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I reincarnated as a background character in an RPG game with a death flag!

One day Valerius de Braun caught up a disease that no one has recovered from. But by some miracle he survived the disease which killed anyone who encountered it. He woke up a new person. Recalling memories that was his at the same time not. He wakes up as a background character in an RPG game in his memories and he needs to prevent his death flag from happening 7 years from now!

The RPG game named "Strike Arts" is not very popular but received 10/10 ratings in all reviews on every gaming website for some reason and indeed it is deserving of that 10/10 rating. Hearing this a man purchased the game and finished all 27 play throughs where the main character ends up with various heroines of the story including harem ending, tragic ending where the world was saved but the hero is the last one remaining from the original 21 heroes, evil ending where the MC ends up being the one who enslaves the world as the Demon emperor and the Good Normal ending where the MC didn't meet the original heroes(As no one ever discovered that he or she has magic and wasn't forced to attend the compulsory education for magic users when they reach 18 years of age ) and then the world is saved but at the great cost of many lives while the MC just adventures his way eventually killing the demon king's strongest incarnation. He/she did kill the Demon Lord alone though.

Spoiler for Idea Pool:


Since she is the Hero of Love she can be the Avatar of Hatred.

She is the most OP character here! I mean really OP more than Valerius if she is in her Avatar of Hatred form. She also compliments him with her Space Magic

The focal point of the story is how to prevent his Death Flag from happening, managing a dukedom, preventing the Princess from descending to Demonhood and surviving the incoming war that is bound to engulf the world with the Princess and him right in the middle of it.

Did I also say bringing in new kind of trend that involves toilets, napkins and Bathrooms? lets include gunpowder as well and rocket science!

I'll make it a slice of life at the beginning 7 years and then story progression after that. Expect this to be short (40-60 chaps)

Is the Valerius OP? Hell yes, he can manipulate time after all! He can stop, slow, reverse or progress time at his leisure! Well not really he can progress time at his leisure but can only stop time for about 5 minutes and reverse time for an hour and indefinitely slow time if he has alot of mana. Still OP though

Is it harem? I dont know! i have no ideas for other heroines unfortunately! You can drop your ideas here about that though!

so what do you say

BTW the idea of the story came from

I reincarnated into an otome game as a villainess with only destruction flags...

just so you people know!

Nope Valerius will not be the same as Bacarina>.< or the same? i dont really know!

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