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Old 2011-01-17, 15:31   Link #61
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Join Date: Apr 2009
anyone heard of "brostep"? other than the name LOLOL i like it

does this remind anyone else of megaman battle network?
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Old 2011-01-23, 18:06   Link #62
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Originally Posted by qwertyuiopz View Post
anyone heard of "brostep"? other than the name LOLOL i like it

does this remind anyone else of megaman battle network?
I like some brostep.
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Old 2011-02-05, 02:00   Link #63
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Age: 31
Pretty epic beat. Even has some Japanese in it.

And another. Nice vocal into nice drop.

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Old 2011-02-08, 15:29   Link #64
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I don't get why u posted that second song? It's drum and bass AND vastly inferior to Skrillex's version.
I hate most of you.
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Old 2011-10-23, 17:25   Link #65
Afternoon Tea
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this is sweet
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Old 2011-10-29, 07:08   Link #66
Tumble Rumble
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.@Gin, just a few things, when you say grime are you talking about a low bassline or the Uk mc's? Im guessing the first one.
Also when you want to add filth I would suggest you actually give filth, for example:
Thats some nasty stuff, I don't listen to it often, but they played it at Creamfields,pukkelpop and some clubs in Ibiza.

Also saying that London isn't producing good music right now makes you seem like you don't know much about Dubstep at all...Seeing as you said they don't experiment, so I guess Benga,Skream and Artwork coming from creating Garage in 1990 to dubstep, and now to drum and bass isn't experimenting?

Tasting different genre's seems to be a lot like experimenting to me and I can name more Emalkay, who I actually know started off creating metal remix's then going into dubstep and then mixing the two together with 16 bit.

You seem to not know much about dubstep from your post. I hope you challenge me on this and enlighten me cause it seems here you only know a handful of Uk producers, and compared to your producers.

You say you don't want to go out of your way but its pretty clear you are. The "UK fanboys" say their dubstep is the best because they're right, it is the best. The number of producers of dubstep is overwhelming and most of them are Awesome/Good. You are right in one thing you do make better music in general for mainstream, compared to the UK. Also I'm not from the UK I am just living here

Also I am not saying American Producers aren't good, just not as good as UK ones.

And for everyone else:

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Old 2011-10-30, 05:23   Link #67
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Location: Victoria, AU
My friend introduced me to Dubstep (well actually Skrillex) a while ago.
Listening to Dubstep in the car with subs is like major sex in your ears. xD
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