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Old 2004-03-22, 03:02   Link #101
Kempis Curious
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Loving a peaceful life in San Clemente, California.
Age: 44
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou is getting mentioned here a lot, and while it is probably my favorite work of fiction in any genre, I wouldn't want to live there. I already have close to that peacefulness already in my own life, and I'd miss the current conveniences that seen to have been lost in that universe.

A similar peaceful, lazy place with more fun is Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu. But even there the characters don't seem to have any ambition to accomplish things or make the world a better place... except for Hale o'course.

I guess I haven't yet found an anime world that I'd like to stay in for 10 years; I've been spoiled by the easy living here in Newport Beach, CA. That, and living my life by my own storyboard instead of the "ideal" ... the other day someone said I should be sad because I've never been skiing, I'm not married yet, and I don't have a television, etc. The list of expectations in modern life is so long that it's no wonder nearly everyone feels so worn out... and some commit suicide to avoid the shame of not passing enough tests of social worth.

Thbbb, I say. Captain Tailor would agree with me, "Do the right thing, in order to avoid stress."

I wouldn't mind visiting the pokemon world, just to try Pikachu. Fat little thing would probably be great on the BBQ.... mmmmmmm tingly.


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Old 2004-03-22, 11:58   Link #102
Spirit Chicken!
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2004
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My anime world: Either Saint Seiya or Fist of the North Star...I mean, if you're rolling with Kenshiro or Shaka and Douko...everybody's ass is grass.
On the education discussion:
I feel that I must stick up a little bit for the US system. I'm at a relatively unknown 4 year college in Georgia that happened to produce a PRESIDENT. Yet we get little funding at all from the state compared to the "party" schools nearby. Also, my high and middle school years were terrible, nobody felt like trying, lots of drugs and sex, boring classes, mainly all burnt out teachers. However, despite these monstrous shortcomings, and even worse ones in other areas, the US system overall yields the highest possibility of being successful despite all the shit. Why have all of the pointless years before college? The answer is simple: Life contains many instances of pointless moments of no consequence. Better to face that reality in your formative years than to let it blindside you once you become an "adult". I hear and see many people complaining that the US is horrible and that they have such high IQ's but just don't FEEL like doing any work. Well boo f'ing hoo. A person who has the ability to accomplish something with their life yet chooses not too is an inferior being compared to someone who tries, possibly to no avail, to accomplish a life's work. Also, I grow weary of hearing people saying that they have an interest in a subject but have to just sit there in high school or below and be stuck in a subject they don't like. Where there is a will and a DRIVE, there is a way. Look up the information in your abundant spare time, read books, take classes online or locally through a continuing education center, get your certifications, contact others in your fields of interest, and things will work out quite well. The American system is, unofficially I'm afraid, designed to only serve the people who want to get something out of it. If you put forth effort, have a small cheering section of family or friends, and really chase after what holds interest to you, AS WELL AS EXPLORE other related fields, nothing can really stop you. There's no limits except for the illusions that you choose to let bind you to a lower plane than you desire. Granted, we all know the system needs lots of tweaking, but it is functional for the people that can actually commit themselves to what the enjoy in life.
Sorry for the extended rant, trying not to sound preachy but it needed saying.
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Old 2004-03-23, 06:44   Link #103
Z'd Jung
Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: Ol', isolated, peaceful Perth/Brunei
Age: 30
On the point of Education system, I've studied in Brunei (a small country, surrounded by Malaysia, along the northern coast of Borneo, the large island in the middle of South East Asia), Singapore and Australia.

In Brunei, the Education system is quite...inconsistent. Basicaly, if you are rich enough or your kid is smart enough as to surpass his/her school's average substantially, then he/she goes to one of the reputedly better schools, thus you end up with a bunch of schools with all the best kids in the country and the rest of them who will probably lose their best soon enough.

Wheras in Singapore, their education system is one of, if not THE best in the whole of south-east Asia. Their standards are at least one, if not two or more years in front of the other countries. This is probably because Singapore like Japan, is very densely populated, so you have to be very skilled at what you do if you want to get a professional job.

Australia, on the other hand, unlike Asia, as I've seen it seems to allow more freedom, the system focuses more on the creative aspects of a child's mind unlike Brunei and Singapore, where they focus more on the maths and science, learining EVERYTHING from the textbook.

Anyway, onto the question! FMPF would be fun to be in for a while but those sort of antics would get annoying after TEN years. So, i'd prefer to be in Gundam SEED. Preferably on ZAFT's side 'cause their cool and I'd be a Co-ordinatoor and I'd be obilerating Earth's forces without much effort...Hee hee, Death.
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Old 2004-03-23, 11:26   Link #104
京都 ikitai~
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: massugu
I think I'd choose the world in Cardcaptor Sakura--while the location isn't the best (typical urban maze) the cast would be fun to grow up and be friends with, provided I could take my wife with me and we got aged down a few decades.

