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Old 2009-11-11, 01:29   Link #21
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Originally Posted by Daniel E. View Post
Ahh, I also watched my fair share of Sesame Street episodes back when I was a little one.

It used to confuse me a bit when televisa mixed dubbed episodes of the american version with the spanish one. Back then, I actually believed that Big Bird and Abelardo took turns to appear in the show.

Can't really remember if the two ever appeared together in an episode, btw.
Okay I had to look up what Abelardo was and...
Abelardo an 8-foot, 2-inch red and orange dragon/crocodile with a characteristic slow voice that performed functions equivalent to Big Bird from Sesame Street.
That sounds amazing!
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Old 2009-11-11, 06:49   Link #22
Daniel E.
Join Date: Dec 2005
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Originally Posted by Ansalem View Post
Okay I had to look up what Abelardo was and...
Gotta say, that I was quite surprised to read about all the versions the show has.

It really is an international phenomenon.
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Old 2009-11-11, 09:55   Link #23
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Sesamstraße is what I knew it as when I was little.

Although... I have to say I only ever watched it when I happened to chance upon it. I only really used to watch 'Das Sandmännchen' regularly. I didn't watch much television. :P
Tsubasa Hanekawa of Bakemonogatari
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Old 2009-11-11, 10:16   Link #24
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Love the song, but it's too slow...

I feel that's not the energetic, cheerful Seasame St, I've known all these years. The old 70's to 80's are the ones I've known and loved all these years.

For a real classic OP

Congrats on 40th Aniversary and all thanks to Jim Henson and Frank OZ and the production of the Muppets and puppet characters in Seasame Street and all the people behind it.

Probably my favorite skits
Spoiler for classic seasame skits:
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