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Old 2010-08-20, 11:10   Link #21
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However, I consider the dub of Baccano! Better than the original simply because they got the New York accents down and because they really fit much better than watching it in Japanese. It makes me feel like I'm watching an old-style 30s' gangster-type flick rather than an anime.

I like the dub of Black Lagoon better than the original simply because I think Revy's voice fits her more. In the original, she sounded too "cool" for her type of character but the dub makes her sound as she should - young, rash, and always looking for more action. Plus it's more entertaining to hear them curse in English than just reading it off the screen, and they've got the voice acting down for the black humor as well.

It's not just because of the setting (for example, I think Kuroshitsuji and Pandora Hearts wouldn't have good dubs at all) but because I truly believe these dubs outshine most of the others out there.

Also, did you forget that Eden of the East takes place mostly in Japan, and they actually got American people to voice Americans in the beginning?
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Old 2010-08-20, 11:16   Link #22
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Hmm....I'll just copy and paste from the other thread, lol.
  • Black Lagoon has awesome characters and bad ass action. Don't forget about the second season too.
  • Xam'd: Lost Memories kept me glued to the screen. The animation and music is great. I loved every minute while I watched it.
  • Ga-Rei -Zero- was amazing. One of the best first episodes ever. Really touching story, even with all of the action.
  • Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ is another great one. It's a little slow in the beginning (a lot of people actually dropped it) but when it picks up, it doesn't stop. And the ending...ohh what an ending.

I am also going to add Claymore but highly recommend the manga instead. The anime didn't do it enough justice.

And if you didn't play the Fate/stay night visual should. Now that will glue you down for a while, haha.
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Old 2010-08-22, 18:11   Link #23
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Originally Posted by vitas75 View Post
Comedy isnt what im searching for. Thanks for the suggestion, though.
Comedy.. where ? I don't remember Railgun being Comedy anime. While there are lots of episodes where nothing really is happening, I did enjoy the action packed episodes of Railgun, moreso than of Index .. Because well, it just felt lame that a guy beats some badass people with amazing powers with bare hands ..

Anyway, you might want to try The Third : The Girl With a Blue Eye. Just started it, I am on episode five and doesn't seem too bad. Atleast that hasn't been recommended before .. most series people recommend are all the mainstream ones
There is also a series called Basilisk, you probably will like this one... Ive only seen one episode so I can't explain what it is about, though.
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Old 2010-08-22, 21:43   Link #24
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Id suggest finding preview of all of these series on Youtube, thats how i sort through all of these suggestions (which are good btw)

As for my suggestions, you can try Trigun

Also you can't really go wrong with Samuel L. Jackson so, if you find him funny, try Afro Samurai
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Old 2010-08-23, 06:43   Link #25
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^He said he doesn't watch dubs ever. There's no japanese audio of Afro Samurai, so I doubt he will watch that. It's too bad, really. I wanted to watch it too but only english audio.. wtf.
The joys of a universe made and unmade, friends across time, shall be your ray of light
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Old 2010-08-25, 10:50   Link #26
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My suggestion (like some others) would be Black Lagoon. Allmost no ''stupid'' comedy and LOTS of action. And about the dubs or subs, I think Black Lagoon goes either way, and that comes from a person that really hate dubs.
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