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Subplots from an old work...

The original Neverending Story, the novel not the movie, is absolutely full of sidestories that are just left untold. Usually, a brief description is given, followed by a statement that this is another story for another time. Partly this is because when the main character winds up in the fantasy world, he somehow has an ability to tell of a story and make it be true.

One item I remember well has a man who is desperately in love with a lady of high status. The lady declares to him that she will only marry the strongest fighter in the land, and sets up a tournament. He lost, to the story's central character I believe, and the girl of his dreams refused his proposal. According to the boy's prediction however, she is abducted by a monster and the man must go to save her. We are told that he does journey to save his love, and that he does and she falls for him and consents to marriage, but by this time he no longer wants to marry her, because he has found that he's really in love with someone else.

I know of a couple of fantasy novels that have set such stories, where the hero saves and wins the hand of a girl he'd loved, but he refuses her because by now he's overcome his crush and found that he's truly in love with someone else. So, are there any anime or manga like this, or works that parallel other subplots and sidestories from the Neverending Story?
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Hmmm... I know there are, but for the life of me I can't think of any right now.

Oh wait... maybe Ah My Goddess?

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