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Old 2010-06-12, 21:02   Link #1
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Embeded Color Profiles in Banners

I remember noticing this a few times, but it takes special circumstances and the banner rotation makes it a even rarer occurrence, so I just keep forgetting about it.

This banner has a sRGB IEC61966-2.1 embedded color profile, which means under certain circumstances the colors will be corrected to better display on the monitor. The circumstances include a certain type of monitor, drivers installed and most importantly the browser has to support color profiles (otherwise the information is discarded). As far as I know the current versions of Firefox and Safari come with support for this.

Color profiles aren't a bad thing. They are just very niche when it comes to when you should be using them (on the web). Among the places you should avoid using them is the design of your site or certain errors will happen like a banner does not blend into a background and such.
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Old 2010-06-16, 10:07   Link #2
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For what it's worth, I would say that you've actually got the issue reversed. The real problem isn't that this banner includes a colour profile, it's that the gradient background and the other banner images do not. In Firefox, this should probably work out okay because its default configuration assumes that untagged images are sRGB. In Safari, though, untagged images are given your monitor's profile, so the gradients may not match exactly.

In any case, even as someone with a wide-gamut monitor and so could reproduce this issue, this is one hell of a nitpicky complaint. Perhaps for the next contest, though, we could request that all submissions either be submitted as lossless PNG files and/or be submitted with embedded colour profiles so that we can do it "properly".

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