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View Poll Results: Vote for your favorite Umineko character(s)
Beatrice 240 41.96%
Bernkastel 154 26.92%
Lambdadelta 116 20.28%
Virgilia 123 21.50%
Ronove 144 25.17%
Gaap 59 10.31%
Lucifer 260 45.45%
Leviathan 180 31.47%
Satan 180 31.47%
Belphegor 240 41.96%
Mammon 261 45.63%
Beelzebub 153 26.75%
Asmodeus 161 28.15%
Siesta 45 123 21.50%
Siesta 410 73 12.76%
Siesta 00 38 6.64%
Sakutarou 79 13.81%
Eva Beatrice 88 15.38%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 572. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2010-06-22, 19:43   Link #61
Join Date: Feb 2009
Location: Cyberspace
Age: 25
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My Votes~

First off, I would like to say who the people I voted for are, in this case magical. However, first is a reason I didn't vote for some people.

Eva-Beatrice - Not a fan really, I prefer normal Eva to this Eva just for the sheer lack of concern of family this one has. Especially the fact that she killed her own son(In all fairness, her own husband as well!)!

Gaap - Let's put it simple, she's a whore and I hate her outfit so no go for me. I would never say anything else about someone's vote about her anyway, I do like her little thing around Virgilia though, still not enough to get her my vote though.


And now on to my votes~

Beatrice - You expected me not to vote for her? I adore her. She is lovable to me. Then again, she is also a reflection of me somewhat.

Virgilia - Well, I just adore her entire bout that she wanted to pretend to be on Battler's side and turned then she's just sorta stays there and her Allience of the Golden Witch's little thing about getting angry at Gaap and repeating her name "Gapgapgapgapgapgapgap!" in an angry tone.

Ronove - First off... Hello there sexy~ ...Anyway, moving along. Really, his voice and attitude and he's just so fine... Yea... Okay, I can't really say anything else about him...

Belphegor - Well, she's just the most sensible during the time Ange is going all Anti-Magic Toxin on the Stakes and ends up getting denied for it. Yet through that she's still a friend to Ange later.

Mammon - Hmmm, well I voted for her since I feel like Ange a good portion of the time and AngexMammon will more than likely become a couple so yea... Also, I think I have a crush on Mammon as a character but whatever. -Shrugs-

And finally..! -Drum roll- (-shot-)

Sakutaro - Okay, since when could someone so cute not be a vote for me? I love his cuteness and he's Maria's best friend! He's sweet and I just want him to be real! OMOCHIKAERII~~!! (-Shot for Rena moment-)

Done now~ Uuuu~

Last edited by Maria-Chwan; 2010-06-22 at 19:46. Reason: Just random cleaning up~ Uuu~ ;A;
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Old 2010-06-24, 16:32   Link #62
Witch of Uncertainty
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2010
Beato - Not sure what to say. I just love her.

Bernkastel - Her cold personality, awesome voicec and rape-eyes make her impossible not to love.

Beelzebub - This is thanks to 2 events. When she killed Gohda in the anime. The scene was great, and when we flicked through Goat-kun's past. Plus she has drillhair.

Evatrice - Looks awesome and cruelty is really childish and moe!
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Old 2010-06-28, 06:49   Link #63
Dlanor A. Knox
Crazy but OK xP
Join Date: Nov 2009
Location: Netherlands
Age: 24
Bernkastel: She's cool, smart and I dunno... I just like her no matter how cruel she can be xD

Sakutarou: do I even have to explain~?
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Old 2010-07-01, 04:47   Link #64
Mihara Yuki
I...I don't know...
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: In front of my Golden Laptop
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Where is Ange??

Beatrice:I ACTUALLY love her Tsundere side
Bernkastel:Well,she was my favourite character.No reason
Lambdadelta:I love her pairing with Bern and I think she was funny after Gaap in my stereotype belief.
Gaap:Mind The Gaap!
Virgillia:Love the mackerel
Mammon:Love her relationship with Ange

I support Black Battler
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Old 2010-07-10, 03:12   Link #65
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: Floor eh duh?
Beatrice:She's honest and can be serious when needed.She's decent.

Belphegor:She's just the best stake evar.Aweessome.

Ronove:The best in the business.The king of kings.''Da baws''.That mantastical mustache was made of pure win.


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Old 2010-07-14, 15:37   Link #66
Join Date: Jan 2009
Lambdadelta She is now My very 1st in my polls... I was a bit neutral of her through 1-4, but her Tea parties and trollness was awesome, but EP6...
Spoiler for EP6.:

Erika Furudo But she doesn't exist so I will speak no more...

Lucifer Tell me... how could you not like her?! I fully support that crackness that's BattlerxLucifer. She is wonderful as she weak...

Sakutarou He makes me smile, he so clichè cute but he's also riducusoly strong in destroying offense... He's the best furniture... I really hope to get more Mom and Child moment (Rose...) or/and Maria/Rose/Sakutarou moment TT^TT Even if he's fake.

