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Discommunication: Seireihen

Author/Artist - Ueshiba Riichi
Genre - Ecchi, Fantasy, Seinen, Supernatural


Takaomi Matsubue and Arika Togawa are second-year students at the same high school. By some strange quirk of fate, they started dating. Matsubue-kun is a really weird guy (in truth, other people just don't understand him), which causes Togawa-san to ponder: "Why do I like this guy anyway? Why do people fall in love?"

They encounter a profound mystery: Tsugumi Yoshimoto, a girl who has been sleeping, sleep-eating, and sleep-walking for half a year. According to Touko and Rinko Mishima, sisters who are also well-acquainted with the structure and interpretation of dreams, this is a matter that concerns them all...

If memory serves me right, this story is an alternate iteration of the first series(named simply "Discommunication") and a prequel to Yume Tsukai(you see how Touko got the fox mask she wears). Most readers probably know the author from YT and or Mysterious Girlfriend X. For those who have read/watched Yume Tsukai(I haven't read the manga nor watched the anime), I would guess it'd be pretty similar, except that in this story, the main male and female lead from the original story "Discommuncation"(named Matsubei and Togawa respectively) are main chars in the story( i don't believe they are in YT) and that this story spans the entire 18 chapters rather than 3 or 4 chapter or an episode.

Anyway, I've kept up with this for some time, and chapters 7-9 just came out, so I thought I'd make a topic about it. I really enjoy all of the characters and their quirks. Touko and Rinko are just fun-in-a-box at times, but are interestingly intelligent when it comes down to their dream-solving business. And Matsubei, I don't know why, but I think he's just so darn cool. Generally he has an aloof personality, and it's like nothing ever fazes him. Even if it does, his expression stays pretty static, so I still feel that "aloofness" coming from him. Togawa is kinda bland though. She's not bad per se, but in a story where all of the main chars have some sort of dream power, her role seems kinda dull. I would have liked to see at least the lolicon info broker though(they only showed him as of chap 9).

The story...I can't say much. It's a mystery that i'm assuming is going to span over its 18 chapter run. They give you bits and pieces of the puzzle here and there, but it's quite complex to me, since the mystery has several elements that have been linked, but not expounded upon, at least after only reading it once. I need to go back and re-read 4-9 again =0\.

Well anyway, if you liked Yume Tsukai, or just the mangaka's quirky chars in general, the first chap, at the very least warrants a read. It was actually that chapter that really roped me in because it was funny to me.
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