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Of Super Men and Magical Girls (Madoka Magica fanfic)

Of Super Men and Magical Girls

A Puella Magi Madoka Magica/Detectice Comics Universe crossover

Nightmares have been realized.

Hauntingly hellacious horrors have been unleashed.

Walpurgis Night has arrived.

Everything that Madoka Kaname had seen in that lurid dream was now happening right in front of her eyes, down to every exact detail. Homura was engaged in seemingly hopeless combat against a witch too magnificently menacing to do justice to with words. However, Kyubey's words were all too clear, and were verbatim what Madoka had heard in her dream.

"If you give up, it's over" he states to her in a chillingly chipper clear voice.

"But you can change destiny" he continues, while waving his white fluffy tail.

A light post short circuits, blinking hellish red light, and sending a contemptuously crude crackling noise through Madoka's ears, causing her to moan slightly and close her eyes.

"Unavoidable destruction, grief... you can reject them" Kyubey states.

"You hold that power" he confirms while turning his head closer towards her's.

"Really?" asks Madoka, as Homura descends from above like a fallen angel with her wings clipped, scarcely believing that this scene is playing out exactly as it did in her dream.

"Can I really do something?" she asks anew, standing upright and taking in the unfolding chaos all about her, while miserably maddening melancholy grips tight at her heart.

"Can I change what's going to happen?" she asks, wishing that this dream had never become real.

"Of course!" Kyubey answers enthusiastically, experiencing euphoria at his plans nearing success.

"So contract with me and become a magical girl!" he finishes.

Madoka breaths uneasily, knowing what that would mean. She slowly gathers up the courage to agree to it, although a passing thought causes a slight gnashing of teeth. Why is this fate being thrust upon her? Is there no other option left? Is there no way to resolve this crisis with out complete personal sacrifice? Is there no color of hope in this dark dreary dreadful world of despair?

But then that color arrives, in bright primary hues.

Madoka hears a male voice behind her, speaking Japanese but in an American accent.

It is a voice that is eerily familiar to her, like a long forgotten memory murkily moving about in the mists of time.

"That will not be necessary" states the voice with a firm moral conviction, reminding Madoka of Sayaka.

Madoka than turns around to see a massively muscular man in brightly bodaciously bold colors. His attire is unusual to say the least, but it leaves an indelibly intense impression, particularly the crest on the chest. Madoka looks up at him in startled awe. For the first time ever, Madoka can somehow sense the slightest degree of fear coming from Kyubey.

"Your game ends now", this man says confidently towards Kyubey.

With that, narrow red beams of light shoot out of his eyes, incinerating Kyubey as the alien familiar screams in pain.

Madoka is initially shocked by Kyubey's apparent death, but then remembers how he mysteriously escaped such a demise before.

Intuitively, at a deep level that Madoka can not understand, she knows that this strange caped man is not her enemy. She can sense, in fact, that he is a friend.

"... He might still be alive, you know" Madoka says to Superman, intending this to be a cautionary note for the Man of Steel.

"I'm aware." responds Superman, "Madoka, we need to get out of here."

Madoka blinks uneasily at this. Now hardly seems like the time to leave the city, abandoning it in its gravest hour of need.

"Get... out of here? How can we leave now?" asked a positively perplexed Madoka, "... Who exactly are you, anyway?"

Through the use of his enhanced hearing, Superman can tell that Madoka's questions are sincere reflections of a lack of knowledge, and are not deceitful in nature. Her heart does not skip a beat at all as she asks them. From this, Superman concludes that Madoka's memory has been wiped, for he has met her many times before.

This creates considerable consternation for Krypton's Last Son, but that would soon have to be put aside given more pressing concerns, as the grunts of an injured Homura resonate in Madoka's hears.

"Homura!" she cries out while turning her head to look upwards at her.

"Stay here, Madoka!" Superman exclaims, "I will save your friend."

With fearsome frenzied force, Superman launches upwards towards Homura, amazing Madoka even further.

"Wow..." she states breathlessly at the sight of this man's power.

