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Old 2015-11-11, 03:00   Link #1
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Question Are there any channels besides Cartoon Network that air anime in the U.S.?

I'm a huge anime fan, but I don't think that anime is as mainstream as it used to be. In the 90s/early 2000s, there were a lot of channels that aired anime during daytime hours. But now, it seems like the only channel that airs anime is Cartoon Network, but only late at night. Are there any other channels that air anime?
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Old 2015-11-11, 10:12   Link #2
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Most anime shows have migrated to Netflix and Hulu. There isn't a large enough audience for anime on regular television channels. The upside of that change is that you now have access to large archives of shows that you can watch on-demand.

Anime was never "mainstream." Services that tried to add anime to their offerings like the old SyFy dropped it after a year or two. Toonami and [adult swim] continue to sputter along, but outside of shows for kids like Pokemon, anime has always occupied a small and shrinking niche in Americans' television viewing.
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Old 2015-11-11, 11:57   Link #3
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The Disney Channel and especially the Disney XD Channel will occasionally show anime. Most of their shows are geared towards younger viewers. But it's still anime. In fact, the anime Yo-Kai Watch is running on Disney XD right now.

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Old 2015-11-12, 12:45   Link #4
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The costs aren't in the favor of licensing anymore. Most of those 80's and 90's anime were dirt cheap to bring over and dub with some censorship before the big boom/bust of the early 2000's. Now? Even western action cartoons have a hard time finding an audience.
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Old 2015-11-19, 17:36   Link #5
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Some cable providers offer the FUNimation channel--which is all anime 24/7. Although it may require you to call and request it. That's the only other one I can think of that hasn't been mentioned though.
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