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Closed Thread
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Old 2010-12-20, 10:44   Link #421
Yuki Nagato Worshipper
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Hot, Very Hot Singapore
Manwards, you took the words right out of my mouth.

Oh yes Nagato holding her hands out in the snow was in the original opening. Also, Kyon wearing a reindeer head was in the ending too.

And Gymnopedies... Oh my, if I didn't know any better I would say it was written for the film. Erik Satie, you are a genius.

I only wish my first viewing was under more... Comfortable circumstances.
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Old 2010-12-20, 11:25   Link #422
Junior Member
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Location: Sydney, Australia.
Age: 26
Gosh, Gymnopedie no.1 gave me goosebumps when I watched the trailer almost a year ago. After watching the movie, I decided to finally search up the piece and see whether there were music sheets for it and wow! I didn't know it was composed well over a century ago!

Once the piano is delivered to my house, I'm definitely going to learn this piece inside out (still a beginner) haha.
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Old 2010-12-20, 12:55   Link #423
Join Date: Sep 2006
That was absolutely fantastic. One of those cases where you can use the word 'epic' without too much hyperbole.

If anything it's completely rekindled a flame which had nearly gone out after the second season.

Well played Kyoto Animation, well played.
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Old 2010-12-20, 13:47   Link #424
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Germany
Epic xD

The movie was fantastic, all the fans must rejoice! The Nagato in the alternativ world must be a dream come true for all her fans me inclusive. There was the ultimate Fanservice of Nagato smiling!!!

Kyon Seiryuu i just love his monologues.
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Old 2010-12-20, 13:53   Link #425
Anime Cynic
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Location: USA
Age: 29
Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
There's honestly not much I can say without sounding like a fangirl, as all I did was literally orgasm the entire film.
Here's hoping you don't know what "literally" means... <_<

Originally Posted by DragoZERO View Post
Originally Posted by ijuinkun View Post
Originally Posted by Tom Bombadil View Post
(1) while kyon keeps talking about how cold the weather is, all the girls are wearing short skirts.
Unfortunately for the girls, they have their legs bare like that because that is the school uniform, and showing up for school dressed otherwise tends to get a lot of complaints from the school administration in schools with strict uniform policies.
I'm sure they could wear thigh highs or something if they wanted.
They can and do; that's Haruhi's and Mikuru's standard apparel during the winter. And I did see a girl wearing track pants under her skirt, so who knows.


Someone mentioned that it was a shame that Haruhi was gone for most of the film, but I think that's a good thing. Over the course of 28 episodes, pretty much the only character development was that Haruhi went from being sociopathic to just overly exuberant. That's all well and good for her, but it came at the cost of essentially abandoning the other characters.

For all the narration we get from Kyon, we don't learn too much about him, which is why this movie was so important. Mikuru and Itsuki are still left in the cold as stale characters, but Kyon and Yuki, whose development has been hinted at, were expanded wonderfully. This couldn't have happened as long as Haruhi retained center stage.

Having only seen the camrip before, I was actually a bit disappointed by the art in this movie. I was expecting to see an artistic jump similar to what Rebuild of Evangelion did to its original series, and that just didn't happen. However, the animation was improved quite a bit, and the backgrounds were all breathtaking. The music was sparse, but where it was applied (notably Tanaguchi's mention of Haruhi, Asakura's attack, Yuki and Kyon's talk atop the hospital), it was wonderful.

But the thing that amazed me most about the movie, more than the character development, more than the art, and more than the music, was the sheer emotional response it triggered in me. I can't stand Haruhi, and yet when Kyon finally got a lead on where she was, my heart jumped. When Asakura appeared out of nowhere with the knife, I was mesmerized. And now, when I watch the movie, I literally skip past the part where Kyon hands the club entry form back to Yuki, just because I can't stand to see him break her heart like that.