Her moment of joy is cut short by an unwelcome reappearance, as shadows give way to a familiar form.

"Kal-El... you are ever the impulsive hero" states Kyubey, "This time, though, you have surely signed your own death warrant."

"... Kal-El?" asks Madoka of this name and person, facing Kyubey.

"He is one of the last surviving members of an alien race that is an enemy of my own." begins Kyubey in explanation, "His race was one that didn't properly value threats like entropy and dying worlds. That is why his world was destroyed, and almost all of his people with it."

Kyubey than sauntered over to Madoka, waving his tale in a joyous fashion that contrasted greatly with the current scene.

"Now, Madoka" he continues, "Will you be like him, and see your world cease to exist? Or will you contract with me, and ensure its safety forever?"

A shiver goes up Madoka's spine as these words drench her in a foreboding sense of guilt.

Higher up in the air, Homura is now reeling from the latest attack of a great witch, and wonders how she can even hope to destroy that witch before Madoka takes an action that she will almost assuredly regret.

But then, Homura sees a streak of bluish red light that soars faster than a speeding bullet, blasting straight through the witch, causing it to screech a note of utter calamity.

"... Could it be him?" asks a wide-eyed Homura.

Homura's question is answered by the streak coming to a sudden halt, displaying a stationary Superman.

"That should be the end of that threat" stated Superman.

Homura knows it won't be that easy, and shouts out to Superman from below.

"No, it won't be" she says to him, "This is not a job for Superman..."

The witch suddenly began to reconstitute back into a whole, as though Superman's stupendous strike had never occurred.

"So it has regenerative abilities?" asked Superman of Homura, flying downwards to face her, "That's not good..."

"It's not regenerative abilities." responded Homura, "It's invincibility against purely physical attacks."

"Physical attacks can't harm it at all?" asked Superman in turn, seeking confirmation.

"Not permanently" answered Homura, closing her eyes while waving her hair in a dismissive fashion, wishing that Dr. Fate was here instead.

"A witch can only be hurt by a magical assault." continued Homura, "Your timing is noted for being great, but here it could hardly be worse. If you had appeared a couple weeks ago, maybe then..."

"What's happened since two weeks ago?" asked Superman.

Homura shifted her eyes away, not wanting to tell him the awful truth. Such evasion would prove unnecessary, as Walpurgis Night would interrupt their conversation anyway.

"Aarrrgghh!!!" cries Superman in sharp pain, as thick green tentacles wrap around his legs, shocking him with magical energy.

"While you can not hurt a witch, a witch can most assuredly hurt you" stated Homura dryly.

Homura then threw out several bombs, causing them to land on the tentacles with enough force to sever them, but far enough away from Superman so that the resulting bast did not hurt him as well.

"Go" said Homura to Superman, "You are of no use in this fight. However, you can be of use if you will use your insane speed to rush Madoka to safety. I'm sure that you, of all people, must know who Incubator truly is..."

"You underestimate me" said Superman to Homura with a grin, "No offense to your pet, but there's more than one way to skin a cat."

Superman than inhaled a great gust of wind, and exhaled it at the witch with incredible force, sending her flying away at immense velocities, forcing her well outside of the city limits.

"... Not bad" Homura admitted, somewhat reluctantly, "That will buy us some invaluable time."

"Now lets work on stopping the damage caused by this grotesque tree beneath us!" shouted Superman.

Having taken in this entire scene, Madoka now had renewed hope.

"The flying man is helping Homura" she stated calmly and steadily.

With a knowing and slightly playful grin, along with narrowed eyes, she then turned to Kyubey, "It looks like I might not need to deal with you after all."

"You will have to eventually, Madoka" replied Kyubey, lowering his head as an admission of temporary defeat, "For now, I leave you. If you ever change your mind, just call out to me with that same mind."

Kyubey than faded into the shadows, disappearing as he is often wont to do.

After much work, Superman and Homura had constructed a gigantic makeshift container, made out of the fallen pieces of skyscraper and large cement blocks, using heat vision to fuse it altogether. They then enclosed this around the massive tree, limiting its destructive potential.

