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Old 2010-03-30, 00:02   Link #1
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MPC-HC annoyances

I've just installed MPC-HC 1.3.1249.0 (x86). I have several issues:

1) Using Haali Renderer, certain AVIs come out in the wrong ratio - 16:9 instead of 4:3.

2) My monitor is at 1280x800. Using Haali Renderer, when I open a 1280x720 MKV, it opens at about 640x360. (I also had this problem with MPC

3) If I decide to use MPC again, then I run into the problem of certain MKVs not rendering any subtitles with Haali Renderer (despite the subtitles being enabled in the menu), while MPC-HC doesn't have this problem!

Obviously, I can simply override the aspect ratio for the first problem, and manually change the window size in the second, but it is very annoying that I have to do so! If anybody can help me, I would appreciate having information on how to configure this thing correctly.
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Old 2010-04-02, 00:47   Link #2
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Don't quite know what could be causing number one.

Number two is normal. Only the window size is changed so that it will fit the screen. The video is still 1280x720 if you stretch it.

Try install CCCP. That is my advice for the rest. CCCP has sane default settings..
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