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View Poll Results: Vote for your favorite Umineko character(s)
Ushiromiya Battler 211 64.53%
Ushiromiya Ange 125 38.23%
Ushiromiya George 32 9.79%
Ushiromiya jessica 68 20.80%
Ushiromiya Maria 111 33.94%
Ushiromiya Kinzo 59 18.04%
Ushiromiya Krauss 13 3.98%
Ushiromiya Natsuhi 85 25.99%
Ushiromiya Eva 58 17.74%
Ushiromiya Hideyoshi 13 3.98%
Ushiromiya Rudolf 58 17.74%
Ushiromiya Kyrie 129 39.45%
Ushiromiya Rosa 80 24.46%
Shannon 51 15.60%
Kanon 61 18.65%
Ronoue Genji 20 6.12%
Gohda Toshiro 29 8.87%
Kumasawa Chiyo 18 5.50%
Nanjo Terumasa 6 1.83%
Others 31 9.48%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 327. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2010-01-13, 08:23   Link #21
Dr. Akagi
Join Date: Aug 2009
Natsuhi - for being a decent person.

Gohda - same + exceptional cooking skills = what's not to like?

Rosa - tragic character who let her instincts get the better of her. In dire need of redemption, which is still possible for her: just kill/disown that whining brat already.

Kyrie - smart, collected, strong-willed, whole-hearted - perfect murder machine (and best culprit since 34).

Others - honorable mention goes to a certain super detective, for being ruthless as the one should be; for that, and her speech patterns, obviously.
Dlanor A. Knox: Great Equalizer is the Death!
Erika Furudo: Take that, dead people!

Death and its implications as viewed by the Umineko No Naku Koro Ni characters.

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Old 2010-01-13, 11:09   Link #22
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: HK, China
Battler: I like his personality, good-natured, frank, rational, strong-willed.

Maria: My sympathy...

Rosa: She will be redeemed, and yearns to be redeemed.

Kinzo: You think he is just a crazy old man? You are wrong.

Natsuhi: A honorable person.

Hideyoshi: Easy-going, generous, wise(his understanding of the value of going school) faithful to his wife and family. A model of father. Surprisingly so few people voted him.

Genji: Can you find a better servant than him?

Kyrie: How can I not vote my choice of mastermind and Beatrice? BTW, do you notice Battler carries a cross while Kyrie carries a reversed cross...
Kýrie, eléison

Battler, you have already known it, right?

Without Love, it cannot be seen.
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Old 2010-01-13, 12:33   Link #23
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2007
My choices on the human side were:

Ushiromiya Ange - Now, I'm aware that quite a few people found Ange's backstory to be a major sob story and 'pity me' sequence... and I can see why. Her 'hijacking' of the story in EP4 (particularly in the VN, as I found the anime to make it more interesting, actually...) was unappreciated by many. But the reason why I chose her was her role of a pure sacrifice, the tragic heroine of her story. Her undying love for her family and her ability to continue forwards with powerful conviction when practically the world was against her, was more than enough to merit my love for her character. In contrast to what some people would view her, she is anything but a stick in the mud to me. She actually grew as a character, and we witnessed that through her lengthy flashbacks. From a child who was taught that 'magic' simply does not exist to her knowing the truth behind 'magic' itself, her views on the world change dramatically from the beginning of her life to her tragic end. Maybe I would say she's a tree growing in a pile of shit... great fertilizer, no? I do hope she is reintroduced to the story!

Ushiromiya Maria - Uu. Alright, so I initially didn't care for this little loli when I started the games. I thought she would be the 'crazy loli girl' which hearkens back to Higurashi days... and that was certainly the impression we were to believe for quite some time into the story. Though she still comes off as the crazy loli girl, with EP4, we fully understand where she's coming from. Maria, to me, comes off as a very strong character, despite her annoying outbursts. Her avid belief of magic helps to build a picture of what 'magic' itself is: love. Maria creates love from nothingness, and is able to hold onto that picture almost indefinitely... but even the strongest people fall, as we see through her gradual descent into 'black magic' in EP4. Still, she is admirable in many ways. And cute.

