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Old 2010-02-14, 07:45   Link #1
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Torrent Submissions - More Regularly Checked


I realise different mods now check the Torrent Submissions form, however it's done less regularly than when xris used to do it.

I'm not preaching but I would like to see it checked more regularly again. Fansub groups with external trackers post there the most because the autobots can't check them.

If this is not possible, at least give BOX preferential treatment with our obscure 80's releases , we need to be on the front page for exposure, as our fans demand it, thanks!
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Old 2010-02-15, 08:21   Link #2
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I'm aware of the issue. Quoting from the sticky thread in the submissions forum:
Originally Posted by GHDpro View Post
It is embarrassing to say, but this forum sometimes isn't closely monitored by site staff. If you want something to be listed or changed as soon as possible, it may be best to post about it in this thread (with a link back to this forum in case of a torrent submission).
There are also a few other factors potentially delaying the addition of your group's releases. The first of these is that in the past year or so a lot of the work of AnimeSuki staff has been automated, which means the majority of new torrents ongoing series are being added automatically. The effect of this is that staff has less work todo and tends the log into the staff site less frequently.

The other major factor is that most of your groups releases are for entirely "new" series (from the perspective of AnimeSuki) so they require some research as a new "Series" entry needs to be created (with episode counts, vintage, info links etc). So if a staff member logs in but doesn't have much time he/she may temporarily skip adding your torrent. Adding a link to AniDB in your submission may help speed things up a bit.

Anyway, at least for my part I typically check this forum (Site & Forum Feedback) a few times a day so if you want something added asap the advice from the quoted section above will work.

I forgot to mention that apart from many groups individual torrent sites we also check a few aggregate torrent sites such as TokyoTosho and Jishaku. So if you submit torrents to those site(s) as well, your group's releases will be in the queue in the staff site. But unless the automated scripts can match a new torrent to an existing one (in the AnimeSuki db) such torrents still need to be manually added by staff.

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Old 2010-02-15, 09:53   Link #3
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Originally Posted by GHDpro View Post
Adding a link to AniDB in your submission may help speed things up a bit. has the info too + seyu, episode counts, characters, synopsis, etc. Though yeah, go for anidb if its really old.
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I kind of fell off the boat a bit when I lost my access to P2P (devil's bargain - faster ping, bigger data transfer, no p2p). However, I've managed to figure out alternatives, so I'll try to log in more often.
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