"That won't hold for long" said Homura.

"True, but it gives us some more time" replied Superman, "Now, Homura, I want some answers."

Homura's face saddened slightly, as she knew what she would be asked next.

"What's going on here, exactly?" asked Superman, "Where are Kyoko, Mami, and Sayaka? Where are the allies and friends of you and Madoka?"

"...They're dead" replied Homura, in a coldly direct tone.

And with that, great anger and sadness welled up from within the deepest depths of Superman. In a fit of passion, he pounded his fist against the ground, cracking it slightly.

"Damn you, Brainiac!" he shouted, "I will make you pay for this!"

To be continued...

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Superman slowly composed himself, coming back to his feet, while placing a hand over his face, both in mourning and confession.

"I should have listened to Bruce..." he says softly, "He was right all along. We never should have allowed you five girls to operate as heroes without the supervision of older more experienced heroes. We should have absorbed your magical girl group into the Justice League."

"That choice was never yours to make" replied Homura sternly, "But there was a choice that was yours and 'Bruce's' to make. A choice that has cost us all dearly. A choice to allow a monster called The Joker to live."

"The Joker?" asked Superman in befuddlement, turning his head about to look at Homura over his shoulder, "What does he..."

"Joker is why this universe is now the way it is" Homura interrupted Superman, in a contemptuous tone, waving her hair into the wind, "Joker tricked Madoka's true biological father, Mr. Myxlplyx, into giving him almost all of his power. With that virtually omnipotent power, Joker began to savage the universe mercilessly. Madoka felt great responsibility over this problem, as it was her own father's foolishness that lead to it."

"So that's what led to Joker's defeat..." said Superman, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

"Madoka destroyed the Joker, once and for all, with her own inherited fifth dimensional power" continued Homura, as a note of pride in Madoka came forth from her voice, "During Madoka's assault on Joker's corporeal form, he countered with a telepathic assault on Madoka's psyche. He planted a seed of his own dementia and nihilism into her mind, snapping her with it. Madoka immediately fled back to this pocket universe that she had created, screaming in horror as tears flowed out of her eyes. All of this happened because of you! Because of you and Batman! Because you two refused to kill a rabid hyena that should have been put down!!!"

Tears rolled out of Homura's eyes, as a teeth-gritting sneer spread across her face, directed at Superman. It took all of Homura's self-restraint to hold her back from attacking Superman.

"I refuse to take a life, any life" replied Superman calmly and resolutely, "If we cross that line, then we are no..."

"Nonsense!" screamed Homura, leaning her face further in towards Superman while looking up into his eyes, "Madoka was forced to give up her beloved life as a magical girl because of your vaunted Justice League's failure to eliminate the Joker. This beautiful utopia has now been plagued by witches due to that failure. Kyoko, Mami, and Sayaka are all dead because of you!"

A disgusted cross look washed across Superman's face at these words. At an intellectual level, there was little he could say to defend himself against the cold logic of Homura's words. At an emotional level, he knew that he needed to allow Homura to cool down, so debating her now would only exacerbate this heated situation.

"I think that we can both agree that now is not the time to play any blame games" stated Superman, "We can debate that later. For now, we need to plot our next move. For starters, we need to restore Madoka's memory and..."

"No" Homura said firmly, after wiping away her tears, "We can not do that. Madoka does not want the life of a magical girl any more. She wants a peaceful life as a normal girl given what happened to her before. That's why she created new parents for herself out of thin air, and gave herself a completely new identity, free from her sad past. That's why she wiped her own memory and the memory of Kyoko, Mami, and Sayaka, and changed this world irrevocably with one last act of creation. She wants to forever forget your world, kryptonian."

"... Homura, given the circumstances, that is not a luxury that we have" replied Superman uneasily.

"It is the only option that I will be giving you" stated Homura, as she held out her soul gem at Superman.

A strangely colored but familiar glow came forth from that gem, as Superman slowly crumpled to the ground, under the gem's nauseating effect on him.

"Th-that gem..." he managed weakly, "I-It's..."