Ushiromiya Natsuhi - Her humanity was practically stripped in the anime. She comes across as very proud, and for the most part, she is. It is that pride she holds onto so dearly that often brings her into peril. But what I love about 'her pride' is that it is not so much for herself, but for her family, for her loved ones, and for the dignity of what she believes in. She definitely wasn't one of the characters most highlighted upon, besides in EP1, but she definitely has the potential to be a great character.

Ushiromiya Kyrie - Kyrie is that cool character that I'm waiting to blossom. She has all the tools in place to be a wonderful ally, or a terrible nemesis. As touched upon in EP3, she will certainly find a way to destroy you if you give her good reason to. I wish dearly that we can learn more about her, as she caught my eye almost immediately in EP1 and I've been unable to stop wondering about what sort of things she has to offer to the story.

Shannon - Besides the fact that I have a maid fetish, I find that she is a very strong hearted character. She will do anything that she can to find happiness in her life (a la receiving help from Beatrice), and strongly believes in that happiness. I'm also highly entertained by her philosophical outlook on life, particularly how she completely shuts down Beatrice in EP2, EP3, and EP4.

Other - Amakusa Juuza - <Cool>. 'Nuff said.

Honorable mentions go to Ushiromiya Battler. For being Battler. I was contemplating on voting for Battler along with all the other characters, as he IS one of my favourites, being the protagonist and all, but I held off of it. Why? Well... I'm not sure.


Last edited by DizzyRoro; 2010-01-13 at 19:06. Reason: I forgot that I voted for Shannon!
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Old 2010-01-13, 13:47   Link #24
Join Date: Mar 2008
Age: 30
My choices:
Ushiromiya Battler: Sure, he's incompetent, but you just have to give the guy credit for how much he is able to put up with.
Ushiromiya George and Jessica: Ep. 4. They almost made me want to accept the Witch's Theory, they were so awesome.
Ushiromiya Krauss: I know, he's done plenty of bad stuff. But I liked his part in Ep. 4 that got cut from the anime.
Ushiromya Rudolph: He doesn't get much screen-time, but he clearly has hidden depths. He's smarter than he lets on: in the Ep. 3 fights, he was the one who outsmarted his foe. Plus, he's definitely a family man (begging Battler to return in the backstory) and one of the few people I would never blame for the murders.
Ushiromiya Kyrie: I think others have explained her well enough.
Gohda: He's funny. Pity he hasn't gotten more screen-time.
Nanjo: ... I have to give him credit.
Other: Amakusa: Do we really need to go over this?
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Old 2010-01-13, 19:01   Link #25
The unlucky one
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: Hiding
BTW, do you notice Battler carries a cross while Kyrie carries a reversed cross...
BTW do you notice that Battler's cross is also reversed? And Juuza also has one?

I love all the character of Umineko so the decision was pretty hard.

So I don't think that will surprise most people here but... first place of course goes to Jessica.
Spoiler for some explanation:

Second place is a tie betwee Shannon and Ange, there is no need explain why since Klashikari explained it so well for Ange and Kanonthefurniture in Shannon's case.

The third place goes to Kyrie.

I can't really explain why I love her character maybe it's because she is one of the "intelligent" type of characters. Or maybe it's because she was able to withstand all those years in which Rudolph was with Asumu. Her chessboard thinking might also be the reason I like her. I just don't know.

