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Old 2003-11-29, 23:46   Link #81
The Man, The Legend......
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Originally Posted by Vicious
... if someone at least listened to Stairway to Heaven, that's the real, good and ol' rock. Immigrant Song, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, Dazed and Confused...
If you like Immigrant Song have you seen this viking kittens video yet? As dumb as it is for some reason it still makes me laugh.

As far as what McGrugg was saying; I agree that a lot of people seem to need for MTV or Commercial Radio to validate a band as being cool before they are willing to give them a chance. Not enough people give independant labels a chance and assume that if a band is'nt on a big label or getting media coverage it must be because they're no good. But if you give local or independant bands a chance not only will you find some amazing bands that blow away 99% of commercial music, but you get much more personal feel when you see a band in a room full of say 300 people versus a arena with 30,000 or more. Following independant music has given me the privelege of seeing bands like Blink 182, Sum41, Less than Jake, MxPx, mighty mighty bosstones Dashboard confessional etc. before they hit the mainstream.

But at the same time i'm a selfish bastard who does'nt want to share his music anyways. I long for the days when I could get into the shows for my favorite bands without paying over $10. One of my favorite live bands was Flogging Molly, I go see them once and i'm blown away with how fun it was, then about 2 months later 107.7 The End (that stupid trendy music station MTV's Real World Seattle worked at) plays them and they come back shortly after and the lines are going around the block and I can't get in. But I am happy that at least people recognize their talent once they give them a chance.
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Old 2003-12-09, 21:35   Link #82
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Music Preferences

I'm pretty certian that this will have been posted before but I'm curious because I'm new and couldn't finf a post like this in the past...though I may have overlooked it _
But anyway, to the body of the topic:
What type of music do people listen to?

My favourite types of music are Metal...Gothic, Death Metal, Thrash, Speed Metal, Heavy Metal, thiungs like that. Bands under this category would be:
Marilyn Manson
The Berzerker
Cradle of Filth
Morbid Angel
System of a Down

I have a strong liking to J-rock as well, bands like:
Malice Mizer
Dir en Grey
Plastic Tree
Aliene Ma'riage

I also like Anime music and J-pop...New Age music is good as well...and game music (especially Silent Hill OSTs)

What about everyone else? ^.^
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Old 2003-12-09, 21:39   Link #83
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There has been thread's like this and they where closed. Besides that theres a whole seperate forum for music now you know Music forum
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Old 2003-12-09, 21:42   Link #84
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XD, thanks for the warning, I never knew that I could post anything other than Anime and Jpop stuff in there though, lol...never mind
Thanks for the warning anyway,I expect this'll be closed soon *shrugs*
==^^== Meow

Last edited by NightWish; 2003-12-09 at 21:59. Reason: Thread merged with the other music thread you missed...
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Old 2006-09-25, 16:14   Link #85
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My top ten favorite bands...

2.Seether/Saron Gass
9.Within Teptation
10.Smashing Pumpkins
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