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Old 2010-07-29, 19:59   Link #21
Kaoru Chujo
Yuuki Aoi
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Originally Posted by stuopidget View Post
So 1-4 just goes out the window?
I'd say not exactly. The events through the same time period are different -- it's a "different universe" in that way -- but we remember what Junichi and the others did the first time around, so there is always that comparison in our minds as we watch the new story unfold, giving each new story a little bit of extra richness, it seems to me. We may learn more about Junichi, and even about the other girls, as we go forward. And I think that seeing the moments when everything could have been different will be interesting.
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Old 2010-07-29, 21:48   Link #22
Join Date: May 2010
Red face

Originally Posted by Itlandm View Post
I am not sure we should use the part-time job to compare Kaoru Tanamachi with Haruka Morishima. I get the impression that the Morishima family was quite well off, and they may have felt that it would disgrace the family if she had to work. And in any case, I don't see that having a job is much related to Kaoru's habit of practically breathing on people she talks to. It is more likely a "family value" she has brought with her from home, I suspect.
I agree with you on that one but I also do not agree on the fact that Morishima could still have worked and proven to herself that she can earn money on her own and even support something or her own like her eating habits or getting drinks at school. That fact is that you are more mature when you have a job.
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Old 2010-07-29, 21:53   Link #23
ショ ン (^^)
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Originally Posted by Bonta Kun View Post
No, 1-4 is pretty much it's own series.

5-8 would be the next little story and then every 4 eps after that being their own little story.

This ep resets back to time Jun was dumped on christmas but tells it differently with Kaoru being the main heroine this time.
Heres how i see it We all react differently to different influences in our life including people. What i find fascinating about this style of story telling is each time around we learn more about the protagonist because of the people whom influence him mainly the girls. He may show one side to one girl but another side to another we will remember how Jun reacted to girl A and then see how he reacts to girl B therefore building his Character bit by bit. Its the same thing with the girls we will see different sides of them depending of how Jun interacts with them, we may learn something about girl A in story 3 that we didnt know in story 1 because of Juns actions. Theres also the fact that every girl will get a piece of the action so man viewers wont feel like their favorite girl loss lol.

Parallel universes if you will.
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Old 2010-07-29, 22:19   Link #24
Mari-nyan <3
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: Tokyo, Japan
I'm convinced.

It's all about Sex Hair. I had a feeling Kaoru would be my favorite and here she is already being awesome.

Haruka has her crazy genki charms but I'm going with Kaoru and her delightful hair.

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Old 2010-07-29, 22:46   Link #25
Senior Member
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Age: 28
Very good episode. I liked the beginning bit that showed Kaoru attempting to cheer Junichi up after getting stood up. It was a very good move IMO because it displayed how close the two have always been. I also liked the fact that she directly knows what happened to him via being there on that night. So it's bound to come up later.

Kaoru is a really fun character. I like the way she teases Tachibana a lot. Physically, she looks pretty hot, and yes, I like her hair too lol. Hearing about her childhood exploits with Junichi was pretty fun. I can tell she liked him right away, but it wasn't too obvious. It's just little things, like waiting in the infirmary for Junichi to wake up, and the way she reacted when Junichi and the girl were getting along. Lol, she's a fighter, knocking out Junichi for seeing her panties .

Kaoru was really cute in the maid outfit, especially when she was blushing in front of the mirror. God, Junichi is a pervert. First he oggles Kaoru, but when she's not around he checks another girl out. Kaoru finds out that she likes Junichi, and she was so freakin cute there.

Overall an excellent episode. This gets a 10 from me.
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Old 2010-07-29, 22:55   Link #26
Senior Member
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Hell of a lot more fun than the last arc already.