Other honorable mentions which were not included inside my voting because I didn#t wanted to vote so much:

Kanon, first EMOtional character I really liked and was able to making me laugh from time to time. (his awkardness and completly stupid thoughts ("If I were able to heal that wound I would be ready to become anything. A chair, a couch..." ) And maybe because he reminds me a tiny bit of "Kid" in his Sara route in Ever17 (I mean remove "I can't remember!!" with "I'm furniture" and there you go)

The other "MILFS"; I like and love them all. Natsuhi is such good mother and wife. just Eva and Rosa just shows how complicated the relationship of mother and daughter can be (and how badass one can be with a fountain pen)

Battler, of course! While his persona was watereed down in the anime I still like him and think of him as the best protoganist I've came across so far.

Actually I could mention all but I think I will stop here...Okay wait

Krauss; George and Gohda for being awesome.

Now I've finished.
Thanks for the Signature, Vandakiara
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Old 2010-01-13, 22:00   Link #26
Tsuki Aoi Usagi
Join Date: Jan 2010
My choices...~

Battler: Cause he's sexy, epic, and hilarious. I can also relate with his "I'm-going-to-act-like-I-want-to-touch-her-boobs-but-I-really-just-fake-it-for-the-lulz" comedy. Plus, he'd make a fantastic lawyer. ;D

George: I think he is adorable and has a good blend of both of his parent's personality and traits. He gets his sweetness from his father (and possibly nerdy looks) while he gets his badassness from his mom. Badass!George is incredibly sexy too. *drools*

Maria: Cause she makes me lol and I love her crazyness. Can be annoying A LOT, but I like her most of the time.

Eva: Cause she is badass and sexy. Yeah, she's greedy and kind of crazy...but I find that very hot in a way...or something like that.

Rosa: She tries so hard, and I really feel bad for her in that way. And sometimes, I think her beating Maria in certain situations is okay. Maria can be so annoying sometimes. But she shouldn't be beaten for things like going "Uuu~" or whatever she does.

Rudolph: He's hilarious, but sexy.

Kyrie: Is intelligent, is incredibly sexy, and in certain scenes she is badass. >D

Kumasawa: MACKEREL~ XD

I'd vote for Ange cause she has some good memorable moments...but my liking of her went on and off a lot. Sometimes I liked her, but then five minutes later she'd do something that'd make me want to smack her. D:
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Old 2010-01-13, 22:28   Link #27
Wonderland's hitman
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: Brazil
Send a message via MSN to Taynis
I voted for:

Battler: When I started to see the anime (and read the spoilers) I thinked that he would be a cliche character. You know, the hero who don't fear anything and blearg...but he have something different.

Ange: I don't know so much about Ange's personality because I'm a anime only watcher but after all her history and what she have done just to get back her loved ones, I can't dislike her afterall (And she is somewhat sarcastic, and I like it.)

Jessica: Man, Jessica is one who just have grown on me. I like how she wants to be free and don't care about money or family things.

Maria: I have to admit that I hated Maria in the first episodes. But after episode 4 I understand her now, and I reallly hope she gets her happy ending.


Krauss, Genji and Hideyoshi: I don't know, I like them...just it.

Gohda: He is so nice...I don't know, sometimes I feel that he is the only one nice in the island hahahahaha And he is a magical chef ;D

Kyrie: Just one thing: Chessboard thinking? C'mon! She is just awesome! She can make everyone in the island play dumb *-*
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Old 2010-01-14, 03:43   Link #28
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: HK, China
Originally Posted by Kitsu View Post
BTW do you notice that Battler's cross is also reversed? And Juuza also has one?
Oh, sorry. It should be Battler carrying a reversed cross while Kyrie having a normal cross..................
Kýrie, eléison

Battler, you have already known it, right?

Without Love, it cannot be seen.
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Old 2010-01-14, 10:11   Link #29
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: Greece
Age: 24
I voted for quite a lot of characters...

First place is Natsuhi. I like her dignity and honor and how despite being like that, she isn't arrogant and is ready to get humiliated or eat dirt in order to protect the family. She is also working hard and doing her best to carry out her responsibilities, even though she is always unfortunate and her effort is never acknowledged. Shotgun Natsuhi is also awesome.