Just based on location, though, I'd pick something more like Tenchi, Asagiri no Miko or Onegai Teachers/Twins, where it's semi-rural but still urban enough to have convenience stores. And while real high school in Japan sounds less than ideal, the version in anime always looks pretty good, especially after days of endless meetings and conference calls.

the other day someone said I should be sad because I've never been skiing, I'm not married yet, and I don't have a television, etc. The list of expectations in modern life is so long that it's no wonder nearly everyone feels so worn out...
That's very well said--consumer culture creates an endless list of things that it tries to convince people they need to be happy, especially in the US, and that creates a nation of people working like dogs to get the next thing they "must have" (new car, new bike, new skis, new G5, etc.). I think most of the time this just leads to unholy levels of credit card debt and even more things people must have that won't really fill the void in their lives. I work from home most of the time and work is still pretty hellish--I get messages from coworkers all hours of the day and night, people working countless weekends and holidays, etc., and it's sad because you know no one looks back on their life from their deathbed and says "if only I had spent more time working weekends". I think a lot of people aren't good at keeping work (and school) in its proper perspective and pushing back when it tries to take over their lives. It helps to try to judge things on 'if I found out I had a terminal illness tomorrow would this be worth getting stressed over' since very few things meet that criteria
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Old 2004-03-23, 14:12   Link #105
lady hoshi
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: maine, usa
Age: 31
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if i were in an anime for 10 yrs

this is a tough one
i would have to design the anime first before i jumped in
becaue none of them are comletely what i want
id use some of inuyashas energy and spirit
and mix it with rg vedas beauty
and have some of niea under 7's happiness and humor
and gunslinger girls cuz i love them
and wings like the hibane
and .hack sign cuz i wanna have a conversation with subaru and tsukasa
i think thats all
o yeah
and a cute, strong guy
along the lines of kuruma from yu yu hakusho or kenshin from rurouni kenshin for me cuz anime guys with bright red hair are always the best
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Old 2004-03-23, 16:27   Link #106
Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: Ohio for now
Age: 38
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Originally Posted by kj1980
That, I wouldn't know since no one has ever told me about my accents. However, I do make occasional business calls for my company to our subsidiary in the United States. The conversation between me and the other party is rather volatile. I may or may not have an accent, but judging that I do not have any problem in conversational means with the other party, nor does the other party have any difficulty comprehending my English, I assume myself that my accent falls under an acceptable area.

Then again, my English instructor at NOVA was from Ohio so I may have Mid-Western tone.
Depends on what you call "Mid-Western" tone. Not all of us speak like cowboys or umm...hicks, but there are varying degrees of dialect. There's a big difference between northern Ohio and southern Ohio. I found this out when I started college in southern Ohio coming from central. Like...down here, people say "please" when they what you to repeat something. I'm used to it, but I still find it strange.

Education system: yea, it's lacking if you're not in the right community *cough* rich *cough*. Also like many of you have stated, parents who don't actively participate in their child's school system. I'm sick and tired of hearing parents bitch and whine about what the school is lacking and not doing while they don't vote for levies and don't tell their kids that they're slacking when they do. I have one more year of college left and my mom still gets on my case about grades *blush*. I've already stated my list but here's an addition Full Metal Alchemist. It would be really cool to learn alchemy plus the equivalent trade rule is basically the rule of life. You get out what you put in.
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Old 2004-03-23, 18:56   Link #107
Kempis Curious
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Loving a peaceful life in San Clemente, California.
Age: 44
A similar lazy world where everyone is nice is in Kokoro Library. A library on a mountain with 3 beautiful sisters and no customers. Even the motorcycle gangs are nice to pubescent girls alone in forest. Sounds like a hentai anime, but it's actually sweet. Only a little bit of hentai.

and about education:
Fortunately or not, in the business world of Southern California it only matters how much money you can make for a company whether you get hired or not. A lot of companies use an educational degree as proof that you can be reliable, but so far no one has checked that I got a Bachelor's, or have checked that my grades were exceptional in high school.
It was a foot in the door, of course, but always keep your eyes and mind open for other ways if the "traditional education" mindset is causing huge problems for you. Be honest, though.

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Old 2004-12-08, 06:37   Link #108
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Kvasi Socialist Kingdom of Sweden
Age: 33
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The world of Miyuki.
Japanese school life during the eighties *mmmm*.
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Old 2004-12-09, 08:08   Link #109
Join Date: Apr 2004

I want to try to live in the Pokemon world and catch Pokemons

Live in a Gundam universe (any as long as it's not W or G)...but I dont want to be a canon fodder...

World of Naruto


Some random harem anime...just NOT love hina or happy lesson
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Old 2004-12-09, 08:19   Link #110
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Kvasi Socialist Kingdom of Sweden
Age: 33
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Some random harem anime...just NOT love hina or happy lesson
FutaKoi maybe? . A kid goat, a butler and a fanclub would be your only enemies. Nyaha!
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Old 2004-12-09, 13:28   Link #111
Me for teh pwnage :P
Join Date: Apr 2004
Age: 31
hmm i wud pick...