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Old 2010-07-29, 23:12   Link #27
My Lovely Bunny Chie
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Another thing that maybe lacking in Haruka's arc is that Junichi and Haruka are more of strangers meeting for the first time and falling in love which is more of a disadvantage to a relationship between him and Kaoru where they were already friends and know each other from the beginning.
This must be why I liked this episode better than Haruka's. Junichi's personality in Haruka's arc is more of a "dog" and always tense (Well if you're making a move of a school idol, you will be nervous all the time). While in Kaoru, he's more of a relaxed and shows more of his true self (well he's still a pervert to the max).
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Old 2010-07-29, 23:19   Link #28
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it really "hurt" a little seeing Haruka there at infirmary and even more so at the preview D= i'm kinda curious to see her role in the next ep
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Old 2010-07-29, 23:19   Link #29
Join Date: May 2010
Talking GIFs

Time to wake and smell my work here: there is more than enough avatars and GIFs of Kaoru to make you all about Kaoru! A total of 61 GIFs with avatars....boy I am beat but for Kaoru.......ANYTHING! What can I say I love girls and now it's in anime. One of the GIFs and moments I find unforgettable of Kaoru is this one=>

that face with that smile! It's so and Well I tried my best in regards to Kaoru!
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Old 2010-07-29, 23:27   Link #30
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^^ woot, thanks. Mind if I grab 2 or 3 or all of 'em and use 'em in various places??
Btw, what is 'Sex Hair'? Is it just her nickname (among peopel IRL) or like an actual hair style?
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Old 2010-07-29, 23:58   Link #31
Pocky Yoshi
Disabled By Request
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9/10. Loved it, there were times I was like eh? but I enjoyed it overall.
But I will say she does rock my socks. Oh boy, if only I were Junichi lol.
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Old 2010-07-30, 00:07   Link #32
future tekken lord
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I love it! It was a fun episode overall. I like the fact that we didn't see much of Junichi's emo side, all thanks to Kaoru.
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Old 2010-07-30, 01:46   Link #33
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This ep was better than the last 4 all together for me, really enjoyable. Also, <3 Kaoru's appearance and facial expressions
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Old 2010-07-30, 02:32   Link #34
I'm just a support char..
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Finally, we have our own subforums~!

got to admit. This ep is marvelous, funny and entertaining. I like the way they portray junichi's and Kaoru's chemistry. Kinda reminds me of that couple in LoveCom.

Hahahaha... I feel like replaying Kaoru's route now for I only runs her route once just like other heroines except for haruka in which i ran twice.

Next ep's gonna be a blast~!
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Old 2010-07-30, 02:52   Link #35
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It is hard not to like Kaoru from the very beginning, as the first thing that is established about her is that she cares about others, and she does so in a skillful way. That is far more endearing than any amount of hair, in my opinion.

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Old 2010-07-30, 02:58   Link #36
Hyakko Fanboy
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No Haruka = no facepalm

This eps is pretty enjoyable for me, aside scene in the class... all of it is somewhat natural and flowing, very different than in the 1st arc where everything feel awkward.

But still keep the finger crossed.
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Old 2010-07-30, 03:04   Link #37
Join Date: Nov 2003
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Age: 48
Whether or not it's "better than anything Haruka" remains to be seen (I'd still say ep3 will be hard to top in entertainment value), but it's a good start into Kaoru's arc. I think Itlandm put it nicely when he said "She's hard not to like".

It's simply an entirely different kind of relationship going on here ... and one which is probably much easier to relate to for most viewers.

So I gave it a 8, with tendency to 9. Let's see where we end up when things get interesting!
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Old 2010-07-30, 04:26   Link #38
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Location: California
I approve of this episode. This anime is working it's way into being a favorite of mine. Sometimes, it's nice to just sit back and watch a good romance anime. Kaoru is definitely top contender for most awesome of the girls... Though it may be a bit too early for me to say that, I'm definitely liking her personality the most so far.
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Old 2010-07-30, 04:40   Link #39
Beautiful fighter.
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Originally Posted by Itlandm View Post
It is hard not to like Kaoru from the very beginning, as the first thing that is established about her is that she cares about others, and she does so in a skillful way. That is far more endearing than any amount of hair, in my opinion.
The fact that she's an all around caring person is her second best trait. First is sexy messy hair, of course.

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Old 2010-07-30, 05:07   Link #40
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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I had a stupid grin on my face during pretty much the whole episode. Kaoru is every bit as wonderful as I thought she'd be, I already love her more than Haruka after only one episode. This may also be because I find it easier to relate to this relationship, rather than Junichi x Haruka's, which was a bit odd at times. Junichi x Kaoru feels a bit more natural to me.
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