Next is Eva. At first, I disliked her and thought she was a complete bitch but she later grew on me. She is hard working and ambitious and willing to do anything to succeed. Yet she has a soft and caring side and loves her family more than anything. And she is a martial arts expert.

Battler, because he is a funny and kind person, and at the same time cool and intelligent. He even has a badass side. Not to mention that he grows and goes through so much in the series that it's hard not to like him.

Ange, because she grows from the poor girl with a sad past who nobody likes, to a strong and cool person who understands other people and
magic. And she also seems to be smarter than Battler.

Maria: She annoyed me in episode 1 but by the end of episode 4, I loved her. Others have already explained the reasons. If she ever survives Rokkenjima and grows, she will become an awesome person.

Rudolph: Because he is the coolest Umineko dad. He duels Western style, has hilarious moments with Eva and Battler, is a ladies' man, good at sports and it seems even his business isn't a very clean one. I also felt sorry for him about everything Battler put him through.

Kyrie: Because she is calm, composed, very intelligent and completely merciless. She would make a great culript.

Krauss: His personality went down the drain in the anime. Although he first appears as the evil, greedy older brother who abuses his siblings, in reality he is just insecure and he even understands how much he hurt his siblings and regrets it. He gets tricked easily because he is naive and enthusiastic and even though he seems distand from his family, he is actually fond of them. In other words, he is just like a little boy. And he can defeat a goat servant with a single punch and win a Budokai.

Jessica: She is not a moeblob, she is not a Mary Sue, she is not a bitch. She is just a normal, and very likeable girl. Kitsu explained perfectly what makes her such a good character.
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Old 2010-01-16, 08:43   Link #30
✿Higurashi+Umineko Fan✿
Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: U.S.A. (New England)
Battler!!~ *O*
I've always loved him, and though he had a few character points that they left out in the anime, I loved his whole cause and determination.

I also voted for Ange, Maria, and Shannon.
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Old 2010-01-17, 16:23   Link #31
Magical Gohda Chef
Join Date: Sep 2009
Gohda. Who else?

Though I do admit I have a bit of a crush on Kyrie's personality. That and Rudolf is just plain awesome. And I like Krauss for the same reasons as Maya mentioned, he's been developed much more than most of the other characters, and I just love his little boy side...

Last edited by Klashikari; 2010-01-21 at 07:34. Reason: don't post frigging vn spoiler
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Old 2010-01-18, 03:53   Link #32
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2009
I vote for...
Battler > He is the coolest male character in umineko series! I like him even more after I saw his potrait at EP 6! XD
Maria> I like both her innocent & dark (witch) persona. She irritates me sometimes but she still my favorite girl~
Rosa> My favorite (human) female character in umineko! Even some people said she's sucks, I like her very much. I like her complex personality, her bitter-sweet relationship with Maria & of course...her Musou Mode! XD
Shannon>She's beautiful & I like her personality
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Old 2010-01-18, 10:29   Link #33
The Chaos
ǾΝΈ ΡЇΈÇΈ is the Best !!
Join Date: Apr 2007
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Age: 29
Voted for :
Battler , jessica , Maria , Natsuhi , Eva , Rudolf , Kyrie , Rosa ,
Shannon and Kanon .

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Old 2010-01-18, 14:38   Link #34
Senior Member
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Aah, it's useless! It's all useless!

Anyways, my votes go to Battler and Ange.
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Old 2010-01-18, 23:20   Link #35
I'm almost there!
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Natsuhi is my favorite, and always will be <3

I also like Maria, Rosa, Kyrie, Battler, Shannon, Ange, Eva, Jessica, and Rudolph.
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Old 2010-01-20, 00:20   Link #36
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Australia
Definitely Maria..... and...... i think i should stop at only Maria, otherwise i will tick for 75% of the whole cast...
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Old 2010-01-20, 14:34   Link #37
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Location: Mexico
Age: 27
I voted for:
Battler: I liked him througout EP1, while he was dealing between his feirst encounter with his family in years and then w}how he struggled in his belief of others and thinking of the culprit. But when he announced that he denied witches, because it was just abdication of thought, I was all "I think I'm in love." He's the kind of character that gets me, a determinator. His passion for thinkig, trying to figure this whole mess out and his attitude, where he can be rough and kind at the same time are really interesting for me.

