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Old 2010-06-27, 12:04   Link #341
*Raising middle finger*
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Okay, joking aside I'd say it's more Bittersweet than bad. Or are you saying it's bad quality? If so i can't argue with you there.
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Old 2010-06-27, 12:10   Link #342
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Just saw the ending. I feel like Key just trolled us story wise.

Producers: You sure? The critics will rant and rave, holler and hoot over this Greasy Lake ending(obscure referencing?). They will hate the time differentials, the 180 personalities, the build up of the rare but inseparable character development all leading up to... this ending.

Key: Yeah Yeah, cool concerns, bro. Roll it!

Face Value? I liked the bittersweet ending, and felt it ended nearly the best way it possibly could, but any attempt to connect logical theory to the episode is met with resistance at every turn. Its more trouble than its worth, and best to just turn off your mind and just watch. No TK ending when there should of been made me sad as well.
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Old 2010-06-27, 12:21   Link #343
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Turn off brain to watch? I thought that concept only stay with Hollywood?

Please do not invade anime please.... m ( _ _)m
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Old 2010-06-27, 14:11   Link #344
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LOL the whole show was a dis-jointed mess but I loved that part near the end so much as a stand alone. Would have been so great if it were fleshed out better. I give a 10 for that scene XD
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Old 2010-06-27, 14:12   Link #345
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Hi guys, wall of text here.

Like many others, I find the ending to be very rushed. The character development was so sudden and everybody disappeared between episodes 12 and 13 that you would think there was a good 5~10 episodes in there to explain the huge change in character personality and the others moving on. What should have been a 24 episode series was cut down to 13, everything between 12 and 24 was pretty much taken out and they just combined the ending of 12 and the ending of 24 together, with the first few minutes of episode 13 just to follow up with 12.

But enough about the horribly rushed ending.

I believe that Otanashi had feelings for Kanade from the very beginning when they were fighting Kanade as Tenshi. Otanashi constantly wanted to understand Kanade even though they were supposedly enemies. The Mapo Tofu scene just made it more obvious. Skipping to episode 13 without any development, Otanashi knew that there was no time, they needed to disappear. Why didn't Otanashi just not confess? Because all Kanade had to do was thank him for the heart, and she would disappear, leaving Otanashi there unfulfilled. So Otanashi's confession had to be rushed right then and there before Kanade disappears. Thats my two cents.

Now to state some miscellaneous stuff about the series. And I believe there is a God in the whole series. You just never see him, like how a God in real life is suppose to be... fake or not, your choice. The afterlife and the real world run on different timezones, completely unrelated to each other. This is how everybody was able to meet. For all you know, Kanade was the last one to "die". There may be multiple afterlife worlds, seeing how this one is a modern day Japanese school, those who died in the past wouldn't fit into the environment. Possibly why the programmer never got to meet with his lover. Either she was thrown into another world, where it wasn't a modern day Japanese school, or she just lived fulfilled lives one after another (lucky >_>).

For the whole heart problem, I'd like to think of it as Key's magical comas. I believe something similar happened in Clannad and Kanon. Though it's been a while since I watched them so my memory is probably off. After Otanashi died, he lived a fulfilling life, knowing his organs will help someone. Kanade stated that his heart is STILL BEATING, therefore Kanade should not be dead, simply because a heart that's still beating means the body is still alive... unless some occult thing is going on... Kanade's strong feelings for thanking the person allowed her to enter the afterlife, where God sent Otanashi to the afterlife world so that Kanade may meet him and thank him, also letting Otanashi know that his organs did actually help someone. Seeing how Kanade was still alive, she can't reincarnate. Her soul simply returned to her body. As for Otanashi, God may have rewritten his past, allowing him to live and giving another heart for him, or a heart to Kanade depending on how twisted the storyline may be. As far as I see, Kanade was not wearing headphones, so I assume because she was not dead, her memories of the afterlife were still with her when she "disappeared". Otanashi recognized the song, meaning his memories were still intact. If there was a GirlsDeMo band in the reincarnated world, hearing someone hum the song wouldn't be surprising, it's like someone singing a well known song out in the streets these days, you'd think the person was crazy. Otanashi recognized the song Kanade was humming, and chased after her. This may have been a test for Kanade if Otanashi loved her enough, or just plain remember her even after disappearing.

