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Old 2015-05-23, 22:24   Link #1
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Work Licensed? Need to Change a Link? Thread Edit Requests Here!

The purpose of this thread is to host opening post edit requests related to Manga threads.
  • If the manga is not licensed for official English distribution, and an English fan translation project has been started, we will allow a single link to the project page, as long as the site does not host licensed works.
  • If the work becomes licensed for English distribution, we will remove the corresponding link from the thread. Please let us know here in such cases.
Links should not be posted in the replies or elsewhere in the thread; instead everyone should just get in the habit of looking in the opening post for the link.

If there are other requests related to the migration process for manga threads, these may be posted here as well.

When making a request, please post:
- A link to the thread in question
- The request (i.e. add link, change link, remove link, etc.)
- The link to add/change/remove, if applicable.
- A brief explanation of why the change is needed, if it's not obvious.

NOTE: We will not allow multiple links to individual volumes/chapters/etc., just a single link to the project page or index. In the event that there is some sort of dispute between fan translators and there are two or more different fan translation links, we will aim to link to any "original" project page, and not take sides in any dispute.
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Black Clover is licensed by VIZ.

Twin Star Exorcist is also licensed by VIZ.
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Old 2015-11-25, 13:14   Link #3
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Originally Posted by de_Blois View Post
Black Clover is licensed by VIZ.

Twin Star Exorcist is also licensed by VIZ.
Thank you. License prefix added to those threads.

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