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Old 2009-12-09, 00:07   Link #1
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I don't know if it licensed or not since there is neither a wikipedia entry nor an entry in this site.

It is a fighting manga. It is classified as shounen, but i think it is closer to seinen genre. There are 28 chapters out there scanlated.

I've just read it in one sitting and I can say gamaran has the best sword fights among the mangas I've seen. There is not much of anything else (character development, romance, humor, etc), but it is definitely worth reading just for the fight sequences.

Here is the summary from a certain manga site:

"Middle Edo Period -- One state becomes the gathering place for sinful martial artists, who believe in nothing other than power, know of no other way of life other than letting oneself go wild in the battle. That state is the Unabara State, the "Haunt of Demons"..."

Washitzu Naosata, the ruler of the powerful state, Unabara, is looking for his successor. He calls upon all his 31 sons, and tells them to search for whoever they believe to be the strongest martial artist of all. Each of their chosen martial artists then are to fight against each other until only one is left standing. Whoever is the winner, whoever has the strongest martial artist in the nation by his side will become his successor...

Out in the midst of the mountain is the doujo of the "Daigame Ryuu" (Giant Tortoise Style). There lives Kurogane Gama, the son of the legendary swordsman, Kurogane Jinsuke, who is believed to be able to kill 1000 martial artists in Unabara. There, one of the sons of Washitzu Naosata, Washitzu Naoshi, comes in search of the legendary swordsman, only to find that he had gone missing several years ago. After seeing the battle style of Gama, he instead chooses to ask Gama to come with him. Wanting to become stronger, Gama agrees to his offer, and that marks the beginning of Gama's battle to become the strongest of all...
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Old 2010-02-21, 07:59   Link #2
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no one replied on this thread? that's odd, gamaran is one of the new manga so good that I'd recommend to anyone without even thinking twice.

well, I like it how gama actually kills his opponent, brutally .
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Old 2010-02-21, 08:11   Link #3
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Well, it's certainly an interesting manga. Though it's weird you don't see things like 'need to sharpen sword'. It's like saying, our blades/skill is so imba that no matter how much we put the weapon through, it can cut like hot knife through butter.
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Old 2010-02-21, 11:18   Link #4
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The manga's a refreshing shounen battle manga. In this one, the main character will NEVER EVER gain companions from people he has defeated before, unlike Naruto/bleach/etc. Mostly cause he's killed them all
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Old 2010-05-17, 21:01   Link #5
Sol Falling
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Yeah, what the hell, how come this thread has so few replies? Gamaran is, like, guaranteed quality for a deep and interesting combat element. Certainly one of the best shounen mangas out there right now.

I've just read chapter 47, put out by Sugooi. This manga seriously astounds me with the breadth of its fighting ideas. Even though Midou Shingo, the guy Gama is fighting right now, initially looked like some dumb jobber brute who'd only have strength and arrogance to cover his stupidity, the domination of his fighting style is firmly convincing to me. Can you imagine having a spear that huge pointing constantly at you? Lethal force applied in circles and countercircles, never giving you a chance to deflect it and get away. And as a result, the cleverness of Gama's solution to this is just perfect and totally like him. I've read several fighting mangas before, and I have to say, this one certainly stands heads and shoulders above in terms of the quality of its technical (fighting) elements.

We've only even met one divine spear for now. I can only hope the other three are just as impressive and interesting.
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Old 2010-05-19, 23:00   Link #6
Valerian Mengsk
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Yeah, this manga doesn't get enough love. Maybe because there are no girls?

Anyway, I found the first Divine Spear user to be interesting because he only needed 3 moves to dominate. Those moves can be applied in so many situations its mind-boggling, and frankly refreshing compared to other manga which seem to focus on difficult moves that can only be used under unique circumstances.

I also enjoy reading about the technical details involved in stances and weapon-handling. This author displays his expertise in many ways.
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Old 2010-05-19, 23:12   Link #7
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Excellent story that gets to the point. Great action scenes. Characters I like and are interesting. This manga is a winner. There probably no replies because it is hard to criticize this manga.
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Old 2010-05-20, 00:44   Link #8
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And it's so simple that you can't talk too much about it.

Those three moves are extremely effective, but it really needs lots of strength to reach full effectiveness.
Move 1. Head strike, surprise opponent given the weapon's size
Move 2. Leg strike, unbalance the opponent, might disable the feet
Move 3. Once the opponent is off-balance, finishing kill.
But with the strength, all 3 strikes are potentially fatal.
Okairii, Nerine-chan
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Old 2010-05-27, 15:48   Link #9
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so far, the manga has been scanslated up to chapter 48, but cant find 48 except on onemanga or mangafox. chapter 49's translation is on mangahelpers and i found the chinese raws for chapter 50.
Spoiler for gamaran 50:
there are raws from other mangas here, but the only way to find them is through the new section, and u can only read the chapters. no downloads!!
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Old 2011-04-23, 10:32   Link #10
Tyrone Biggums
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So how the hell does this topic only have 8 posts???

This manga is pretty god damn good.
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Old 2011-04-23, 14:35   Link #11
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Yeah i like how they train to become stronger. It feels so realistic.
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Old 2011-04-24, 02:57   Link #12
Aesthetic Shampoo
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By far one of the most realistic sword fighting manga I've ever seen, this really deserves to be more popular. It seems a bit off to me after the time skip though.
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Old 2011-04-24, 16:49   Link #13
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I like it, but it can be a little bit too meticulous with out much flavor to it. Itís like you have this favorite song, and you have it on infinite loop. Yeah, youíre gonna find it enjoyable but it will get dull after a while. Of course if you take a big break and come back itís going to be enjoyable again, but the flaw is still there nonetheless.
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Old 2012-05-29, 07:21   Link #14
Aesthetic Shampoo
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This series has become retarded. It has been for a long time now, but nobody's said it yet. So...
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Old 2012-05-29, 07:29   Link #15
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Not that retarded when you compare it with CODE:Breaker though.

I kinda like the traitor twist, although it's kinda predictable ..

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