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Old 2009-12-07, 02:31   Link #1
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Unique or/and Good Romance.

Yes,yes I know theres 100 threads for this genre but I haven't found anything satisfactory from those suggestions so I thought that I might get better results if I mention my pet peeves.

First I'd like to mention that I am EXTREMELY allergic to BullS*** , in other words a simple incoherent action,irrational characters, or one of those EXTREMELY unlikely plot twists that drives or significantly effects the plot CAN and possibly will ruin an anime for me.Specially when you can see the obvious intent of the writer instead of a smooth story.

Example : is for those who've seen it. Is the 1st episode for 8th MS Team, its a romance based on the gundam verse.But the protagonist(both) do completely incoherent and illogical actions on the fist episode that is the basis/core of the whole series & relationship made everything else worthless no matter how hard they tried.The immersion ruined I couldn't enjoy the show at all.

NextWhen we talk about romance we usually tred into the shoujo world and I have no problem with it BUT theres a limit on how shoujo a show can be.I want a romance thats is interesting,realistic(in some form) & above all believable.There has to be a limit to all the accidents and coincedences

Example : Peach Girl, this was actually my very first shoujo.I wasen't aware of the genres tendecies at the time.But you probably know what Im talking about.Theres only so many times someone can "accidently" overhear or see something, theres only so many times misunderstandings raise hell until you just get sick of all the moronic characters and completely lose any interest in there story.

Next Perfect Characters, this is specially active in again in shoujo.A character that bleeds rainbows & farts flowers.Honest,Smart,Righteous,humble,talented,bea utiful and then there "flaw" is usually some either "cute" or attractive like "being scared of lightning" or is a driven plot to the whole "beauty hidden in the mud" and isn't really a personal flaw.This is something that drives me insane to be honest

Example : 2 of them actually.Haruhi from Ouran High School is one of the best examples I can think of, dont get me wrong I loved the show but this girl is just wow...And the ONLY thing wrong with her is a kinda sorta messed up dad and dead mother which seemingly had no negative traumas to her personality.Next one is the protagonists of Kimi no Todoke, this people are saints on a High School...& whats her flaw? Shes looks like a ghost BUT here is the kicker she is actually "SUPER BEAUTIFUL" AND KIND.Whats his flaw? He's shy? ETC ETC

Note :I actually prefer and is a big plus for me if the characters are in one way or another messed up psychologically(reasons why I love Eva) specially the female characters, mostly because the Females tend to either be Moeblobs or over glorified Goddesses.I like people who cry,who scream, who fight, who get jealous, who are stubborn.Note that this specific like of mine is dependent whether it passed pet peeve number one.

Next , Is what I like to call pretending to be smart, I love a slow shows were they emphasize to "read between the lines" and provoke you to think,etc.But I dislike a show that has the "slow/serious" theme but in between the lines you just find a mediocre story thats not deep or thought provocative at all.

Example Spice & Wolf, its a show that thrives on indirect dialogue and stuff like talking through actions and decisions,etc.But the deepness is just not there the story is mediocre at best and no its not that I got bored with the money talk I actually found it interesting somewhat.Its just that the character have no weight or impact.Elfen Lied falls in this category as well all though for slightly different reasons.An example of a show that is thought provocative but seemingly boring? Eve no Jikan.

As for what I do like :
I like uniqueness the most, a mediocre story or poor immersion can be salvaged if the Story has a unique experience.An example of this is Koi Kaze, its not that well written and I can't say its one of my favorites but the story is mostly unheard of and unique making worth the watch even if its below mediocre in most senses.Neither do I mind losing some quality if the show is more comedy centered(ex. cheeky angel)

Character Development, Even in subtle no, specially if not blatantly obvious is a big plus for me a watching a character change and progress is really interesting to me, is one of the reasons CLANNAD is still my favorite Romance/Slice of Life even with all the moe.

Flawed character, like mentioned above.People that seem dysfunctional are probably among my favorites and example is NHK,etc.

Endings that are just horribly depressing are not a favorite but neither are magical happy endings with no substance.Happy medium is preferred like finding a compromise or a resolution to be happy,etc among the tragedies.But thats not to say I can't enjoy the other types.

Ehh I could keep adding more but I already feel like a spoiled princess ranting and whining as it is.I've seen most mainstream things but I dont mind if you list them because I dont want to make a list but dont just list the mainstream shows please, I know there has to be other hidden gems

Anyways if you bothered reading all this, thanks and hope you answer my prayers.
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Old 2009-12-07, 03:01   Link #2
cho~ kakkoii
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This is one of very few of the best opening post I've read thus far in the Suggestion section of the forum. I agree with your take (criticism and praise) on every shows you've mentioned, well accept Clannad (but then if you are only pointing out the development between the two leads in their own respective arcs, then I agree.) As such, I'll take my time to suggest anything to you.

For the time being, all I can think of is Cross Game. Mind you, the series is still on going so the jury is still out for an overall impression about the series.
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Old 2009-12-07, 03:17   Link #3
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Well, I'll take a stab at a suggestion:


Certainly fits within your criteria and I didn't see it mentioned.
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Old 2009-12-07, 03:26   Link #4
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As the Mod above me said, this is one of the better openings for an anime request that I've seen on this board. And since I generally agree with the conclusions you've drawn concerning the shows you've seen (except maybe Koi Kaze) I think the only thing I can do is try to recommend a few of the more interesting relationships I've come across, based purely on my opinion.

Keep in mind that I don't usually watch anime that is specifically focused on Romance, so most of these shows will have relationships that develop secondarily or in tandem with an overarching plot-line.

Kaiba - One day, a boy wakes in a ruined room. His name is Kaiba. He has no memories, but he does have a pendant with a picture of an unknown girl inside. After being attacked, Kaiba escapes on a ship bound for space.
Serial Experiments Lain - After the suicide of a classmate, 14-year-old Lain Iwakura becomes drawn into the world of computers - The Wired. In so doing, she begins to question all she knows of reality - her family, her classmates, and even her own existence.
Kurozuka - While on the run from his brother in 12th century Japan, Kuro and his servant, Benkei, stumble upon the home of the beautiful and mysterious Kuromitsu.
Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time) - One day high school student Makoto Konno realizes she has the power to travel through time after avoiding a fatal accident at a train crossing.
Millennium Actress - Director Genya Tachibana has begun work on a documentary of Chiyoko Fujiwara, a once-famous actress who has become a hermit in her old age. As he speaks to her, the story of her life, from teenage schoolgirl to middle-aged superstar, gradually unfolds through increasingly realistic flashbacks.

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If you read manga, I recommend Please Save My Earth. Aliens, space travel, reincarnation, jealousy, tragedy,'s as un-generic shoujo as un-generic shoujo can get. The romance aspect is bittersweet but definitely unique.
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