"Kryptonite" Homura finished for him, glaring down at his now half fallen form, "A perfectly ruthless creation by a perfectly ruthless Incubator. The soul gem of every magical girl that contracts with Incubator is constructed out of kryptonite. This was intended as a possible defense against you, should it prove needed. Incubator's main goal, though, was to have it slowly infect the bodies of magical girls with radiation. As Lex Luthor found out, kryptonite releases radiation that harms human bodies, and not kryptonians alone. By the human bodies of magical girls enduring such low-level radiation, it results in a constant passive use of the healing magical energies of us magical girls. Corruption of our soul gem is hence inevitable, and constant cleansing through grief seeds becomes necessary, even if we wanted to never use magical powers."

"H-how insidious" Superman managed, while still writhing on the ground, "S-still Homura, I..."

"Promise me you will reveal nothing to Madoka" stated Homura to him, "If you want me to pull back this soul gem from you, then you will promise me that!"

"H-Homura, I c-can't..." Superman responded in a husky tone.

"Promise me!" exclaimed Homura in relentlessly ruthless reply.

"V-very well..." Superman stated, finally relenting, "I promise to k-keep... aaarrrggghhh!!!"

Suddenly, Superman felt metallic cylindrical tendrils shoot up through his chest and lower extremities, causing large holes and blood to spurt out. Homura's expression immediately became horrified.

"You think yourself to be clever and pragmatic, Homura" came a most hated voice to her, as red glowing eyes peered out at her from a black silhouette, "But your own reckless methods will prove to be your undoing just as Sayaka's idealism was her's."

"Incubator" she snarled, looking up at him.

"Just because I have taken on a new form and identity in Madoka's pocket universe here doesn't mean I no longer have the abilities of Brainiac at my disposal" he continued, with that creepy smile of his, closing his beady red eyes, "By weakening Kal-El, you have left him open to my assault. He is now dying, and if my suspicions are correct..."

"W-what is this?!" screamed Madoka, having finally reached this scene after a breathless sprint, now seeing a Superman fading into unconsciousness, while blood poured out from him, "Who did this to him?"

"Madoka!" chirped Kyubey excitedly, his tone of voice changing entirely, before a shocked Homura had a chance to respond, and as he skillfully leapt down to stand next to Madoka, "Homura deliberately weakened Kal-El, and look what it has done to him! If you don't contract with me now, he will surely die!"

Madoka now knew that Kyubey could not be trusted, but yet... she couldn't help but wonder if there was some truth to his words.

"Homura" Madoka stated softly, while turning about to face her after looking at Kyubey, "Is this true?"

Homura did not know how to respond to this question. Kyubey, as usual, had made a truthful statement, but had left out a key detail. Homura began to stammer, unsure of what to say next.

"Answer me!" Madoka said even more loudly at Homura, becoming angry.

"She does not answer, Madoka, because what I say is true" stated Kyubey in a slightly arrogant tone, "Only you can save Kal-El now. You can save him, and this entire world as well, if you will simply contract with me! Will you do it Madoka?"

And with that Madoka swallowed hard, as her mind raced and felt deeply stressed in this moment. Homura was sweating bullets, trying to conceive of what to do next. And Earth stood to lose its greatest champion...

To be continued...

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The story's just beginning, so there's much more to be revealed, but I can't help but feel that we jumped into the mashing of the DC universe too fast and too soon.

Surely the back story will be revealed and everything made clearer, but shouldn't the introduction of Superman to the Madoka universe come as a big plot twist?

I do think it's an interesting idea to mash the universes together, but I suppose all I'm saying is the transition could have been smoother to make the reader realize that the Madoka universe isn't completely independent, that there are some outside forces at work here. Some foreshadowing before it takes place? I don't know, maybe I'm spouting nonsense .

Otherwise everything was fine, and it'll be interesting to see what Homura's next action will be. Braniac certainly is a formidable foe for anybody.

I found the part with Superman getting hurt by the witch a funny moment .

Its seems like in the actual Madoka universe, Homura is still caught in a situation where revealing the truth is not necessarily to her advantage. She can't catch a break can she ?
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