But the absolute crowning moment of achievement was undoubtedly Kyon's internal conflict about which world he preferred. It was an emotional rollercoaster that trumped any other 8 minutes of film that I can think of. You're torn between being happy to find out that Yuki is becoming more human and being upset that she was driven to the point that she was. You despise Kyon for abandoning the old world while applauding him for admitting his true feelings. And just as it was (very) heartwarming to see that one scene with Haruhi in the classroom, looking back at Kyon, it was heartbreaking to see Kyon pull away from Yuki's hold on his sleeve.

I've said long ago, when I first saw the camrip of the movie, that it was the best piece of anime that I've ever seen. I believe I still stand by that statement. I'm used to being wowed by grandiose displays like the final battle in Gurren Lagann or the non-stop action of Rebuild of Evangelion 2, or being drawn into fandom by things like the sheer humor of Azumanga Daioh. But this movie took the concept of a couple of high school kids in a world of the supernatural, and made it a sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant, work of wonder, excitement, and emotion.
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Old 2010-12-20, 15:05   Link #426
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2004
Originally Posted by Gamer_2k4 View Post
Someone mentioned that it was a shame that Haruhi was gone for most of the film, but I think that's a good thing.
Considering you admit in the same post that you can't stand Haruhi I can see why you think it's a good thing.
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Old 2010-12-20, 17:46   Link #427
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: Monterrey, Mexico
Man it's was an awesome movie, it was pretty large for an animation movie but it was worth every second of if, the animation was excellent, the music was outstanding and it clicked perfectly with the scenes, and the voice acting it was superb and the joy to see Nagato-Kyon development and tearful moments blew me away...
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Old 2010-12-20, 19:07   Link #428
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: New Zealand
Originally Posted by ramengud View Post
Question about the blue ray release, does it come with either English or Chinese subtitles? Thanks, I probably plan to import it if it has either of those subtitles since I can't understand Japanese.
It comes with just about everything except subtitles:

There's a complete script in Japanese (next to the discs in the first pic), so that's some comfort if your reading is better than your listening comprehension. But yeah, if they'd followed the Black Rock Shooter example - not to mention the DVDs for the 2009 series - this would have been perfect.

Originally Posted by Gamer_2k4 View Post
Here's hoping you don't know what "literally" means... <_<
Do not underestimate the power of Tomokazu Sugita's voice

(Also, this.)
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Akihabara to be born?
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Old 2010-12-20, 20:58   Link #429
Kaioshin Sama
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I felt it was only fair to revisit this one now that at proper version of it has been made available to the public at large. Back when I watched the janky camera rip I mentioned that I could see through the fuzziness of the video to the animation quality beneath, however I might have been a little premature and overestimating things back then. Now that I've seen the 1080p installments I might add since I still can't watch this movie all the way through without finding my interest start to wander after 40 minute or so intervals. Again the power of being in control of the pause button is a huge boon to my ability to enjoy this movie more than I probably would have otherwise.

Anyway, now that I've seen the 1080p version....don't get me still looks every bit like what I'd expect from an animated feature film, but only about as good as any other feature film with a decent budget. Perhaps a couple of Gundam Unicorns and a Patlabor 2 among other things changed my perspective on what I was expecting here, but I can't really call this outstanding and defining for a feature anime film anymore. What has remained the same is that I still think the backgrounds far outstrip the quality of the character designs, which still lack depth of feature and detail in my opinion and continue to give a feeling of being superimposed over the backgrounds as opposed to being a part of the setting. Perhaps it's also because the bright colour pallette of the characters designs doesn't always match the more subdued colour pallette of the backgrounds, or perhaps it's because there quite possibly isn't a single scene I can recall in the movie where somebody actually passes behind a background object (now I want to go back to test this theory), but something definitely isn't matching up in the overall visual experience and it's even more noticeable when watching it in 1080p than it was before with the camera-rip.

