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Old 2010-07-27, 21:58   Link #1
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Romance crowning moments

If you've been to, you've probably seen their vast collections of crowning moments of awesome, heartwarming, funny, etc. Here I'm looking for what would probably be called crowning moments of romance. It may fit as awesome, heartwarming, even funny, but it's those moments that just hit you hard. Some may make you cry, some may make you cheer and scream "At last!", some just make you sigh and say that whatever came before, whatever hell the two had to go through, it was all worth it, and, as Charles Dickens once said, you can see no shadow of their parting.
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Old 2010-07-27, 22:18   Link #2
Cross Game - I need more
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End of Maison Ikkoku

Spoiler for The quote:

End of Banner of the Stars III

Spoiler for What every mother wants to hear from a girlfriend:

Cross Game - A Story of Love, Life, Death - and Baseball. What more could you want?
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Old 2010-07-28, 00:35   Link #3
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Full Moon o Sagashite
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Old 2010-07-28, 03:37   Link #4
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Do you actually want us to mention the scenes or just the show? Because i mean mentioning the scenes is a huge spoiler, and totally ruins the build up of seeing it for yourself.
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Old 2010-07-28, 04:40   Link #5
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You can do either, but if you describe the scene then remember the spoiler tags.
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Old 2010-07-28, 17:16   Link #6
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Lots of romance manga have amazing moments between couples. Since in manga, the couples are usually dating and boyfriend/girlfriend and in a relationship during the series, there are so many moments to choose from, too many to list. The best romance manga/anime are

Sailor Moon

Fushigi Yuugi

Bokura ga Ita

The Devil Does Exist


Kare First Love

Wild Act

Ayashi no Ceres

High School Debut

Paradise Kiss

Happy Hustle High

Missile Happy!

Marmalade Boy

Akuma De Sourou

Kare Kano

Fushigi Yugi

Absolute Boyfriend

Ultra Cute

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

Ceres Celestial Legend

Peach Girl

Sand Chronicles

These series have couples that have lots of kissing and sex scenes, get married, get engaged, live together. There are too many great scenes to choose from.
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Old 2010-07-28, 17:21   Link #7
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True Tears

Spoiler for I feel like I am trolling myself:
I love Flandre Scarlet
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Old 2010-07-28, 19:23   Link #8
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Most of the romance series I like, the couple gets together in the beginning of the series or the middle or early on, so they are already dating and in a relationship during the series, so the moments I like involve the couple already in a relationship, kissing, having sex, dating, getting married, having happy moments as a couple after they are dating, not the actual confession, but the loving moments they have during the relationship as boyfriend/girlfriend and husband/wife and lovers.
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Old 2010-07-28, 19:26   Link #9
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CLANNAD and CLANNAD After Story have many of these moments between its central couple. My two favorite examples are:

Spoiler for CLANNAD ep 19:

Spoiler for CLANNAD After Story 12:

Full Metal Panic The 2nd Raid has a nice subdued romantic moment:

Spoiler for TSR episode 5:

ef a tale of memories has a great moment at the end of the series

Spoiler for episode 12:
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Old 2010-07-28, 23:41   Link #10
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Sailor Moon

Mamoru giving Usagi a ring at the airport and asking her to marry him.

Usagi and Mamoru reunited after the break up.

Usagi and Mamoru making up after the birthday fight.

Usagi and Mamoru finding out about their future child.

Wild Act

Yuniko and Ryu having sex in Yuniko's house.

Yuniko and Ryu having sex again even after knowing they might be related.

Yuniko and Ryu's kiss on the beach.

Yuniko and Ryu's kiss at the docks.

Yuniko and Ryu's kiss in the sunset.

Yuniko and Ryu's kiss in the street.

Yuniko and Ryu's kiss in bed.

All of Yuniko and Ryu's kisses and sex scenes.

Fushigi Yugi

Miaka and Tamahome having sex in the room meant for them after dating for a long time and almost having sex a lot and talking about sex.

Miaka and Tamahome kissing under the stars.

Miaka and Tamahome kissing in the chamber.

Miaka and Tamahome kissing in bed about to have sex.

Miaka and Tamahome kissing and hugging on Miaka's bed.

Miaka and Tamahome's first wedding, kissing and putting the rings on.

Miaka and Tamahome kissing and hugging after Miaka's almost rape.

The Devil Does Exist

Kayano and Takeru having sex in Takeru's room.

Kayano and Takeru in the rain.


Kira and Rei having sex in Rei's house.

Kira and Rei on the beach.

Kira and Rei by Rei's motorcycle.

All of Kira and Rei's kissing and sex scenes.

High School Debut

Haruna and Yoh's dates. The snow date.

Haruna and Yoh's date at the fountain.

Ayashi no Ceres

Aya and Tooya having sex in their beach house when they reunited after the brea up.

Marmalade Boy

The beach scene.

Mermaid Melody

Lucia and Kaito reuniting after the separation.

Happy Hustle High

Hanabi and Yasuaki's dates.
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Old 2010-07-29, 19:53   Link #11
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It's funny, these sorts of moments can happen in any kind of anime. I recently found an anime a few years old, Guyver: Bioboosted Armor. This also fits almost perfectly with another of my suggestions, crush v. love.
I don't know how well this fits with the manga, but it goes to show that you don't necessarily have to have a romance series, or even a kiss or embrace. A single look can mean more than any of this.

BTW, are there any points anyone would consider a great, even crowning moment in B Gata H Kei? I mean, for all the fanservice, I found myself watching for the love. And again, more than the kisses or touches, the moments when the girl finds herself so confused and lost in this new emotion that she can't even think are really priceless imho.

After some thought, I'm going to add two more that aren't exactly suspenseful or "at last" moments, but really touching nonetheless (the background music may have been part of it, since both were backed by My Most Precious Treasure).
Spoiler for Angel Beats:

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