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Lady from a Tramp

The Good Bad Girl falls for a monogamist. For her love, can she get rid of the "Bad"?
What I'm looking for in a nutshell: a good main guy, and a girl who at the start is a total tramp who will do anything with anyone. He doesn't want to date someone he can't trust to be completely faithful, even if he likes her. She falls for him, and has to clean up and show she can have a normal, faithful relationship. I'm looking for stuff that has a happy ending, where he is eventually able to trust her and she's able to really be his and his alone.

A while ago I posted a thread asking about stories that contain something called "NTR" or "netorare" but continue on to reach a happy ending. After considering the concept a bit, I decided that there are really two classes of dramatic romance that either hold similarities to or contain NTR elements. One could be described as "The Lady is a Tramp". Like it reads, the hero is after a woman and seeks a true, normal romance, only to find out that , to put it bluntly, the girl will basically do anything with anyone at anytime. She might even specifically exclude the hero as the only one this isn't true for; either way, it is clear that a true romance is not going to happen.

The "Lady from a Tramp" is a reversal of this. In this case, the hero still wants a normal romance; he finds out that the girl is a player, and doesn't want to go down that road. He's not going to go out with someone like that. However, the girl has fallen for him, so completely that she doesn't want to have anything to do with her other suitors. She'll do anything to make him look at her, and she knows that to do that she has to not only get rid of her suitors, but also to prove to him that she's quit that lifestyle and wants the kind of romance he's interested in. He has trouble with trust, while she has trouble with truly putting her past away.

The manga/anime B Gata H Kei has some slight similarities to this. We have a girl, Chica, who fits the heroine's character. She may be sleeping with lots of men or just dating them and leading them on, either way she seems to show little or no sense of loyalty or fidelity. At the same time, we have the main character, Yamada, who seeks to become far worse, and actually wants to become the tramp that will seduce anyone, but she gradually comes to love one man alone and start to drift from seeking promiscuity to seeking a proper love. Combine these to get a player who falls for a man and wishes she could take back all the things she's done with other guys.

The top of my list would be unlicensed manga, but I'll take anime or manga, college students or grade schoolers, licensed or unlicensed, translated or raw, 18+ or good for all ages. I'm open for just about anything, so long as it's centered around a single boy and girl. No yaoi/yuri. Also, the focus should be on the relationship between that specific pair; the girl shouldn't become a major character only after a different heroine is lost. Please offer any suggestions, its status as licensed/translated/etc., and some idea of the content, especially in terms of age rating.

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