Yui and Hinata supposedly "flashbacks" could have been what happened after both of them disappeared. Possibly Key threw that in to go with the flow, providing more emotional scenes instead of throwing that at the end, when Hinata disappeared and everybody forgotten about Yui after a good 5 episodes or so. Because as it was stated, Hinata didn't actually knock a baseball into her room in the past, so it either had to be after reincarnation, or Hinata thinking what would happen if he did. The whole point is, we all got emotional when it happened, don't deny it. It was placed at the perfect spot, at that point, Yui and Hinata's role came to an end, Hinata not disappearing shortly after and managing to stay til the end, is a mystery. He didn't really do much afterwards except provide comical relief. (lolprincipal)

I forgot the guy's name so I'll just address him as the Axeman (you know who that is). Shouldn't he be in the graduation? He has feelings for Yurippe just like Otanashi had feelings for Kanade. He couldn't have possibly moved on with the regret of not telling her. Though, it seems he was put there for comical relief since episode 1. Infact, everybody was put in there for comical relief except Otanashi(duh), Kanade(duh), Yurippe(duh), Hinata, Yui, Iwasawa and Naoi. Naoi simply because he helped Otanashi get some of his memories back, and had the Student Counsel President for a short time. Hinata and Yui because they actually completed their "route" so to speak. Iwasawa because her life was actually fulfilled. and Otantashi, Kanade, and Yurippe should be self explanitory.

I'm sure I left out a lot of information, but this is my opinion of how everything went in this incredibly rushed series. The ending was pretty good in my opinion, at least if you omit the part where everybody disappeared and the huge change in personalities, which I explained in the first paragraph of this wall of text. I'll contribute more when I actually know what I left out.

P.S. Anybody know where to find the ending song of episode 13? All I could find on youtube is the solo version... It sounds so much better in the anime ><
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Old 2010-06-27, 15:17   Link #346
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question: Are they short on budget or something? They could not do a 2 full season like clannad?
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Old 2010-06-27, 15:33   Link #347
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Originally Posted by kk2extreme View Post
question: Are they short on budget or something? They could not do a 2 full season like clannad?
The whole anime industry is smarting. The low number of episodes probably has to do with the slump that anime is currently in.
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Old 2010-06-27, 15:41   Link #348
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I rather liked this episode, Maeda got me moist eyed again. I enjoyed Yuri's one line "Stop being a bully" I laughed at the irony. Kaneda's anthem was cute. I would have liked to have seen what happened with Shiina and a few of the others. I'm guessing that's part of the rest of the project, maybe for the Visual Novel. Ever since the episode where Yui left, I've been playing with the idea that time doesn't flow right there, that people show up almost randomly, It probably only goes back as far as the creation of the place though, although it might explain Shiina a bit better, if it went back farther.
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Old 2010-06-27, 16:44   Link #349
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So yeah I have no clue at all what the last episode was. Otonashi obviously died but the girl his heart "saved" also died it looks like a relatively short time later? but then the last 5 seconds is???? It just makes no sense at all I was hoping for a cheerful or at least straight forward ending but now I am left clueless because I can only make a wild guess they all died but now are reborn but look exactly the same for some reason and are in the same time period or something (Least it seemed like the time they died and the last 5 seconds were roughly same decade). So am I the only one really disappointed?
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Old 2010-06-27, 17:00   Link #350
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Originally Posted by MisaoFan View Post
Like School Days, there a bad end, but no yandere character.
Spoiler for Oh, really?:
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Old 2010-06-27, 17:57   Link #351
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Originally Posted by skyy54264 View Post
Spoiler for Oh, really?:
That's called "sadist", not "yandere" through
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Old 2010-06-27, 18:26   Link #352
Alto x Ranka :)
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I guess I was completely wrong about the romance aspect of this show but I'm not even sure that I can call it romance because of the extreme lack of it. It's obvious that Otonashi had feelings for Kanade and that's simply because he stated it outright, but this alone does not convince me. The so-called "romance" in this series kind of reminded me of Kanon (2006):

Spoiler for Kanon 2006 spoiler:

As for the ending itself, well even that was lackluster. Although this series really should have been a 24 episode anime, financial difficulties are always obstacles that are hard to overcome. Jun Maeda tried but he's just not experienced enough in anime to be able to pull this off. A Visual Novel would have been the best way to go because it's painfully obvious that 13 episodes just wasn't enough to string together this plot.

"Aishiteru ~ I Love You"
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Old 2010-06-27, 20:26   Link #353
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Originally Posted by brocko View Post
Giant plot hole aside, the whole revelation behind Tenshi echoed a little bit of Seven Pounds for me, not trying to detract it because of that though just wanted to point out the parallel i noticed.
Wow I wasn't the only one who saw the parallels! Although Seven Pounds was incredibly bittersweet compared to this which so.