Naruto: ninja's and jitsu's pwn :P
DearS: as long as i had a DearS :P
Getbackers: if i had similar powers to that of the thhunder emperor
Full metal alchemist: no explaination needed hehe
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Old 2004-12-09, 14:35   Link #112
Join Date: Nov 2004
I think that people have been logical to pick Pokemon. Generally, it sucks that after every year or so that a hundred new pokemons would be discovered, but you can still enjoy the place some how. No one has to be a hardcore collector or battle pokemon. In the best of cases, you can offer some service for pokemon and make some living off it. Really, who wants to have a professional groom his pokemon? It's silly, but such professions as that can easily be created. Also, if going by the game, you can always find money just disgarded in a jug maybe because the person who left it there found something better anyways. One problem is you will have to avoid accidently catching psiduck.

Naruto may work too, if I don't have to work too hard (aka have Kyuubi
) But, I wouldn't try to go any higher rank than Special Jounin. I suppose training would never be too dull but to excel at being a ninja would not be my goal.

Also Grenadier would work. I agree with the leads corny and cliche message about non-violence. I was thinking also about Trigun, but I wouldn't like the heat. I could work well in that world if I accompanied Tendo Rushuna, because I lost my drive to actively seek out confrontation and am only motivated, if at anything, to live simply and enjoy life. She would make a good friend, but not that people would know what I mean by that.

Last edited by Cornel; 2004-12-09 at 14:45.
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Old 2004-12-09, 16:56   Link #113
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: God forsaken middle of nowhere, Texas
Interesting thread.

I think everyone could find something they like, afterall, we all watch this stuff for escaping our mundane life to someplace a little more interesting/exciting/peacefull.

I think its interesting to see how a lot of the younger posters mentioned something exciting and dangerous, and how the old posters were looking for something calm and stress-free.

I go for the calm and stress-free bit myself. Drop me in something like Onegai Teacher/Twins or Dears anyday.

Much like kj1980, I look at adult life right now, and there is a LOT of appeal to going back to a place where I didnt have to worry about bills, rent, repaying student loans, excessive work hours, working for unethical idiots, dating, ect ect ect.

Only after the fact do I realize how badly I squandered my high school years.

As to the issue with non-native speakers vs native speakers in the thread;

Yes, by and large the non-native english speakers have better grammer and spelling than native speakers. Writing in a foreign language makes you pay more attention to what you write and how you write, and that shows. Native speakers are "sloppy", since they instinctivly know all the linguistic "shortcuts" in their own language, and know they will be understood even when they write poorly.

Also, at the same time, computers, email, and IM have killed grammer and spelling. Most folks use the computer to write everything, and let the spellchecker correct thier mistakes. IM butchers grammer and spelling, and that carries over into a lot of regular written communication.
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Old 2004-12-09, 19:39   Link #114
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2004
ghost in the shell would be my first choice, having cybernetic brains and/or implants would be awesome

other than that im not really sure, almost any anime would be pretty awesome one way or another to actually live in if for nothing else than a change of pace from normal life
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Old 2004-12-10, 12:45   Link #115
Join Date: Feb 2004
Hmm, I'd guess Berserk would be the coolest for me :< just training and becoming as strong as gattsu and then joining forces :< would be elite although gattsu doesn't really likes company alot and his live is pretty fuxx0rd :<

or some hentai would be good too :<
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Old 2004-12-10, 15:00   Link #116
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2004
Hanaukyo Maid Tai here too. Living in middle of richness and maids willing to serve you in any way... Who wouldn't want that?
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Old 2004-12-13, 06:57   Link #117
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2004
Living in an anime for 10 years might be fun and if I had to choose from one of the animes I have already seen I would choose Onegai Teacher :/ It's just a happy place with no real threats and people having fun all the time. Also a very hot teacher that is madly in love with you .. I seriously wouldn't mind this.

by the way this is my first post ! hooray
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Old 2004-12-13, 15:55   Link #118
Is rather bored...
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Florida USA
Age: 30
My favorite anime worlds would be the
Dragonball world--as long as i had powers
GitS: Cool cybernetic implants, as long as no hackers in my brain
Full Metal Alchemist: Alchemy here i come
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Old 2006-01-07, 05:32   Link #119
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2004
Age: 28
a bit late...

well its 2006 now...but ive been reading this and thot i might as well post just in case some stranger comes by and reads this

for 10 years eh?...well if i wanted to learn about how valuable peace is id live in sokyuu no chill id probably go to fruits basket, seems fun and kick back be super powered id probably go to bleach and have an awesome zanpaktoh.

and on the topic of us education...i do well in school and have made it into the honors classes with another select few. the teacher for the honors classes is excellent and pushes us to our limits. as for the rest of my classmates the teacher they get is crap, all they do is one worksheet and they're done for the rest of class. i think this is part of the problem in america, at a young age people are given the idea that its ok to stay where you are on an intellectual level. Its true that you are able to make a living here without being an extraordinary student, but sometimes i think that it makes life more worth living just because you can remember that you've worked hard to get where you are.
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Old 2006-01-07, 18:51   Link #120
ショ ン (^^)
*IT Support
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Freedom Guard Ship Amaterasu
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Id have to say Gundam Seed or Destiny (being a gundam pilot would rule)
Then Shuffe (lots of cute girls in that one)
Tsubasa Chronicles (traveling to diffrent worlds would rule)
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