To critique the implementation of the backgrounds a bit, they are a little less focused than I was originally expecting and what I originally gave up to the fuzziness of the cam-rip actually kind of turned out to kind of be the case with them, which is a little disappointing. I do still like the non-static background scenes of the city even if they aren't quite up to the level Patlabor 2, but frankly nothing I've seen is up to that level so that's okay.

In the long run I still stand behind the rest of my original impression back near the beginning of the thread, especially the part where I argue that the pacing is not in fact good, smooth and easy to lose track of, but in fact far to plodding and redundant for a feature film. This remains the biggest obstacle the film presents to a casual viewer in my opinion and folks can hear more about what I'm getting at in this ANNCast starting at about 9:30 where the group discusses their impression of the movie which Gia Manry enjoyed but.....well anyway I wouldn't adjust the score I gave up or down since it still looks pretty good and the movie has it's moments of engrossment for me, however fleeting they can feel at times. I probably won't ever be watching it again, but it was as last time a good way to pass the time on a lazy Monday while I waited for the hockey to come on.
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Old 2010-12-21, 03:16   Link #430
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: New Zealand
Late to the party (as usual), but I've just finished watching the sub - so now I can comment on the movie instead of simply purring over its shiny packaging. Other than pre-ordering the blu-ray, and buying the ED single like the hopeless Minorin fan I am, I hadn't really had anything to do with the movie before I sat down to watch it today.

And now that I have, I stand by what I said in my last post about Tomokazu Sugita.

Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon View Post
If he doesn't win an award for this performance I will be very, very angry.
You won't be alone. Kyon's monologues have always been what made the anime great (as much as I squee over the girls), but Tomokazu absolutely shone here. That whole soliloquy where Kyon asks himself "what do you want?" has to be some of the most powerful voice-acting I've ever heard.

Originally Posted by DragoZERO View Post
Long-haired Haruhi? Adult version Mikuru? HHNNGGHH *dies*
A resounding YES! to all of the above. Especially adult Mikuru bundled up in Kyon's jacket (and I love how he actually introduced her as "Asahina Mikuru, adult version"). Asakura's return was an unexpected treat, too.

But seriously, this movie should have been titled Nagato Yuki no Kokoro. Skimming through this thread I see the phrase "heart-breaking" in numerous posts, so let me add another one. The way Nagato's hands shook when Kyon handed her back the club membership form, and especially the look on her face when he said "Yuki" on the hospital rooftop... I don't have words to describe how these scenes made me feel, but then I don't think I have to.
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Akihabara to be born?
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Old 2010-12-21, 04:28   Link #431
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: at GNR, bringing you the truth, no matter how bad it hurts
Age: 33
awesome AWESOME AWESOME movie is awesome.
just watched it and it lived up to the expectations and surpassed them in every way.
i just hope they make a 3 season after this.
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Old 2010-12-21, 07:39   Link #432
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2007
Is it just me?

The second time watching the movie, the 1st time I saw the camrip.

IT feels like he movie is longer then before, was the blu-ray version uncut? (include extra scenes?)

anyway after watching it the 2nd time in 1080p blu-ray, I notice a lot of the minor details since I'm not too pre occupied with the story, stuff like Nagato's apartment floor is REALLY clean, you can see the reflection of her ceiling on her floor and the background at the hospital rooftop looks so real. KyoAni outdid themselves, it was so awesome.

Can't wait for season 3 now... hope 2011 is the year of the Intrigues :P
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Old 2010-12-21, 10:07   Link #433
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Inside of frog
I just finished the movie. It was awesome. Well, if I were Kyon, I want to make Yuki as a normal girl happy.

