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Old 2010-04-30, 12:49   Link #1
Just call me Ojisan
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Clannad - Manga Discussion

This thread is intended for discussion on the various Clannad manga series. Currently there are a number of different series published.
  • Clannad Official Comic
    Serialized in Comic Rush between May 2005 and April 2009, 8 volumes.

  • Official Another Story Clannad: Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de
    Serialized in Comi Digi+ between June 2007 and August 2008, 2 volumes.

  • Clannad
    Serialized in Dengeki G's / Festival! from August 2007, ongoing.

  • Clannad: Tomoyo Dearest
    Serialized in Dragon Age Pure between February and August 2008, 1 volume.

  • Clannad anthologies
    Serialized in various magazines from 2004, 4 separate volumes.
For more on the various manga series, see the Clannad Wiki entry.

Feel free to discuss any of the above series in this thread. If need be, separate threads can be created for the various series but it depends if the activity warrants separate threads or not.
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Old 2010-04-30, 17:23   Link #2
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I love the official manga, I want to see the whole thing translated ;_;
here's chapter 22 if anyone's interested the first 21 can be found in mangafox.
raws here
so many touching scenes... I wish I could read them
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Old 2010-04-30, 19:01   Link #3
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DIdn't like the drawing style. Stopped after like 10 pages. Think is was something to do with the eyes or something. Freaked me out, lol.
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Old 2010-04-30, 19:19   Link #4
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Thanks mucho, Xris.

So, anyway, I just ran into the Clannad manga series last night, as I was looking for a certain CG of Kotomi. It was really late (or rather early) and I wanted to get some shut-eye, but I just couldn't stop reading it.

Every time I venture into a different adaptation of Clannad, there are always some minor changes to it that make me like the series more. But what really intrigues me the most is how they really can't make up their minds about the kind of character they want Nagisa to be.

In the VN, she's starts off as a weak and uninspiring character. Then we transition to the movie, where she suddenly has the strength and courage to make friends on her own and start the drama club without having Tomoya push her into it. No sign of fear or timidness whatsoever. Once they make the anime series...she's back to vintage Nagisa.

And now that I've read the manga...I'm like wtf, she changed again? Now she's a mix of both the movie personality and the VN/anime personality where she's stronger, more considerate, can make friends on her own, and has a stronger drive to start the drama club. I think they got the formula just perfectly here, but they just couldn't keep it consistent with the other media adaptations...I honestly don't understand it.

But I digress. I'm on volume 5 right now and my general impression on the matter is that everyone is different, but I kind of like it. Fuko is more social and assertive, Tomoyo is more of a girl, and a nice one at that, Ryou actually says stuff that matters, and Sunohora is...well, still comedic relief, but he seems more of a respectable character now.

I think they've done a great job with the manga series so far, and it seems like more of a condensed version of the anime than anything.
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Old 2010-04-30, 21:16   Link #5
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They're all handled by different people.

Key only really had a hand in the VN/anime, since the anime was based off the actual VN. I really only consider the VN/anime to be the definite characterisations, but the others are pretty interesting, if only for the character interpretations.
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Old 2010-05-01, 02:22   Link #6
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I'll agree with you on that last sentiment. Nonetheless, I think the manga adaptation seems to handle all of the characters pretty well. Not in the vein that it remains faithful to the original material, but that they fixed some of the more annoying character flaws and nuances that made me dislike them at times in the original series. It makes them seem more like human beings than anime characters.
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