Ange: I'm a blob for sad stories, but sad stories that don't make me roll my eyes. While her past is quite tragic and everything, I loved how it was handled. Ange didn't drown in all the sadness that could bring her, to being reduced into a pathetic state of self-pity and didn't act all "look everyone, I'm sad". No, she chose, first to find a way to bring her family back and then, she wanted to learn the truth. Her coldness is natural, as she has had such past, but still, she still keeps her undying love for her family and this love is what drives her to search in her world for the truth and to even sacrifice herself even if she wouldn't receive a thing. Plus, I think I understood a lot more about magic during her parts of the story, so I didn't find her "hijacking" annoying at all.

Shannon: KannonTheFurniture just said it. I couldn't agree more with him.

Jessica: I always found her quite refreshing, compared to George. She's a girl who at first struggled because of her position being the future head and everything. However, she never gave in to that persona and eventually thought of a way where she could be herself. And by doing sop, she came up with one of the things I've liked the most. "Live your life to the fullest". While it might be cliched and everything, I like how Jessica holds true to her own words, in every Episode she just tries to stay true to herself. She's brash and impulsive, she's real.

Kyrie: I've always admired her intelligence and cunning attitude. She's smart and can be manipulative as well. She could might as well be the mastermind, with all that skills. Her chessboard thinking is sure helpful.

Natsuhi: I left her at the end, because she's my THIRD favourite human, ever. (Only behind to Battler and Ange) I've always loved Natsuhi's strong sense of duty and pride. She works hard, tries hard and tries to act dignified, even if the pressure is killing her. She wants her efforts to be recognized (something I sympathize with) and she's willing to even eat dirt to protect the honor of the family and those dear to her.

Last edited by Klashikari; 2010-01-21 at 07:34. Reason: don't post frigging vn spoiler
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Old 2010-01-20, 20:35   Link #38
"The Golden Land"
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: Earth :3
Send a message via AIM to Peaches Send a message via MSN to Peaches
Rosa is my favorite human character. I find her background and history one of the most interesting parts of Umineko, making her slightly mysterious.
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Old 2010-01-21, 07:31   Link #39
some sort of girl...
Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: At a house~
Like my vote on the witch's side, i like a LOT of characters. But I just simply vote my true faves

Battler One of the most bad ass characters XD although he may be going all angry and stuff. He's an awesome character

Ange I like how she developed in the story. Sure peple says she whines a lot. But I dont care, she's one good character

Maria Like everyone else, I was kinda annoyed with her annoying personality. But I kinda get used to it and actually liked her. I also felt sorry for her though too....

Kinzo OH DESIREEE~ anyway its been a long time since i see an evil grandpa character XD

Kyrie Don't know why, but I kinda liked her for all the parents

(furniture time whee~)
Shannon She's one of the cute girls who can actually sort of fight. Although R07 romance's were sappy (but strangley I like all of them) her love life is general love~

Kanon Mostly cause' I love his design. But I love his fighting skills too.

Thank you Jze0 for the sig and avvie

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Old 2010-01-21, 07:36   Link #40
阿賀野型3番艦、矢矧 Lv163
*Graphic Designer
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Just a reminder:
I clearly asked everyone to NOT post any VN spoilers and use Episode 1-4 only to explain their votes.
Remember this thread is used by VN readers and anime watchers alike, so this thread is not fine for everything (likewise, do not mention any character that haven't been introduced yet).

From now on, failing to do so will just lead to a BAN. Please do not make me repeat myself.
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