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Old 2004-03-12, 10:03   Link #41
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Originally Posted by demosthenes
lonliness, the devil that stocks my every move. follows me through crouds, parties, and even throgh the perfict night skies that you can lose yourself. how would i love to find someone with the power to heal my twisted soul. the sleepless night the endless day and the madness they bring. but this forum will never heal my fears, my shyness, and my ever so pitifull existance.
If you're serious, then I think the worst thing you can do is meditate on your loneliness: You'll only make things worse. Your attitude is self defeating (speaking from personal experience). Only you are going to be able to change yourself -- one little bit at a time. You already know that you don't want to be lonely. Take steps towards changing that and being true to yourself. (i.e. Don't become someone else just to gain company.)
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Old 2004-08-14, 02:46   Link #42
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If I'm on here at insane hours it's probably due to the fact that I can't sleep. LIke right now. I've had less than 5 hrs of sleep these last 2 days.
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Old 2004-08-14, 05:48   Link #43
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Call it the need to communicate
I haven't got alot of people around me that like anime like I do, so I don't get alot of oppurtunities to share thoughts about them. I usually post late at night, right before going to bed so depepnding on the topics presented I may keep going up to three o'clock
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Old 2004-08-14, 05:59   Link #44
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Originally Posted by demosthenes
who are these people, the ones who stay up all night reading and posting?
what comfort do they find?
is it that they can be enyone they please while logged on?
do they escape the threads of there dull life or are they trying to find something?
The reason why I stay up and post here and elsewhere is because I 'm a anime raw hunter and I practically live(or I did for a while, school's coming up again, gotta straighten up) on Japanese anime primetime slots + 3 hours.
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Old 2004-08-14, 08:37   Link #45
Someone new
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Well here's my 2 cents on the subject.

*Hands over 2 cents*

Damn I'm a funny guy XD... Seriously though, I've been through the whole alone thing before, I've often wondered why I post on Forums, I have few friends, 1 of them I distrust, 1 of them I never see, 1 of them is to caught up in his own little world to realize what's going on around him and the other is always round. All together they make an alright bunch of friends but I can never talk to them about my feelings or anything much really. They don't understand how I feel heck I could say they know little about hey they feel.

Maybe that's what started it of, one of my friends suggested I try this Forum called GFAQ's and I did and then I found that I couldn't leave that place alone... I finally found people I could talk to, who I could really be myself around and eventually I made a lot of friends... after awhile I got invited to another forum which was run by a close friend of mine at GFAQ's and eventually I went to GFAQ's even less as all my friends there started moving to the new place and eventually TNL(The forum) became a home to me and the people became family.

But as I say I treat people online and IRL the same... both are real so both have to be part of reality if they weren't they wouldn't be. Anyway I've probably kinda lost the point so I'm gonna add this and this

I still can't believe how I found this place... it was by complete fluke but I registered and I like it here... it truly is a good place to be. Weird thing is my third post is by far my longest post here.


Last edited by Bloodloss2000; 2004-08-14 at 08:40. Reason: Heh I write all of that and I forget the B on but.
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Old 2004-08-14, 09:19   Link #46
Join Date: Feb 2004
There are two kind of people.

Children of the Sun.
When the sun rise they woke up from their slumber,
the light become their guide,
the warmth become their strength,
under the sun a new life can grow.

Children of the Moon.
When the moon rise they awaken when the other went to sleep,
the dark become their blanket,
the moonlight become their eyes,
under the moon they become the night.

I follow the moon. Which one are you.
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Old 2004-08-14, 09:53   Link #47
Someone new
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: In a town called Fareham... that's in England btw
Age: 31
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I'm a child of the Moon.
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Old 2004-08-14, 10:07   Link #48
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Location: Antwerp area, Belgium, Europa
Age: 42
Judging by the fact I sleep all day on days I don't have to work, and stay up all night I definatelly am a child of the moon.
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Old 2004-08-18, 13:32   Link #49
A laughing demonic Skull
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Originally Posted by Tzurial
I just like anime and I know no other people who do.
Thatís a problem. When youíre interested in something it doesnít mean everyone does. Then you end up not being able to express yourself about it.

Originally Posted by Dopeskills
Well, Obviously we have to do something to keep ourselves occupied while waiting for anime to finish downloading....
That really kills that waiting time. On a very long thread you can get so distracted that you did upload three times the size of your torrent. It happen to me last month and a 80kb/s upload-speed during 2 hours can eat fast your upload limit consummation. It can take me more than 20 minutes to reply to a single post because of my silly English skillsÖ

I first join because I do have only two friends. One (friend #1) that likes anime like me but that I see only few times and the other (friend #2) that only talks about anime I donít like (Yugi-Oh an Digimon) and Buffy, Charmed and other magic things. The friend #2 talks a lot and never let me talk and since Iím polite and donít like to interruptÖ I always end up being bored when ďtalking withĒ her.

On the forum too you can get rejected but itís not as hard that in real life. At least for meÖ I get a lot of stress and anger out too. You canít understand how great i felt after I unwind myself in the fansevice thread. When youíre frustrated and accumulate your anger you can end up hill and not only mentally. But itís not necessarily good to use the forum to take off your angerÖ I lost rep point in the process. I practice my written English by trying to find the words to express what I try to say and itís not that easy . Itís easier to do so when youíre deep in your heart about the subject it gives you lots of will to express yourself about it.

About loneliness, itís really difficult to go out of it. The world as it is encourages people to socialise but yet being unsocial with people. Now lots turns to internet to meet people. They donít socialise like before. For children itís harder I think because of what they see on tv. TV shows for them always say how good is friendship, how easy you can make friends, that differences donít count, that you should always be gentle with people and forgive. The reality is very different. Thatís how some kids can be hurt. I was a child like that. I always though that people will accept me like I am, that if Iím gentle with people they will treat me right. I believed in all of that. I never found a true friend because I wanted him/her to be a perfect friend like the ones in children shows or novel. My entrance in high school was a nightmareÖ If you donít open your eyes to see the darker face of people youíre finishedÖ Even if you say that parents play a leading role in the education of their kids you canít ignore the influence of tv and other children.
OMG getting of topic hereÖ time to stop
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