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Old 2004-03-30, 02:37   Link #41
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I'm an avid UT2004 player. Been playing since the original first hit the shelves (But I skipped 2004), and this has the same feel but far more. If anyone is an avid player online also, lemme know and we can play.
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Old 2004-03-31, 23:53   Link #42
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Originally Posted by Mephisto03
Also tha fact people are already cheating in the game kinda makes ya laugh at the whole game. The first week its released and theres already cheating. Yes yes I know this is with other games but they were so fired up about stopping it before hand.
Oh they let the cheaters have their fun.......for one week that is.

After that, Epic unleashed the ultimate pwnage and banned A LOT of CD-keys, effectively preventing a lot of these cheaters from ever playing multiplayer again.

Too bad there are ways to circumvent that, but at least it shows that Epic's serious about cheating.

Oh yeah and I've got the game too. It pwnz incredibly.

And for those who have problems getting the game to run fast, here's a bunch of tips:

-Turn off "Preload all player skins"
-Turn off speech recognition
-Go into the ut2004.ini file, find the section with your render device, and change desiredRefreshRate to something higher than 60 (ideally you should match your monitor's)
-Turn on both Triple Buffering and VSync in the ini file.

With these, I could play the game on high settings and still get 40-70 overall fps.
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