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Old 2010-08-28, 08:45   Link #21
Dark Mage
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Originally Posted by PreSage View Post

I think there are hints that Yakumo has taken a liking to Haruka. The strongest evidence so far is his quote (in chapter 2 of the first case): "I am fine with just that..." - then he blushes and gets all flustered after he realized what he said. Gah, I just simply adore Yakumo. He's the first I'm going completely gahgah for since Naru from GH.
Yeah you are right, there are indeed subtle hints like that where its clear that Yakumo's behaviour towards Haruka goes beyond mere courtesy or doing her a favour. Examples like the one you mentioned, also examples like when Haruka got into a car that has a ghost-boy riding in it, Yakumo immediately called Haruka to get out of the car, and later desperately asked Gotou to somehow help Haruka and other subtle hints when Haruka asked him a question, he later answered himself.

So hints like these that suggest that Yakumo genuinly cares for Haruko even though he wont admit it to her or anyone else but the people closest to him who had seen him grow-up has noticed the difference in attitude he has towards Haruka, like his uncle and Gotou have both said, Yakumo acts differently in matters that concerns Haruka. However, I dont know if Yakumo will ever openly admit that he has feelings for her, and I dont even know if Yakumo realises what to fall in love with a girl is actually like.

I would be dissapointed if Ishii and Haruka hook-up. Because Yakumo needs Haruka alot more. After Haruka's appearence Yakumo's multilayered clouds have started to brighten bit-by-bit
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Old 2010-11-04, 15:31   Link #22
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Does anyone know if the two light novel releases are two different stories or just various covers of the same book? For me it seems they are just the same, but I am not entirely sure.
Thanks for your reply.
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