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Old 2010-05-26, 14:25   Link #201
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He should totally show off some advanced Zangetsu techniques that take so long to figure out and master according to Byakuya. Ichigo is good at spamming the one move over and over but perhaps there's more to the sword.
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Old 2010-05-27, 00:14   Link #202
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Originally Posted by Langus View Post
I get what you're saying, but you're also assuming that Aizen is the main antagonist. He is, for now, but who knows when/if that will change. I could easily see Aizen being defeated by his own powers. It'd be such a satisfying end to all of his "just as planned" BS.
Please don't think I am being confrontational. I am not

Can I ask you something? How come everybody keeps trying to replace Aizen.

He gets the job done. For years Aizen-haters said he's all hype. He finally proves he's more than great model for "Vidal" What happens? The fandom is outraged. After months of complaining the bad guys never win.

Urahara keeps saying that Aizen is a true monster.

This is what I can't understand. How many times can you fall for the same thing?
Aizen appears defeated. He says "Psyche" and then rapez everyone in sight
A psychological win is much more satisfying for him.
He did this in SS, TBTPA, FKT.
He's been winning for the last 100 years
How much sense would it make for him to lose here. When Kubo has devoted the enter HM, FKT arcs to developing his character.

Besides it's obvious he's testing his new abilities and limitations

He's not going anywhere until Ichigo dispatches him in the end.
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Old 2010-05-27, 03:06   Link #203
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It's not a good solution to go from one extreme end of the spectrum to the other...
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Old 2010-05-27, 04:33   Link #204
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Originally Posted by dragonmeister View Post
If, as some people are saying, there's going to be another arc, Ichigo's 2nd Hollow form might be enough to drive Aizen away, giving Ichigo enough time to gain a new skill powerful enough to actually kill Aizen (in the next arc) - maybe he'll learn Shunko or something
Yea, maybe he becomes the one.

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manga, weekly chapter thread

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