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Old 2014-05-30, 00:48   Link #1
Join Date: Dec 2007
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Stargate reboot

It looks like a Stargate reboot is in the works, which will seemingly skip over the SG-1/Atlantis/Universe storyline to go a different route.

I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I'll try to reserve judgement for the time being.
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Old 2014-05-30, 02:01   Link #2
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I enjoyed both the original movie and the 3 spinoff series (4, if counting the animated series), so I'm fine with whatever direction they want to take.

I believe Ra was supposed to be the last of his kind in the original movie, so if this reboot is still a sequel to the original movie, and if they're addressing the aftermath for Ra's kingdom, the SG-1 route isn't necessary.

Speaking of which, I also enjoyed the sequel novels of the original movie, although I'm guessing they're not going for an adaptation here. Still, maybe they'd go along similar route.
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Old 2014-05-30, 02:25   Link #3
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I'll just answer that idea with this:

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Old 2014-05-30, 04:11   Link #4
Mr Hat and Clogs
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On the one hand, new Stargate!! On the other hand... Er... New Stargate... I am of mixed feelings. So it's going to be a different cannon to the series, that's good and bad I guess. As much as I loved the series, how they ended up on parasitic snakes, when the movie painted Ra's possession as more of a "spiritual" one always confused me (he seemed more like an Ascended Being to me, al la Anubis). Anyway, they could draw some elements from the series, but still go off in a different tangent for an awesome movie. I kind of hope it isn't just "oh noes Earth is being invaded" type story though.

Ill miss the original actors though...
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Old 2014-05-30, 07:47   Link #5
Obelisk ze Tormentor
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So far I read, this thing is still an idea basically. Itís still a looong way for this Stargate Reboot to happen since the Emmerich-Devlin duo want to do this after ID4 sequel(s). And the aforementioned sequel is still struggling with the script at this moment. I'm not gonna hold my breath for ID4 sequel, let alone this reboot.
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