I use to LOVE Beatrice, so god damn saditistic and moe.... But I'm fucking tired of being choke/drowned with that damnation that is Beatrice/troll/moe DX I get it BeatoxBattler awesome (i do agree) BUT STOP IT... I'M SICK OF HEARING OVER, OVER AND OVER AGAIN D,X

So... she far, far FAR down my poll list almost below Bernkastel.... URGH!

TT^TT I hope to the gods that EP7 is Mellowed it out with BxB, please... please be it so...
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Old 2010-08-21, 09:37   Link #67
Furudo Erik
Join Date: Jun 2010
BERNKASTEL is there even a reason to say why..
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Old 2010-08-24, 20:59   Link #68
Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: England
Age: 24
Eva-Beatrice by far. Eva herself is one of my favourite characters, and her attitude and goals as a child are just intriguing to me. Trying to rid herself of her predetermined fate due to her gender, trying desperately to surpass Krauss despite overwhelming odds and her general tomboyish nature are all traits that I like a lot. Her "alter ego" self is even more ruthless and I just love her uncaring, immoral attitude. Plus, her outfit is wonderful.

Bernkastel comes second just because she has a similar cold and uncaring attitude. She's a lot more calm and graceful, but deep down she's a massive troll aswell, which is awesome.
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Old 2010-09-30, 10:10   Link #69
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: Europe - Romania - Dolj - Craiova
Beatrice and Virgilia. Frankly, I forgot to click on, yeah.... I'm not too sorry though...
Hate the others. Sakutarou is just there to be cute, which doesn't earn him much credit from me since I'm not too fond of such characters (truly useless), but the rest of the witches are evil, especially those two from Higurashi, HATE them to bits (you'll never make me feel sorry for THEM!).
One World One Dream
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Old 2010-10-02, 03:42   Link #70
Reading your tale. :)
Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: Just out of sight, eating popcorn. >:D
Originally Posted by snsninja View Post
I agree with this XD
You're not the only one.
Beatrice: At the beginning, I wanted to smack her a new portrait, but now she's grown on me. I want Moetrice and Oneetrice to be my sisters.
Virgilia: She's the perfect grandma. Plus she's only 17 witch years.
Ronove: Excellent. Just excellent. He's the perfect man for the job to help with my sweets addiction.
Mammon: She's such a great friend to Ange. Plus if I'm friends with her, I don't have to worry about being staked by her.
Siesta 00: She gets the job done. I need someone like that to serve me.
Sakutaro: He's just adorable! Even in R07 art form. And he's a friend of Maria's. It kinda hurt a little when Rosa when psycho bitch mode and tore him up in front of Maria.
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Old 2010-10-03, 06:08   Link #71
A mere observer
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Philippines
Age: 21
O course, my Beato is the one.. I like every bit of her..

Next would be Lambda and Bern of course. Those trolls that are too cute to be true
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Old 2010-10-10, 21:01   Link #72
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Ontario, Canada
I chose:

Lambda: Who doesn't love a loli. Plus she reminds me of Halloween which is coming up soon (I love Halloween, who doesn't love Candy?!) Tsun~ Tsun~

Bern: I just love her character for some reason.

Eva-Beatrice: She is so damn cruel! I lover her because she gets away for being a loli!

Beato: I just like her trolling. But, I also like her when she is moe.

Lucifer: Tsundere~

These don't have any particular order really. I have other favorite characters too but, these are the only options for me.
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Old 2010-10-14, 22:28   Link #73
Lawful Nuetral
Join Date: Oct 2010
Its hard to choose but I guess I like Bernkastel better than all the others. Everything about her was calm and confident and she looks a lot like Rika from higurashi. I also like siesta 556 but I guess she was only mentioned in a tip so that really doesn't count.
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Old 2010-10-15, 12:07   Link #74
Join Date: Jan 2009
Age: 23
I'm probably one of the few people (if not the only person) who didn't vote for Beatrice. :<

Virgilia: The only witch character I like. She's bumbling and pretty mellow. I like her. :3

Belphegor: The only stake that doesn't have her sin inprinted in her personallity. She's a hard worker~. Oh, and her duel in EP. 3.

Mammon: Lol didn't think I would be voting for two stakes. I don't really like the stakes. Mammon is sorta like Belphe as her personallity doesn't really reflects her Greed. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember her talking about her sin until EP 4 with Ange. Unlike her other sisters (Belphe aside), they're always boastful/prideful, angry, crying cuz she's jealous, hungry, or in love (I think Asmo got some TIP saying something like this). Yeah, no.

Siesta 45: For me, the Siestas > Stakes. 45 is much more moe than Beato and Bern imo. Kinda reminds me of Mikuru.

Siesta 410: Oh god 410. Best Siesta ever. She's just so awesome.

Siesta 00: Er... She's got an eyepatch. And she got picked on by Goldsmith, like the other siestas. She was like the big sis of the group.
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Old 2010-10-19, 21:48   Link #75
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2010 far lol. And am I the only one who still believes that she can turn good?

And I guess Ronove, forgot to click on him. He's very calm and that
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