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Old 2010-02-07, 05:02   Link #41
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Uhm hello guys, I want to ask something about Alchemy and Alkahestry.
Alchemy normally functions on the principle of equivalent trade, so you have to give something in order to obtain another. This can be avoided using the philosopher stone, a substance made of thousands of souls condensed in a small space. Then there is Alkahestry, which uses the natural energy of the Earth or something: does it obey the equivalent trade principle?
Is the trasmutation circle shown in episode 42 an "ethical way" to become immortal without killing anyone?
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Old 2010-02-07, 06:20   Link #42
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From what I gather, equivalent trade applies to all situations: with a philosopher's stone the alchemists use the life force of the people sacrificed to make the stone for their transmutations, while in the other case they're using the earth veins/lay lines/planet's energy/lifestream to do it. Either way, it's energy turning into energy or being used for an effect, it doesn't come out of nowhere. You could say it's the ethical way of doing it, but I don't know if it's killing the planet, gotta wait and see the author's approach on the matter.
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