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Old 2006-07-18, 04:05   Link #141
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OK, a couple of things. The child in the phonebooth is the person who is hireing BPS's feelings about not being able to tell anyone about the 'injustice' he was seeing.

AND SECOND. I am a hardware hacker (yes, there are many different classes of hackers). I loved every time he started doing anything techinical. The way they completely respect computer hackers. I use almost all old hardware when I work. I would take a pentium 3 over anything I could get these days. I have seen a well wrighten C program ( an old computer language ) on a pentium 2 computer beat the hell out of a java ( one of the newest and popular programming language ) program running on an amd64 machine. There is a demand for anime like this out there. I cant believe that im the only one out there that really craves a good computer related anime. The only ones that I can even think of is Chobits ( Ok, good consecpt but a little too short on the design) Hand Maid May ( I actually really liked this one, Most of all I liked that the guy was soo decidecated to his work) and A.I. Love You ( Good from the programming perspective, but I didnt like the OH MY LIGHTENING HIT MY COMPUTER AND NOW I HAVE A GIRL FRIEND, LALALA). Does anyone know of any other good computer anime?
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Old 2006-07-18, 10:34   Link #142
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Originally Posted by Meico
I am a hardware hacker
And a thread necromancer.
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Old 2006-08-18, 01:40   Link #143
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damn they should carry on making episode for that, it was one of the best
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Old 2006-08-18, 01:42   Link #144
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i think BPS is the only 1
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Old 2006-08-18, 04:03   Link #145
mao de makai
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w00t! they totally should carry on making episodes for that!
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Old 2007-05-19, 20:38   Link #146
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So is this show some kinda pedophile manifesto or something?

I only watched the first episode and skimed through the rest, but it seems to be about an old guy, and a bunch of lolita's that hangs around him calling him uncle? wth?
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Old 2008-03-14, 07:49   Link #147
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i'm down to the last two mini eps but i have a feeling noting will get resolved.

Will shirase end up with a loli? dun dun dun!

I finished watching. Ack so the two new love interests of shirase and niece are brother and sister. That's rather boring and obvious how that will end.

i was surprised to find that this anime wasn't very old.
It looked old even the subs were yellow (yellow subs ussually means old right? )
sth with tree logs and romance

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