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Old 2009-10-20, 05:07   Link #1
Lover of Elfen Ears
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General Consensus on Fanfiction

Please delete or move as necessary, I do not want to waste space.

I won't delve into my past or my own stories, this is a general review from everyone and what their opinions are.

I've been writing fanfiction for some time now, off and on as I felt. Yet lately, I have noticed a decline in the...well, I'll just come out and say it and I'll apologize where I need to. I've noticed a general decline in the intelligence and attention of the average fanfiction reader.

I enjoy writing, and hope to write a true novel someday. But whenever I get a response from one of my readers from, the usual response is "OMG PLZ CONTU!!!!" Though I do enjoy praise and flattery, I would much rather prefer constructive criticism to help develop my own writing skills, and finding nearly the exact same responses on stories that should be granted no amount of time from anybody, it's sort of disheartening. Granted, I realize I am "publishing" in a section of webspace that holds no true gain in either the monetary field or the fame field, but it feels like, at times, I am wasting my own time.

What I'm asking of everyone, is what are YOUR opinions on fanfiction? Not about any specific field, I mean fanfiction as a whole. I thoroughly enjoy a good story, when written decently, and I encourage and promote fanfiction, especially as a means of beginning a writing field, even just to blow off steam.

Whatever the general consensus is, it's probably not going to affect my writing at all. Neither am I asking anyone to read my work, though I doubt you'd find it without me telling you. I am just looking for a worldlier view from people who associate with fanwork on a near daily basis.

Thank you for your time.
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Old 2009-10-20, 05:27   Link #2
Daniel E.
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Though I do enjoy praise and flattery, I would much rather prefer constructive criticism to help develop my own writing skills,
Perhaps the people here could help you out....

They also have a group:
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