my story is likely to have some contradictions with that episode. I ask you to bear that in mind, when reading this.
I plan to release a series of this tale. So far 3 parts are written down on text.
First part should be around 20 to 45 minutes long, depending on the reader.

Please read the `Readme First` file within the Fan Story Patch for installation.
I hope you enjoy reading the tale, for all I know, I enjoyed writing it, a lot.
Spoiler for Ingame screenshots:

Spoiler for Readme file:

Spoiler for User guide:

Spoiler for Links:

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Old 2009-09-01, 13:16   Link #2
Letter from lost days ~
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: Netherlands / Turkey
Age: 29
Who are you anyway?
I'm Skullchukka, from Furude Project. I'm Turkish, and I'm studying Dutch Studies in Leiden University @ Netherlands.

Erm... This whole "Furude Project" web is full of things that I can not read, where are the English stuff?
Look at the right top. There, Beato sits with an UK flag.

So... Only 3-4 entries?
FP was formed in order to satisfy the no Naku Koro ni fans in Turkey. It has recently opened an English part, that is why there are very few information you can get there.

While FP can be used as an information tool and a newsletter dedicated only to Higurashi & Umineko, we can only offer these in Turkish. There are already very great websites you can use to get info.

The English part is only there to announce new English Umi & Higu related projects. Keep visiting it! You'll never know what will happen! ^^

I've read Shattered, and it's totally wrong.
You have to bear in mind that Shattered is only a fan story. It definitely is not the true storyline. Since I haven't read Ep5 yet, I'm sure lots of the ideas will be incompetent with the main storyline.

I've read Shattered, and I think I understood stuff, but I'm not sure... Is it because you lack the ability to make yourself clear?
Possible. However, Shattered is only the Part 1 of the series that I'm writing. More will come and clear the clouds of your heads. ^^

I've read Shattered and the storyline is cheesy, animations are cheesy, and grammar structure is somewhat wrong.
Well, first of all, I'm not a writer. I will, however, claim that the ideas that pop in my head sometimes are actually somewhat creative.
Secondly, I only have very limited time to spare (Between lectures and Turkish translation and working and story writing and also, having fun) to script editing. Sorry about that.
Also remember that this whole "story" is just "my" point of view. So please do not compare me with Ryuk, instead know that I'm just an amateur. ^^
But you might be correct about the last part. I'm not a native speaker and I mostly write these stories in the train, going back to my house after 10 hours of class :| They both add up being... hard. Yet I try my best to make it as natural as it could be, If you're a native speaker and possess good knowledge of written English, please pm me. ^^

We have thousands of people who can come up with their own storylines. What would make yours special?
I can't claim and say "xxx" or "yyy". This is just something that I came up with at my free time. Appreciation is all yours. ^^

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