I think the biggest problem with Angel Beats was that it was difficult to feel much because the cast was large and so little time could be spread among them. However when time was found the characters that did have focus certainly had some heart strings to pull. Overall though, I felt the series was enjoyable and I'd even watch it again. The cast was fun to watch, the humor was solid and it was a great show to watch for all of the "little things" - the subtle nuances and quirks of all the characters during the show.

For those watching it and expecting explanations, or big revelations....well it's understandable to be disappointed. The initial promos and plot summaries indicated something other than what we got. However, if you're a fan of stuff like Haibane Renmei then this show delivered pretty well. It's fine if most things aren't explained, or that most of the cast never got time to have their story explained....the whole show revolved around something a bit harder to devote time to without becoming mundane or boring to watch, which was people with hangups preventing them from living their lives.

The weakest points about the series would be the forced nature of some of the elements. The drama of the "final boss", the confession and revelation at the end, the point of the AI and the speech of love, the "multiple Kanade" drama, the introduction of technology that seemingly comes from nowhere...I guess there's a list of "huh's?" that without explanation are either forget or forgive. They probably are explained better in the other mediums, but darn my lack of not living in Japan or understanding Japanese....I'll probably never know the full story.

The strongest points of the series were the music, the moments of reflection (like Kanade getting comfort food), and the underlying tones of friends and family that carry through the entire series. The implication is set that more than just Otonashi and Kanade are fated to meet again, and despite the bittersweet ending from one "life", we are given hope that those bonds we forge in one life carry on to the next.

I would never say that Angel Beats was perfect but I wasn't expecting perfection either. Unfortunately there aren't many one season anime that end in decisive and conclusive manners. Sometimes that's a good thing, but more often than not it isn't. However Angel Beats is one of the few that can stand on its own as "good enough", and while it might have benefited from more episodes or a tighter plot it certainly delivered an interesting, fun, and thoughtful story with a solid cast and decent ending.

It's difficult to ask for more than that, although some might have higher standards than myself.
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Old 2010-06-27, 22:38   Link #354
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No need to really repeat what everybody else said except I too felt it might have been a little rushed with some things left out. Needed more TK!!! Oh well, another anime in the books I suppose lol.
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Old 2010-06-28, 00:30   Link #355
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Ending is quite confusing.. Given what was told to me, I still don't understand how Otonashi appeared in the world after Kanade was there already.

Perhaps.. Kanade appeared in that world during her transplant.. since she could be considered "dead" during that moment. If we assume time progresses at different rates in the two worlds, it could explain why she was there first and why she never mentioned anything about being dead herself.

Or she could have been dead like the rest of them.. who knows.

But either way.. I still kinda wanna know who the programmer is, and why Kanade had the Angel Player software.
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Old 2010-06-28, 00:59   Link #356
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I think it's just best to think that time passes differently in both worlds. Kanade probably died normally, but with that regret.
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Old 2010-06-28, 01:35   Link #357
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Originally Posted by Archon_Wing View Post
I think it's just best to think that time passes differently in both worlds. Kanade probably died normally, but with that regret.
Yes... I think so too..

Because when the series first started, I thought Kanade was an alien.

She kept using all of these weapons nobody has ever seen before.. and I thought that people in that world can only create things they "know" how to make..

Probably means Kanade came from a time where such technology exists?
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Old 2010-06-28, 01:43   Link #358
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Originally Posted by rrw View Post
if anybody complain about undeveloped character. i susgest go read track zero LN or heaven gate manga because it explain SSS before otonashi appearance. so it explain many hing like creation of SSS and other members back story (yes, it official and written by jun maeda)
so .hack all over again
people should have learned that multimedia projects (eg .hack) make it hard on the people trying to enjoy your work by now
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Old 2010-06-28, 01:46   Link #359
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Age: 22's kinda obvious that Kanade was the programmer, although the NPC kept saying 'he', but yeah, it would make more sense if Kanade was the programmer. It would explain how long she was there, and how stoned she was at the beginning, before revitalising as the series went on.
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Old 2010-06-28, 01:47   Link #360
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anybody up for creative ideas on how TK disappeared?

i think the one thing he failed to do in Life is he probably didn't get to pull off the coolest stunt he has in mind as a hip hop dancer or whatever dance that is called.

Then he recalls all the way since episode 1 of all his stunts that he has pulled off. And Finally...he is able to come to terms with himself and disappears, accepting that he doesn't need to attempt to pull off his coolest stunt he has in mind.


so what other ideas? i mean, TK is so...always in a Hip[Be Cool] Mood. talks little, no complains, no negative or sad sides of him. LOL.
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