I just realized that I am a common guy...
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Old 2010-12-21, 11:12   Link #434
Fairy follower
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Well it's all comes down to

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Old 2010-12-21, 11:56   Link #435
Junior Member
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Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Hello guys and gals, I don't post often, but after watching this movie I had to share my thoughts on it and the 2nd season as well.
First on the endless 8 subject, it didn't bother me when I first saw it because both the video and audio were redone each episode, only the story remained the same. After seeing the movie I feel that it made the endless 8 even better because in true Kayoto Animation style we the viewers got to feel a small fraction of the frustration that Yuki felt having to relive almost the same thing over and over again, which in part leads to why she did what she did in the movie.
Looking at the movie as a whole, I have to say I was impressed both with the subtle uses of colors and music during certain parts, and Kyon's VA was pure gold, but "other world" Yuki stole the show.
I'm now waiting on my LE Bluray to arrive at the office so I can own IMO the best animated movie I've seen in quite a while, maybe ever.
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Old 2010-12-21, 12:36   Link #436
Takamura Mamoru
The Hawk
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Finally (re)watched it.

Now my life is complete. I can die without regrets.
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Old 2010-12-21, 13:42   Link #437
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Originally Posted by Simon View Post
You won't be alone. Kyon's monologues have always been what made the anime great (as much as I squee over the girls), but Tomokazu absolutely shone here. That whole soliloquy where Kyon asks himself "what do you want?" has to be some of the most powerful voice-acting I've ever heard.
Kyon is my favorite element of this series. All of his quips and reactions to Haruhi are always funny.

A resounding YES! to all of the above. Especially adult Mikuru bundled up in Kyon's jacket (and I love how he actually introduced her as "Asahina Mikuru, adult version"). Asakura's return was an unexpected treat, too.
Yes, "adult version" was funny as well. I love how you can tell that she cares a lot of him, even as an adult (wish we'd get a triangle or something, but it'd prolly ruin everything). I'd also love to see Asahina-san adult version in all of those costumes from her high school days.
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Old 2010-12-21, 15:25   Link #438
Aqua Knight
Senior Member
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Age: 25
Kyon/ Kyon interaction was definitely the pinnacle of his thoughts, hesitations and frustration.
And Haruhi is so much better with longer hair, I mean short hair is alright but long hair is just

I didn't feel so excited about the movie nor I am feeling excitement now but I'm so much pleased that I happened to watch it.
So of course 10/10 for everything.
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Old 2010-12-21, 17:37   Link #439
Senior Member
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This movie was insanely good and intense.
I forgive Endless 8, if somehow it existing gave birth to the movie.

The animation was very fluid in this movie, even the background characters were pretty lively.

The first half was like a character study on Kyon. Then the troubles just kept coming. When I thought the problem was going to be solved, it looped to a different situation.

Was blown away by the re-appearance of Ryoko. Then she shows up suddenly near the end and kills Kyon. The little 'confrontation' between Kyon and himself kind of reminded me of Big O.

Also, Kyon going back into the past a 2-4th(?) time and seeing himself reminded me of Back to the Future 2.

Poor Nagato
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Old 2010-12-21, 20:08   Link #440
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Originally Posted by Murasaki View Post
And Haruhi is so much better with longer hair, I mean short hair is alright but long hair is just
Kyon asking her to put it up in a ponytail "for no particular reason" was fanservice of the best kind. Maybe that's why he makes such a great Everyman character - behind that cynical facade he's a decent, caring bloke, but he still manages to be lecherous in a way every guy in the audience can relate to *cough*

Originally Posted by HandofFate View Post
Poor Nagato
Thinking about it more, and borrowing a phrase from Takemoto Novala, I feel like the story is Tanigawa's "love letter" to all the "gloomy, lonely girls [and boys] who shut themselves away in a room and just read books" in Literature Clubs everywhere. Even if Nagato wasn't as supremely awesome as she clearly is (anyone disagreeing here will be taken out and shot), she'd still be my favourite character because she's so easy to relate to. Maybe we all have the potential for "aberrant behaviour" in us, and we could all do with crying, yelling and screaming now and then...

But I think Kyon understood something very important when he said "I prefer the Nagato that I know" - gloomy and lonely she may be, but Yuki is who she is and we can love her for that.
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Akihabara to be born?
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Closed Thread

best movie ever, haruhi suzumiya

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