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Old 2004-03-20, 19:42   Link #21
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Originally Posted by Chronissz
Thanks for all the suggestions guys, I'll be keeping an eye on those releases when they come out, and I've started watching Gilgamesh which has a very interesting story so far.

Wow that Gantz preview looks really wierd, but I like the dark atmosphere.

BTW are Paranoia Agent and Kino no Tabi ~the beautiful world~ available on DVD in the US? Didnt know about either of those up until now and they look cool.
Not that I know of. IIRC both of those are shows that were known to be licensed due to the mention of a US-based studio in the credits, with no official release announced yet.

I could be wrong, though, and they might have announced/released something by now. I've been a bit out of the loop recently.
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Old 2004-03-23, 20:17   Link #22
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Originally Posted by TronDD
What the hell are you talking about? Nice...back up your ignorant generalizations with a quote from a fictional movie. I hope you were joking.
Originally Posted by Aquillion
Yamano, you have no idea what you're talking about. The Japanese college system is among the worst in the civilized world; Japanese undergraduates are infamous for goofing off and learning absolutely nothing, even at the most prestigious institutions in the country.

The Japanese high school system is rigorous, true; but only insofar as it focuses blindly on testing and getting into college. It fails utterly at giving students the tools to survive once they're in college or in the outside world; Japanese students are infamously good at giving the answers they were taught to give, and infamously bad at coming up with answers of their own. Worst of all, the system's excessive focus on testing tends to burn students out, resulting in a high suicide rate.
Thanks both of you. the past i've just explained and argued a bit with these kind of ignorant people but now i will be forward:I hate these people. True, japan is the home of anime and has pretty cherry tress and mt. fuji and other wonderful things, BUT IT IS NOT SOME PERFECT PLACE YOU DAMN RETARDS WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO UNDERSTAND THAT JUST BECAUSE ANIME IS MADE THERE AND NOT IN THE US DOESNT MEAN JAPAN IS ALWAYS BETTER THAT US AT EVERY THING>>>
and no, i cannot agree that narutaru is made for kids. Are you crazy? even a cannibal in some secret tribe in africa would'nt let their kid watch that show. the japanese are not some mature smart hardworking supernatural beings you know. their just like us, HUMAN.
let me say that again HUMAN
good god my bp is about 1000 right now.
Please try to learn something from these insults.

Also another thing:
Originally Posted by Yamano667
..cardcaptors was badly translated to destroy the series so american series could compete etc etc .
What the HELL are you talking about? do you make these things up yourself? I am REALLY amazed at the confidence you have while blabbing such ignorant things.


Originally Posted by Yamano667
Well i do agree Japanese studios never get any recognition for their work
Walt disney love to copycat from japanese work and they Take the credit and the OSCARS ..Lion king and other works..cardcaptors was badly translated to destroy the series so american series could compete etc etc

It was a miracle that Studio GHibli got recognized for their work ..and walt disney
didnt make another scam to get the credit.

i am proud to work in anime because they are the best
I agree that disney's atlantis was ripped from nadia but that movie (atlantis)wasnt that great so lets forget about that, but about the lion king thing...everyone talks about disney rippping...what about tezuka ripping? This is what a japanese person named Hamano born in the 60's says:

"Although Hayao Miyazaki is today often called "Japan's Walt Disney", before him there was Osamu Tezuka, creator of Astroboy and probably best known here for Metropolis and Black Jack. When I was a little kid in Japan in the early 1960's, I was a fan of ALL the shows based on his cartoons, Astroboy (Tetsuwan Atom), Princess Knight (Ribbon no kishi) and most of all, Kimba (Jungle Taitei). When I moved to the US I watched Kimba and it helped me learn English, along with Prince Planet, The Eighth Man and Speed Racer. In high school, I read my Japanese friend's collection of Black Jack manga and the epic Firebird/Phoenix series and gained a new respect for the master. I was extremely bemused when Disney's Lion King first came out, and a major media controversy erupted first in Japan then here. Tezuka fans everywhere were pointing at the similarities between The Lion King and Jungle Taitei. Both feature orphan lion cubs that overcome adversities to regain his birthright as the king of his animal realm. In Japan many wondered why the Tezuka estate was not suing Disney for plagiarism. I think I know the answer. Tezuka, like Disney, was not shy about basing his works on older stories he admired. And everyone knows that he was a big fan of Disney. Tezuka's Metropolis was derived from Fritz Lang's Metropolis just as Disney's Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh were derived from others' stories. So if you examine Kimba it becomes obvious. Remember another story, about an orphaned fawn who regains his rightful place as King of the Forest? Disney's Lion King ripped off Tezuka's Kimba which ripped off Disney's Bambi! The Circle is complete! Hakuna Matata!"

Well the next time you say that disney sucks/rips, remember: by insulting disney, you are indirectly insulting the work of Tezuka and all animes with people with big eyes, since tezuka got the big eyes from disney and american cartoons, and was also a huge fan of disney's stuff . I know that disney is in zooming through the downward spiral right now, but once it used to great and made films that some of us will never forget.

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Old 2004-03-23, 20:32   Link #23
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Originally Posted by Chronissz
Is it just me or is anyone else sick of this crap?
Hi. It's not just you, theres way too much crap out there, and i'm sick of it...
i mean i dont mind comedy/romance that's captivating and clever, like Onegai Teacher and Gravitation. but really, the wave of silly-plot-oriented anime is just so annoying...i deff feel u...

so, what u need is peace maker - I really think you'll like it... Peace Maker Kurogane is subbed by Anime Keep, Anime Forever, Lunar Anime, Anime One, and another group with a complicated jap name. just try it.

And, like ppl suggested: Tsukihime and Neon Genesis Evangelion sound about right too. (Eva is old, though, i have the impression u said u wanted a new show)...
Originally Posted by Chronissz
Anyways, just because anime is drawings doesnt mean its synonomis with cartoons... Anime is what you make it, sure it can be high school ecchi like most mainstream anime is, but it can also be something thoughtful and deep, profound and mesmerizing, its when we, the fansubbers and the fans, start accepting the mainstream kiddy animes as standard that anime looses all hope.
Well said. I agree 100%, but if you had said that on your original post i would've known exactly what you're looking for: a series with intellectual value, rather than just mindless comedy/romance. Do watch peace maker! if u find it slow on the first few ep's, keep watching, it progressively captures your interest. Even the immensely popular Full Metal Alchemist, which at first seems rather thoughtless, raises some interesting philosophical questions (the line basic to the show "in order to gain something, one must sacrifice something of equal value" has so many layers to it, and can be applied as a life concept, not just an Alchemy concept. in one of the later ep's we see an idea being discussed -and stated with big letters all over the screen- "I kill, therefore I am", any person who's vaguely familiar with philosophy will recognize that it is an allusion to philosopher Renee Descartes' famous line "I think, therefore I am" )- ok i'll stop now otherwise i'm gonna get into elaborate philosophical explanations and bore u to tears. point being: despite appearances, there is substantial philosophical issues - hence, intellectual values - in FMA, so...I recommend that too.

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