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Old 2004-04-21, 14:28   Link #21
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Originally Posted by GipFace
Petitions are SO necessary...

When was the last time an online petition worked? *hears silence*

It's impossible for LucasArts to know just how many of those signatures are legit. What's to stop someone from signing multiple times? Ergo, you're wasting your time. Twenty-four thousand letters written in ink would produce better results.

Whoever thinks is effective needs to look at reality.
The petition isn't to produce a change in the company's thinking, it's to help degrade the image of the company that's being petitioned. It's more of a "24,000+ people think you're a MORON!" statement. It trickles into other things, like people asking them about it at E3, and giving them crap about it on review sites.
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Old 2004-04-24, 11:47   Link #22
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Yeah, the news of Sam & Max 2 being cancelled hit me hard also. I e-mailed them a few times, the first 2 were more cursing then anything and the last one...which is the one they might read, actually contained very few curses. I did sign the petition, but I think a better way to show them what a mistake they made is to stop buying any Lucasarts games. That's for the really disappointed, like myself.
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