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Old 2010-01-04, 03:25   Link #1
Dark Adonis
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Anime character alignments

If you were to assign D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) alignments to anime characters, what would you list them as? You can find descriptions of the alignments here...

Here are some of my opinions. I will add more later.

Death Note

Light Yagami - Lawful Good (without the Death Note), Lawful Neutral (with the Death Note), and Lawful Evil (in season 2)

L Lawliet - Lawful Neutral

Near - Lawful Neutral

Mello - Chaotic Neutral

Ryuk - Chaotic Evil

Misa - Chaotic Neutral

Rem - True Neutral

Mikami - Lawful Evil

Takada - Lawful Neutral

Soichirou - Lawful Neutral

Matsuda - Lawful Neutral

Higuchi - Neutral Evil


Inuyasha - Chaotic Neutral

Kagome - Neutral Good

Shippo - Chaotic Neutral

Miroku - True Neutral

Sango - Neutral Good

Myoga - True Neutral

Kaede - Neutral Good

Kikyo - Lawful Good (before death) and True Neutral (after resurrection)

Sesshomaru - Neutral Evil (at first) and True Neutral (later on)

Jaken - Lawful Neutral

Rin - True Neutral

Koga - Chaotic Neutral

Naraku - Neutral Evil

Kagura - Chaotic Evil

Kanna - True Neutral

Hakudoushi - Neutral Evil

Bankotsu - Chaotic Evil

Jakotsu - Chaotic Evil

Renkotsu - Chaotic Evil

Suikotsu - Neutral Good (Jekyll personality) and Chaotic Evil (Hyde personality)

Ginkotsu - Lawful Evil

Mukotsu - Neutral Evil

Kyokotsu - Chaotic Evil


Lina Inverse - Chaotic Neutral

Goury - True Neutral

Zelgadis - True Neutral

Amelia - Lawful Neutral (though she would like to think of herself as Lawful Good)

Sylphiel - Neutral Good

Prince Phil - Lawful Good

Xellos - Chaotic Evil

Filia - Lawful Good (at first) and Neutral Good (later on)

Rezzo - Neutral Evil

Copy Rezzo - Chaotic Evil

Shabranigdo - Chaotic Evil

Martina - Chaotic Evil (at first) and Chaotic Neutral (later on)

Zangulus - Neutral Evil (at first) and True Neutral (later on)

Gaav - Chaotic Evil

Phibrizo - Chaotic Evil

Valgaav - Chaotic Evil

Armace - Lawful Neutral

Sirius - Lawful Neutral

Erologos - Lawful Evil
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Old 2010-01-05, 06:12   Link #2
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I'll start with an easy one:

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Simon - True Neutral at first, eventually Chaotic Good

Yoko - Neutral Good

Kamina - Chaotic Badass

Boota - Neutral Good (which is actually relevant, strangely)

Kittan - Chaotic Good

Kiyoh and Kiyal - Neutral Good (assuming they have personalities)

Kinon - Neutral Good at first (assuming she has a personality), eventually Lawful Good

Rossiu - Lawful Stupid

Leeron, Leite, and Makken - Neutral Good

Dayakka - Chaotic Good

Gimmy and Darry - Neutral Good (But Darry is a little more Lawful, Gimmy more Chaotic)

Nia - Neutral Good

The rest of Gurren-dan, but especially Jogan and Barinbo, and especially Attenborough - Chaotic Stupid

Viral - Lawful Neutral at first, eventually Neutral Good

The Four Generals - Lawful Evil (obvious with Guame, shades of Neutral Evil with the others)

Lordgenome - Lawful Neutral at first, eventually Chaotic Good

Anti-Spirals - Lawful Neutral
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Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu

Haruhi - Chaotic Good

Kyon - Neutral Good

Tsuruya-san - Chaotic Neutral (I guess)

Mikuru - True Neutral

Yuki - Neutral Good

(i'll think up of the rest)

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