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Anime Daisuki
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Originally Posted by daeyeth View Post
I know exactly the type of hero you're talking about Daisuki; basically protagonists who aren't pussies and exude self-confidence with swagger. My favorite type of hero as well.

Worst (manga) - absolutely every single one of the characters is a badass. It's about high school gangs
GTO - main hero Onizuka is an ex-gang member who becomes a teacher. He's like Kamina but more kind-hearted and a fierce sense of justice
Berserk - while the main hero is the silent/stoic badass type, not quite what you're looking for, he grows into one of the biggest badasses ever created. It's a medieval fantasy anime/manga. If you can get past how extremely dark it gets, the rewards are absolutely worth it because it defines epic (manga still going after 10 years)
Slam Dunk - about basketball. The main hero is cocky and silly but he's an ex-gang member with a big heart who won't back down from anyone, especially against douchebags.

Perfectly fit what your looking for, seconded.

I don't quite agree with the other suggestions. Darker than Black and Gundam 00 main heroes are the silent/stoic badass type (and though Lockon fits what you want, but he isn't the main hero). For FMA, Edward loses his cool too much, they make him look silly when he loses his temper in the comedy scenes; Roy's a badass but a secondary character.
Onizuka is great, not a big fan of his voice actor but it grew on me towards the end.
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